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Next Door

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Rachel recaps her day. Gerard gets a pleasant surprise.

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A/N: Sorry its been a couple days but this summer has been so busy so far. Uh well I hope you guys like this chapter its kinda just a set up for the next one where I am thinking more exciting things will happen. But R&R please. You guys are the best and enjoy!

Chapter 4: Next Door
Rachel's POV

"Thank the fucking lord." I breathed out quietly as I walked to the parking lot.

It was the end of my first day. In all honesty it wasn't that bad, I mean even though that Gerard kid annoyed the shit out of me it was still fun to let him think he had a chance with me. I missed my first block due to being late but I really didn't mind because that was Pre-Cal. I mean I was all right at math, it was actually one of my favorite subjects, but I was not in the mood for it today. I have art class with Gerard which is going to take some getting used too, but I did have English with his friend Frank and he was really cool, he made me laugh so much, which was really hard to do. Even though we had just met in class today we had talked like we've known each other forever. I had finally reached the parking lot when I could feel the sun gently warming my face. I dug down into my purse while I walked to pull my keys out for my car. As I drew closer and closer to my black Jetta I could feel myself longing for my bed. Everyday after school I would go home and eat or just sleep, sometimes both. When I reached my car I saw a black haired boy leaning against it, with his back towards me.

"Great..." I sighed out, it had to be Gerard and I was far too tired for his "witty" banter right now. "Go away Gerard." I said apathetically.

"Would you tell me to go away if I wasn't Gerard?" the boy turned around and it was Frank.

"Oh Frank! Hey! From the back you looked like Gerard." I said relieved.

"Oh...well...Thanks?" he said questionably. "He's over there with the other guys, but I had something I wanted to tell you. Gee geeked out earlier when I told him I was in a class with you." Frank chuckled as he pulled out a cigarette from the pack that resided in his back pocket.

"Umm before we continue with this you mind?" I asked as I glanced down to the pack of cigarettes in his hand. I hadn't smoked a cigarette in couple weeks, I usually only smoked when I was stressed or drinking. But today I just wanted one, and plus any conversation about or with Gerard made me feel like I needed one.

"You smoke?" he said as he starred at me confused.

"Yeah? A lot of people do..." I said nonchalantly.

"Yeah, but you just don't seem like the type." he replied as he lit his cigarette and inhaled the pleasurable poison into his lungs.

"Frank Iero, I never thought you would look at someone as a "type"." I said as I shot him the best fake 'I'm offended' glance.

He face quickly painted itself with a nervous expression. "No... I uh...I didn't mean it like that. ..You just... ---" he was trying to make up for 'offending' me and I found it rather funny.

"Frank chill I am just kidding." I interrupted him, while I laughed.

"Oh...that shits not funny!" he yelled out as he play punched me in the arm.

"Ow!" I exclaimed. "So can I have one?" I questioned him.

"I suppose." he said smiling. He reached into the pack and gently slid the stick out. Suddenly his face changed like he had just had an idea, and I didn't like that. At all. "But one condition." he said slyly.

"Ah, what?" I sighed desperately just wanting to smoke my cigarette and go home.

"You have to let Gerard take you out on a date." he stated firmly.

"WHAT! No. No. NO! There is no way!!" I cried out in complete disbelief he was actually saying this.

"Well I guess someone doesn't get to have a cigarette." he replied in a sing song voice as he waved the stick in front of me. I could really feel myself starting to crave the smoke.

"Frank I'm not going to go on a date with Gerard for a cigarette..." I said realistically after I had finally calmed down.

"Okay well...just tell him your name?" he proposed.

"Why does he need to know my name?" I asked irritated.

"Just do it okay? It gives him one less thing to complain about to me." Frank said justifying.

"Fine." I finally gave in, "But when I want too. Which may be awhile." I warned him.

Frank held out the cancer stick as he smirked at me. I smiled gently back at him and snatched the cigg from his hand. I looked over Frank's shoulder and saw Gerard walking over with a lanky tall boy with glasses.

"Shit...I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow!" I exclaimed as I hopped in my black jetta and quickly turned the keys in the ignition.

I checked to make sure Frank had moved from the back of my car, I saw him walking towards Gerard. I quickly pulled out of my parking space and zoomed by Gerard, the boy he was with, and Frank. I briefly waved to Frank and drove home. It took me awhile to get home because I kept getting lost. When I finally pulled into my driveway I put my car into park and shut it off. I just sat there for a minute reflecting over my day...again. All I wanted to do now was sleep, but I knew I would be bombarded with questions from my mom about my first day. I braced myself as I lifted myself out of the car and walked up to my door, I grasped the handle and pushed it open and what I saw blew my fucking mind.

"Oh hello sweetie these are out neighbors Donna, Mikey, and Gerard Way." My mom smiled widely at me as I walked into the door. I barely had time to prepare myself for this. I mean sure a class with Gerard I could handle... But living next door to him I couldn't handle this shit.

"Everyone this is my daughter Rachel." my mom quickly directed her attention to the Way family.

"Hello Rachel." Gerard said as he winked and smirked at me. I could tell he was satisfied that he finally knew my name.

"Hi." I said shortly, glaring at Gerard. "Uhm I have a lot of homework for the first day, so if you all wouldn't mind I am just going to retire to my room for the night." I said kindly.

"Of course sweetie." my mom smiled cheerfully. "School always comes first, but how was your first day?" she asked me as I started up the stairs. I abruptly turned around to look at her.

"It was all right, except for this pig who kept trying to hit on me all day." I said smugly as I starred at Gerard.

"Well who could blame him you are a gorgeous girl." my mother replied, "But I'll let you go." she finished.

"It was lovely to meet you all." I said trying to sound as happy as I could at the fact a boy I couldn't stand was living next door to me. Mrs. Way smiled gently, Mikey nodded, and Gerard just smirked at me, and with that I quickly ran upstairs and locked myself in my room until they left.

Gerard's POV

I was talking to the guys when I had glanced over and saw the auburn haired girl talking to Frank. AH I couldn't help but be jealous, girls were always all over me, but this one... it drove me insane. I felt so inadequate compared to her, and the fact that her Frank looked like they had been friends forever made me even more jealous. I decided that I was going to make a move and talk to her, actually talk to her but I couldn't do it by myself. I was far too nervous, so I grabbed Mikey and we started walking towards my car.

"Gerard what the fuck! Ray was telling me about how he got to level 30 on Nazi zombies!" Mikey exclaimed frustrated as I dragged him towards Frank and the girl.

"Uh." I sighed as I rolled my eyes back and just kept dragging him up the parking lot until he finally stopped throwing a tantrum and started walking with me.

I could feel my feet moving faster and faster across the black top the closer I got to her, my heart was racing, I was incredibly nervous because this was the first time I was going to be myself around a girl. I actually wanted to talk to her, find out what she liked, what she wanted to do with her life. Not just fuck her and leave when I was done. I was about 30 feet away when she saw me; she quickly jumped into her car. I saw Frank started to walk towards Mikey and I, when she sped by she waved to Frank, and Frank just smirked back. Then the three of us were left just standing there.

"What were you two talking about?" I questioned.

"Well it's nice to see you too Gerard." Frank said sarcastically, "Hey Mikes!" he turned to Mikey and waved. Then he turned back to me. "Actually her and I were just talking about how we are gonna get married, and have 30 children and crazy sex every night." Frank reverted to his sarcastic tone.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. But really?" I asked

"Nothing Gee, she just wanted to bum a cigg. Chill." Frank said calmly.

"Yeah bro this girl has got your briefs in a knot." I heard Mikey chuckle beside me.

"That's no true, I don't wear underwear." I turned to him as I smirked mischievously.

"Fuck Gerard that's nasty!" Mikey yelled. "I'm going to the car before this conversation gets anymore perverted." Mikey said as he trudged off to my Subaru XT.

"Yeah I better get going too, I promised my mom I'd help her paint her bedroom today." Frank said.

"All right man I'll see you later tonight maybe?" I asked him before he walked off.

"Maybe I might not be feeling up to going out, it is a school night after all." Frank said sounding nerdish.

"Haha all right, well let me now man." I replied back as I walked backwards to my car.

"Will do! Peace man" Frank said as he turned his back and walked away.

I climbed into my car with Mikey, I loved my Subaru XT it was silver and I never had to wash it. This made me happy because I was pretty fucking lazy. I pulled out of my parking space and out of the school and began our way home.

"Ah fuck!" Mikey exclaimed as he banged his head against the head rest.
"What?" I asked as I stared at the road.

"We have to meet the fucking neighbors tonight!" he said annoyed.

"Ah shit you're right, which means mom is probably gonna want us home earlier because she wants us to look nice." I sighed.

"Yeah but we both know all we are gonna do is just play video games." Mikey started laughing and I quickly joined in.

He was right whenever my mom told us to get cleaned up or something Mikey and I would just comb our hair and then play video games until she was done getting ready. I wasn't thrilled about meeting the neighbors because I knew that met I had to pretend to be all excited, when I would rather be at home sleeping or out drinking. But I figured I should just sit through the pain and get it over with. I pulled in a Mikey and I got out of the car when our mom rushed up to us.

"Come on you guys we're late!" she exclaimed as she shuffled out the door.

"What do you mean we're late?" I asked.

"We were supposed to be at the Waters' at 3 its 3:30." she said as she started walking down the driveway.

"Its only thirty minutes mom." Mikey sighed.

"I don't care, late is late lets go!" she said as she waved her hand in the air directed us to the house next door.

My mom was a very timely woman, she never like being late for anything. Sometimes it was really funny to watch how flustered she would get. I watched Mikey walk off sluggishly, but I sat there for a minute trying to recall what my mom said the family's name was.

"Ma, what did you say family's last name was?' I asked her as she was rounding the edge of the driveway.

"Waters. Now come one Gerard." she said firmly.

Waters? It couldn't be her? Could it?
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