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Back to School

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The gang returns to Hogwarts to find old friends and a few surprises.

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Chapter 5

Back to School

The next morning Hermione awoke to find herself in an unfamiliar room. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and as the room came into focus she remembered coming into Harry's room last night to wait for him to come back so she could talk with him.

"Guess he didn't come home last night." She whispered to herself. Hermione sighed sadly and tossed her feet over the bed and stood up. She had taken two steps before she tripped and landed on something soft.

"Good morning Hermione." Harry groaned after Hermione had awoken him by landing in his stomach.

"Harry!? When did you get back? Why are you sleeping on the floor? Where did you go yesterday?" Hermione asked at a feverish pace.

"Slow down Mione. I got back last night, and found you here. I couldn't bring myself to wake you up so I left you in my bed and slept on floor last night. And as for where I was yesterday, let's just say I had a meeting with the Minister. Oh yes, not that I mind, but do you think you can get your elbow off my ribs?" Harry asked. Hermione blushed fiercely realizing that she had been lying on top of Harry since she had fallen. Quickly she got off of him. Harry sat up and stretched out his back giving Hermione the chance to notice something she had missed when she saw him yesterday.

"Harry, when did you get those scars on your chest?" Hermione asked, as she reached out and gently traced the scars left by Harry's first demon encounter with her hand.

"Oh. I kinda had a run in with Voldemort's followers a few weeks ago." Harry said sheepishly while he scratched the back of his head.

"What!?" Hermione's face suddenly paled and Harry could tell she was very worried about what had happened to him.

"It's okay Mione. Lupin saved me. And these are just scratches. No real damage done." Harry said soothingly. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. "Come on Mione. Let's go get some breakfast." Harry said as he stood up and offered his hand to Hermione.

"Are you cooking?" Hermione asked hopefully.

"Gotten attached to my cooking have you?" Harry asked cocking one eyebrow.

"Maybe." Hermione replied playfully.

"Just make sure you don't tell Mrs. Weasley that you like my cooking better than hers."


Time passed rapidly and before Harry knew it he was sitting on the Hogwarts express with Neville and Luna waiting for Hermione, Ginny, and Ron to get back from their prefect meeting.

"So Harry how was your summer?" Luna asked in her usual dreamy tone.

"It was different." Harry muttered. Luna made a reply but Harry never heard it. Instead, he felt a chill run up his spine, and he knew that something was wrong. Standing up Harry made a quick excuse, saying he had to use the bathroom, and left to search for whatever was causing his senses to react this way.


Hermione walked down the hallway of the train making her way back to the prefects meeting. She had excused herself owing to the need to use the bathroom. She passed another compartment just as the door was violently flung open. Hermione made a grab for wand but was quickly tackled and slammed into the wall.

"Well, look what I found. Potter's little mudblood all alone without her hero to protect her." Taunted Goyle, he had one hand around Hermione's throat choking her as he drew his wand.

"I don't think so Goyle." Snarled a voice behind Goyle.

Goyle turned his head and pointed his wand at the newcomer. Harry immediately grabbed Goyle's wrist and twisted it causing a cracking sound to echo through the hall. Goyle screamed in pain as Harry pulled roughly on his arm and grabbed Goyle by the back of the head and slammed his face into the wall where he slumped to the floor.

Harry growled and his eye's began to faintly glow neon green as clenched his fist and prepared to strike Goyle again. Before he could however, Hermione began to cough bringing Harry back to his senses. Quickly he rushed to her side and helped her up.

"Are you alright Mione?" He asked worriedly.

"Yeah I'm okay." Hermione answered weakly rubbing her throat.

"Come on let's get back to the compartment. Ron can give you a summary of what happened at the meeting." Harry said as he placed an arm around her waist and led her back to where the others were.


Ron and Ginny arrived back from their meeting shortly and were shocked to find what had happened to Hermione.

"HE DID WHAT?!! I'll kill that slimy bastard." Ron roared. Swiftly he stood up and made his way to the door. Only to be stopped by Harry holding the door closed with his foot.

"Not today Ron. If we attack now without provocation Snape will just have a reason to give us detention. Let them come find us." Harry said forcefully.

At that moment the compartment door slid open to revel Draco Malfoy flanked by Crabbe and Goyle who was cradling his broken wrist and sporting a very purple broken nose.

"You've got a lot of nerve attacking one of my friends Potter. You're going to pay for this." Draco hissed venomously.

"What are you gonna do Draco? Beat me up?" Harry asked in a bored tone.

"What's wrong Potter scared?"

Harry shrugged. "No. Just trying to plan my day." Draco immediately went for his wand. "I wouldn't do that if I were you Malfoy" Harry said halting Malfoy's movement. "You're outnumbered 2 to 1 and Goyle can't even hold a wand. Plus, you're in the middle of enemy territory." Draco paused and looked around noticing all the nearby compartments were opening to reveal DA members with wands at the ready.

"This isn't over Potter." Malfoy spat. "We'll settle this sooner or later."

"Anytime rich boy." Harry called out as Malfoy left.


A short stop to greet Hagrid after the train arrived and the group was seated on the carriages heading for Hogwarts. Harry silently staring out the carriage window hardly listening to his friends conversation. This was going to be a difficult year, and the responsibility of defending Hogwarts would fall to him. It was just a matter of time before Voldemort began using real demons in the war. Once that happened Harry would become their only defense.

"Hey Harry, do you think your Quidditch ban has been lifted?" Ron asked hopefully.

"It was, but I'm not playing this year." Harry answered sadly.

"What? Why not Harry?" Ron asked.

"I've got more important things to worry about this year than Quidditch."

"What could be more important than Quidditch?" Ron asked clearly confused by Harry's decision.

"Family Ron." Harry answered quietly.

With a lurch the carriage stopped and the group walked into the great hall and sat down at the Gryffindor table. Luna began to say goodbye to the group when Harry stopped her.

"Luna why don't you sit here with the rest of us?" Harry offered.

"Harry have you gone mad? She's a Ravenclaw." Exclaimed Lavender Brown who was sitting down the table.

"What's your point?" Harry asked. He then turned his head and gave a hard look to the rest of the Gryffindors who were objecting to Luna sitting with them. "Anybody here got a problem with my friend sitting at this table?' Harry asked coldly. Instantly everyone else at the table looked away and went back to their own business. Luna smiled gratefully and took a seat next to Ron.

Soon Dumbledore began the sorting and after that started the feast. Harry and the others joked lightly during the feast and patiently awaited the end of the feast speech. When Dumbledore began Harry tuned him out and rested his head on his fist. Till something Dumbledore said caught his attention.

"Also, I would like to announce that We have a new Potions master here at Hogwarts. This is due to the fact that Professor Snape will be taking over Defense Against the dark Arts classes this year. He will be assisted in his duties as DADA professor by his new assistant Viktor Krum." After hearing this Harry and Ron looked at each other in shock. Then they turned to Hermione who looked more shocked than both of them combined.

"Did you know about this Hermione?" Asked Ron

"No, I haven't heard from Viktor since last spring." Hermione answered her eyes still wide with shock.


Harry silently followed a few paces behind Hermione and Ron as they showed the new first years around the castle. Or more precisely: Hermione showed them around while Ron followed and occasionally nodded his head. Soon they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

"Okay, this is the Fat Lady." Hermione said indicating the portrait to the first years. "You need to say the password in order to get into the common room. The password is: Get It Done."

"Incorrect." Said The Fat Lady. Hermione looked slightly confused and repeated the password with the same result.

"What do you mean incorrect? I know thats the password you stupid picture." Hermione said angrily.

"Your right Mione that is the password, but your mispronouncing it." Harry said calmly as he walked up behind Hermione.

"Mispronouncing it? That's ridiculous. It's a simple phrase." Hermione snapped beginning to get a bit hysterical. Harry gave Hermione a sympathetic glance then turned to the portrait.

"GIT-R-DUN." Harry said causing the portrait hole to open.


Severus Snape stalked his way into the DADA class room and gave each student a cold stare. When he got to Harry he merely received a grin in response. Turning from Harry Snape took out his wand and waved it at the blackboard. Instead of Words appearing on the board however, Snape's wand made a loud cracking noise and was replaced by a miniature scythe. The class erupted in laughter. Quickly Snape turned and glared at Harry who was holding snape's wand.

"Professor I believe you dropped this." Harry said innocently.

"Ten points from Gryffindor Potter." Snapped Snape.

"Oh there's a fucking surprise." Harry retorted sarcastically.

"What did you say?" Snape asked coldly his face contorted in rage.

"Huh? What did say?" Harry asked looking to Ron and Hermione in confusion. Snape decided to ignore Harry and continue from where he left off.

"Today I have decided on a practical exercises for you so that I may get an idea for your skill level." When Snape finished. Viktor walked into the room followed by four enchanted suits of armor. "Your objective for today is to defeat these for suits of armor by destroying their helmets. You will be working in pairs." Snape stopped and gazed at the class. "Since it appears that we have an odd number of students in the class I believe I will have one of you partner with my assistant. Miss Granger. You will be paired with Viktor."

Hermione nervously walked to the center of the room where a circular dueling platform had been erected. She walked up and stood next to Viktor who bent down and whispered into her ear causing her to laugh. Harry saw all of this and felt a rush of jealousy pass through him.

"Hey Harry." Asked Neville breaking Harry from his trance. "Did your eyes just change color?"

"Don't be silly Neville of course they didn't." Harry answered dismissively. He thought for a moment then turned to Ron.

"Hey Ron, you thinkin what I'm thinkin?" Harry asked.

"That Lavender's wearing a thong right now?" Ron asked in response.

"Ron do you think you can stop thinking with your pants for two minutes and focus on me?"

"I don't know Harry. I really don't want to picture what undergarments your wearing." Ron answered.

"Ron come closer for a sec." Ron took a step closer to Harry, and Harry slapped the side of Ron's head. "Now that I've knocked some sense into you." Harry started. "I've got a plan."

Soon it was Harry and Ron's turn. Both of them walked on the platform with their hands tied behind their backs. Snape gave them a curious look but decided that if they wanted to do something stupid he wouldn't stand in their way.

"Now remember everyone. Don't try this at home." Harry said to the others in the class doing a pretty good Lockhart impression.

"Begin!" Shouted Snape.

With the strike of a gong the suits of armor began their attack. Harry quickly ducked the swing of an Axe and jumped over it's return attack. Only to have to instantly sidestep a sword jab that came from his side. A few more strikes and Harry had the pattern of their attacks figured out. Harry twisted to his side and slipped under the wide swing of the suit of armor letting the blade pass close enough to neatly slice his ropes off. With a grin Harry back flipped away from the suits and glanced at Ron who was managing about as well. He too had gotten free of his ropes. Harry rolled across the platform passing by Ron who also rolled across the platform both being chased by the suits wielding axes.

"Man it's a good thing these guys aren't lumberjacks." Harry playfully called in Ron's direction

"Yeah no kidding." Ron said as he ducked another swing. "If we were in the woods the only thing safe from these guys would be the trees."

Suddenly Harry slipped and landed on his back. The armor brought down it's Axe aiming right for Harry's head. Harry clapped his hands together and caught the blade in his palms.

"Okay, that was little close." Harry admitted.

Harry lashed out with his foot knocking the sword from the Suit's hands where it landed into Harry's. In one motion Harry struck the Helmet with the blunt edge of the Axe and then tossed the Axe over his shoulder taking out the other suit behind him. Harry calmly walked over to Ron just as he finished off another suit.

"Well, that leaves one Ron." Harry said looking in the direction of the last suit. "You hit it high I'll hit it low." Harry said. Before he could move towards the suit he was held back by Ron.

"Why do I always have to hit it high Harry?"

"Ron we've never done this before." Harry said impatiently.

"Even in practice I always hit high." Ron continued.

"Fine Ron. I'll hit it high, you hit it low."

"No way Harry I do a much better high kick then you do."

"Okay then. What do you propose we do?" Harry asked crossing his arms.

"I got it: I'll hit it high, you hit low."

"Bloody brilliant Ron. Where do you get your brilliant ideas from?"

"What can I say Harry it's a gift. Duck!" Harry and Ron immediately ducked avoiding the attack of the last suit. Simultaneously both punched the suit in the head knocking off the helmet defeating it. Harry and Ron looked at each other and shrugged.

"Whatever gets the job done." Harry muttered.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for showing off." Snape called out to them.

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