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Rachel makes a new friend.

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A/N: Well here is the third chapter! I am glad you guys like this story so far. I hope you guys like this chapter as well. Also if you haven't read my first story go check it out. I am going to update that one in the next few days! So just keep checking. You guys are the best keep reading and R&R (:
Chapter 3: English
Rachel's POV

Great of all the people I have to sit next to, of all the people in this art class, of ALL the people in this school I get stuck next to this fucker. I could already tell this was going to be a long semester, but I had to sit next to him so I might as well deal with it. I smiled at the teacher and sighed as I walked sluggishly to my seat.

"Well you just can't stay away from me sugar?" Gerard said to me cockily as I sat down in the navy blue chair next to him.

"Oh yeah baby, I want you so bad." I said sarcastically as I rolled my eyes.

"It's about time you came to your senses." Gerard said winking at me.

"And you wish I was serious." I said pulling out my brand new sketchbook.

I was terrible at art; I had managed to get A's in art 1, 2, and 3 for my "attempts". But I really did like art and it was something I wanted to get better at, so I figured Art IV would be great for that. I mean I had come a long way from stick figures; I could actually draw somewhat decent bodies now. Nevertheless drawing would never be my strong suit, and my eyes filled with a green monster whenever I saw someone who was amazing at drawing.

"Oh but you will be, as I explained earlier." he smiled mischievously.

"Once again do I need to..." my voice trailed off as I looked down at his sketchbook.

Gerard had drawn a bunch of shapes, symbols, just doodling as it looked and it was amazing. I could feel the green monster rising. Not only could I not stand this boy, I was drawn to him, and he could draw beautifully.

"Wow that's amazing" I said in awe.

"Me, yeah I know." he said proudly, reminding me why I couldn't stand him.

"No you ass. As much as I can't stand you, you can fucking draw." I said sincerely.

"Oh? You think so? I don't think I am that great." he said modestly.

"Well would you look at that." I said looking into his hazel eyes

"What?" he said confused.

"Mr. Hot Shot has a shred of modesty. I am shocked." I said chuckling.

"Well don't get used to it. It's very rare Ms. Waters." he said calmly.

How did he know my last name? I didn't want him knowing anything about me. Although the fact that he had a bit of humility in him let me lighten up a little bit towards him. But that didn't mean that I wanted to be friends with or anything like that.

"How do you know my last name?" I asked perplexed.

"It called a seating chart...every teacher has one." he said looking at me strangely, "But I would really prefer to call you by your first name. Not Ms. Waters or the beautiful auburn haired girl that parks next to me."

I could feel myself blushing, he called me beautiful, no one has ever called me beautiful. Well except for my mom... but of course she thinks that. I could feel myself about to smile, but I quickly stopped myself. This was probably just another way to get into my pants, boys like him always tried to change their game when they couldn't get a girl. I have seen it with my old friends all the time. They always thought as soon as a boy changed his flirting, they were a changed person. HA! They couldn't be more wrong. I watched all my friends go from break up to break up and I wanted no part of that. I mean I had dated before but nothing too serious, I always broke it off when I felt like it was getting serious. I had terrible commitment issues as well as trust issues. I also didn't like to plan ahead, the future scared me, so I just lived in the moment. I really didn't have a problem with it, I mean after all it is high school. I wasn't going to marry any of these boys, they were all replaceable. So it really didn't affect me when I dumped them, they were only upset for a few days, and then they were off chasing some rebound girl. Which reminded me that guys like Gerard were all the same. First he would sweet talk me and make me feel so amazing. Then he would take me on a couple dates and show me how "sensitive" he could be. Finally, I would give in to my inner feelings and accept him making me his girlfriend. Sure we would date and the first three months would be wonderful, but entering the five month mark he would lose interest in me and want more of a challenge again. So he would either cheat on me or dump me in some humiliating way, and there was no way I was going to let that happen.

"You know guys like you are all the same." I muttered under my breath.

"Excuse me?" he said raising his eyebrow, leaning forward as an ebony strand of hair.

"Why do you look so confused? You know exactly what I am talking about... You are going to basically promise to give me everything I want and promise to treat me right. When really all you wanna do is get "physical"." I said to him smugly, starring into so hard I could almost see his soul.

"Well you can think what you want but like I said, you'll give in to me sooner or later." he said knowingly. "You don't think I haven't encountered girls like you before. You claim to be all rough and stubborn on the outside. But really on the inside you just want a boy who is going to care about you. You want what every single girl wants, you just don't wanna show it, and that makes you a coward." He scooted his chair closer to me leaning in so his lips were inches away from mine.

"Well thank you for your psycho analysis Dr. Freud, but you couldn't be more wrong." I said holding my ground, I could feel his hot breath on my face each time he exhaled.

"Really now?" he said inching even closer.

"Yeah fucking really." I said still in my same position.

"Well the fact that you haven't moved away from yet tells me that you want me to kiss you." he smirked that devilish smirk that often resided on his face.

"Well---" I was interrupted by the loud ring of the bell.

"Well that's all for today you guys, get your syllabuses signed, and we'll get things going tomorrow." the teacher said dismissing us. I had forgotten she was even here, I gathered my things and jetted out of the room before Gerard could get to me.

"Bye Ms. Waters!" he screamed out tauntingly to me as I ran out of the room, and I didn't look back.

I looked at my schedule for my next class, it read it. English with Mr. Matthews room C121. Once again I had no idea where I was going, but I somehow managed to make it to the room just in time for the bell to ring.
"Well hello! And who do we have here." The man in the front of the room said enthusiastically as I stumbled into the room.

I figured he was Mr. Matthews. He was tall, with a slender and muscular body. He was 25, which was rather young for teacher I thought. He had these breath taking blue eyes and shiny chestnut brown hair that was combed to the side perfectly.

" my name is Rachel Waters." I said shyly as I crossed my arms and swiped the hair out of my face.

"Well Rachel I gather you're new, so why don't you tell the class about yourself?" Mr. Matthews smiled, revealing a mouthful of pearly whites.

"Well uhm, I'm Rachel and I am from Huntersville North Carolina. My dad' s company got moved this year, so here I am. Uh....I wanna be an actress, and that's about it." I said shyly, I was comfortable with talking about myself, especially in front of class of about 30 students.

"Well thank you Rachel, you can take a seat next Frank. He is in the back." Mr. Matthews said sweetly as he pointed me to my seat.

I recognized the short boy from earlier in lock out when he had attempted to talk to me. I shrugged him off because I noticed him standing with Gerard and thought he would have been as much as a douche bag. But he came up and was really nice to me, and I felt bad for being so rude to him.

"Hi remember me." I said sweetly trying to make up for my rude behavior early.

"Ah, sadly yes I do. You're the girl that drove a stake through my hear earlier." he said chuckling, smiling goofily.

"Yeah sorry about that." I said embarrassed, "I thought you were going to be as much as an asshole as your friend, and he had already annoyed me." I said to him as I yanked out my things from book bag.

"It's all right." he giggled, "I was trying to prove to Gerard that he just needed to talk to you like a normal person. But that kind of back fired." he chuckled again causing me to smile.

"Ah, she smiles." he said charmingly. I saw his big hazel eyes sparkle as the fluorescent light hit them.

"Yes I tend to do that." I replied.

"Well let me formally introduce myself, I'm Frank." He smiled, it was infectious every time he smiled I could help but giggle.

"Nice to meet you Frank, as you could tell from my embarrassing moment up there I'm Rachel. But don't tell your friend Gerard, because the last thing I want him to know is my name." I smiled gently at him. Even though I didn't know Frank really well I could tell that we were going to become good friends.

"Scouts honor!" he exclaimed sticking has hand out in front of me to shake it.

I grasped his hand firmly and shook it then pulled away. Mr. Matthews handed out his syllabuses and was going over them. Frank leaned closer to me and started to whisper.

"Gerard can come on a little strong.." he said almost searching for the words.

"A little Frank?" I whispered back, while I attempted to listen to Mr. Matthews.

"Just don't judge him too harshly, Gerard can be a really good guy when he wants to be. We've been friends for years, and I have watched him treat girls like shit. But for some reason he's been infatuated with you ever since he set his eyes on you. I have never seen him like this before. Maybe it is just him trying to get laid, because he has done some crazy things to get fucked before." he said almost annoyed at the fact his best friend was a bit of a manwhore. "There is one thing you should now about Gerard though." he quickly changed his tone so it sounded really serious.

"And what is that?" I asked a little intrigued.

"When Gee wants something...he gets, and he doesn't give up. So if you aren't going to give him a chance be prepared to have him around for awhile." he said pulling away so he was comfortable in his desk.

Through the rest of English I thought about what Frank said. Was I really prepared to have Gerard harassing me constantly. If I wanted him to leave me alone I would have to give him one chance...NO! Rachel what are you thinking! You can't let a boy like that into your life he will fuck you up! But it would only be one date. But what if I liked that one date...then there would be more dates. No, you can't Rachel, you'll get hurt. Just leave things the way they are. Plus it's really fun to shoot him down and watch him try over and over again. So that's the way it would be I decided, I would continue to shut Gerard down. Plus I found it easier to hate him, than to eventually fall in love with him and get hurt in the end.

Gerard's POV

Well I think I made some progress in art, I was inches away from the auburn haired girl's lips, and I could feel that she wanted me to kiss her. The only problem was that she kept trying convince herself that she didn't want me. I knew she would come around eventually, they always did. Unless....Unless this girl was actually different, and she didn't want me. Which means I would have to try even harder, and I would get her.

"Hey Gee!" I heard Frank yell to me as he walked down the hallway towards me.

I had been waiting for him after second block because we always walked to lunch together to meet the other guys.

"What's up Frankie?" I asked him, even though I didn't really care, all I could think about was how to get that girl to like me.

"You are never going to guess who I have English." Frank said excitedly.

"Who? Spiderman?" I chuckled.

"No better? Your dream girl." He said as he smiled mischievously.

"Seriously!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, she is actually really nice." Frank said. "We had this really long conversation about where she was from, and her old town." now he was just rubbing it in my face.

"Oh you're so cool Frank." I flared my arms up and rolled my eyes at him.

"Yeah I even know her name." Frank said slyly.

"Wait...what?" I stopped in my tracks.

I have been trying to get his girl to tell me her name all day and she wouldn't tell me. But she meets Frank and talks to him for five minutes and just tells him her life story. I could feel jealousy inhabit my body.
"Yeah but she told me not tell you. It amuses her to shoot you down, I can tell." Frank starred at me, almost grinning at the fact that this girl wanted nothing to do with me.

"What the fuck am I going to do Frank? I'm actually interested in this girl. Only because she wants nothing to do with me." I said to him disappointed.

"I don't know man, but whatever it is. Its better be good, because she is way too smart for you." Frank sighed. "But let's go I suddenly have a craving for that delicious mystery meat in the cafeteria." Frank said sarcastically as he picked up his pace, leaving me behind.

I walked slowly to the cafeteria trying to figure this out. Maybe I would actually have to show some emotion to get this girl, and that was something I wasn't very good at. Just thinking about it almost made me want to give up, but that was the last thing that I was going to do.
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