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Devil Trigger

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When Hermione is put in mortal danger, Harry will have to push his powers further than ever before to save her.

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Chapter 6

Devil Trigger

"I can't believe he took points away from us just because we made his exercises look like child's play." Exclaimed Ron as the trio exited the DADA classroom.

"Your tellin me. First Potions now Defense class. I just can't win with Snape." Replied Harry. He turned to Hermione to ask what she thought of the incident, but found she was staring back behind them. "Something wrong Mione?" Harry asked.

"Huh? Oh no, it's nothing. I um ... just forgot my quill. I'll catch up with you guys in class." Hermione said turning around and heading back to the DADA classroom.

"Did anything about that seem odd to you?" Asked Ron. Harry merely looked at him and shrugged.

"Come on. Let's get to class." Harry said glancing over his shoulder one last time.


Soon Harry and Ron were down at Hagrid's hut awaiting the beginning of class. Hermione arrived just in the nick of time, when Hagrid came out of the forest. The trio shared looks of dread as they realized that whatever Hagrid had planned for them it was waiting in the Forrest, and that was never a good sign.

"Alright, class. Today I'll be showing you a very rare creature. If you'll just follow me." Hagrid said.

Timidly the students followed Hagrid into the Forrest. Harry calmly leading the way with his hands in his pockets and a calm disposition showing on his face. Quickly they reached a clearing which Harry recognized as the same one that Hagrid had brought them to when he introduced the class to the Hippogriff Buckbeak. This time there was no hippogriff waiting for them. Instead was a creature that Harry remembered from the Tri-Wizard tournament: a Sphinx.

"Well class. Who can tell me what that is?" Hagrid asked gesturing to the Sphinx. As usual Hermione's hand shot up, this time Harry raised his hand as well. Hagrid pointed out Harry.

"Sphinx's are creatures used by wizards to guard treasure and secret passageways. They only allow access to those who they deem worthy by means of answering a riddle." Harry answered.

"Correct. Good answer 'Arry. So who wants to come pet her?" Hagrid asked looking fondly at the Sphinx. Harry had the strangest feeling of deja'vu, and looked behind him to see that everyone had taken a step back just like they had in third year. "Good of you volunteer 'Arry." Said Hagrid merrily.

"You guys suck." Muttered Harry as he slowly walked up to the Sphinx.

The Sphinx gazed at Harry for a moment then sniffed the air. Suddenly, the creature lunged at Harry with it's claws drawn. Harry quickly ducked the first strike then back flipped over the second landing a few paces out of reach of the Sphinx.

"Hey don't I get a riddle before you try to rip my head off?" Harry asked irritated. Hagrid moved to stop the Sphinx but Harry waved him off. The class watched holding their breathe waiting for the next move.

"I have no riddle for you Son of Sparda." Mewed the Sphinx. "Merely a question: What do you see beyond your fist?"

"Beyond my fist?" Wondered Harry. Harry's eyes suddenly glowed neon green and an assortment of memories assaulted his mind. Quirrel in first year, The Basilisk and the memory of Tom Riddle in second year, The Dementors and Wormtail in third year, Victor Krum and Voldemort in fourth year, and Umbridge and Voldemort in fifth year.

"What do you see beyond your fist?" Repeated the Sphinx.

"My fate." Harry whispered in realization. The Sphinx nodded and turned it's back to Harry walking in the other direction.

"Harry, are you alright?" Hermione asked worriedly.

"Yeah I'm okay Mione." Harry said softly. "If you'll excuse me Hagrid. I need to clear my head a bit." Hagrid nodded to Harry as he left the class and headed to the castle.


Harry was halfway back to the castle when he passed by the green houses and saw something that made his blood boil. Four Slytherins where picking on Luna by playing keep-away with her bag. Harry's form blurred for an instant before he disappeared and reappeared in the center of the group. Quickly Harry snatched the bag from the air and elbowed the would-be catcher in the nose. The three remaining Slytherins glared at Harry. Harry merely glared in response.

"Let me make something clear to you." Harry stated coldly. "Nobody messes with my friends."

He tossed Luna her bag, and sized up the opposition. One of the Slytherins whistled and eight more appeared surrounding Harry and Luna. To the shock of the Slytherins Harry only grinned broader.

"What do you say Luna? Eight for me, Four for you?" Offered Harry.

"Always such a gentlemen Harry." Luna replied in a distant tone.

In an instant the Slytherins rushed in with their wands drawn. Harry dodged the first set of spells and heard the ping of a shield charm behind him. He lunged forward and drove his elbow in to the sternum of one Slytherin and grabbed him by his robes and swung him into another. Both landed a few feet away ... hard. Harry linked his arm with Luna's and swung her around his side setting Luna up to kick one Slytherin in the chest with both her feet, before being swung back across Harry's back to kick another Slytherin. Luna disengaged herself from Harry and cartwheeled past two Slytherins just before Harry dropped both with a double clothesline. Luna immediately shot two stunner's past Harry striking two Slytherins behind him. The last four trained their wands on Harry and fired an assortment of curses at him. Harry drew both his wands and threw up a shield blocking the curses.

"Zapdos!" Shouted Harry sending a massive charge of lightning through the Slytherins knocking them out cold. Harry twirled his wands and holstered them behind his back.

"I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards ... almost." Harry muttered.

"Well Harry, I quite enjoyed our little dance. We'll have to do it again." Luna said dreamily before picking up her bag and walking off. Harry looked at her for a moment and shook his head.


"This is an outrage headmaster!" Shouted Snape. Harry was currently sitting in Dumbledore's office with his feet propped up on the desk listening to Snape rant and rage about his recent behavior. "It's only been one week, and Potter has already made a mockery of two of my classes, -"

"Those classes were a joke to begin with." Harry muttered under his breathe while Snape continued on.

"-openly threatened several students,-"

"It was more like a warning."

"-and placed two dozen students in the Hospital Wing." Finished Snape.

"They started it. Plus they were all Slytherin's." Harry pointed out.

"It makes no difference who they are Potter! You have no business attacking my students!" Snape shouted.

"Well if your students would stop attacking my friends I wouldn't have any reason to attack them." Harry said standing up. "So until you decide to keep your animals on a shorter leash, I'm afraid I'll have to continue to protect my friends. By any means necessary." Harry replied coldly.

"It is not your job to protect the students Potter." Spat Snape. " The professors of this school are more then capable of doing that."

"Oh and you do such a good job of it." Harry shot back sarcastically.

"Enough both of you." Interjected Dumbledore. "Harry, I called you here today not to discuss your behavior, but to inform you and Professor Snape that your Occlumency lessons will continue immediately."

"You gotta be kidding me." Harry said shocked. "This is a waste of time. I can handle Voldemort. He hasn't gotten to me in months. I don't need Snape's help."

"Professor Snape, Harry" Corrected Dumbledore. Harry paused and looked around the office.

"I don't see a classroom." Harry said glaring sideways at Snape.

"There is no way that I will even attempt to teach Potter again. He is even more arrogant then before. If possible I would say that he has become even worse then his father." Said Snape. Harry turned and walked up to Snape till they were almost nose to nose.

"You got something to say about my dad Snape? Then say it to my face." Harry challenged.

"Your father was reckless and foolish, and it got him and your mother killed." Snape spat scornfully. Harry took a deep breath and stepped back from Snape. He let the breath out and looked at Dumbledore.

"Why the hell not?" Harry asked just before he turned and struck Snape square in the jaw sending him to the floor in a crumpled heap. "See you in detention." Harry called out as he left the office.


Before Harry knew it, it was time for his Occlumency lesson. Dejectedly he walked to Snape's office and knocked on the door.

"Enter." Came Snape's voice from the other side of the door. Harry opened the door and slowly walked in keeping his eye on Snape the entire time. "Let's make this quick Potter. Legilmens!" Shouted Snape. The instant before the spell made contact Harry twisted his head to the side avoiding it.

"You know I've been thinking, and this really isn't fair. I mean I'm supposed to just stand here while you shoot a spell at me?" Harry asked giving Snape a curious glance.

"Legilmens!!!" Shouted Snape once more. Harry once more twisted his head and avoided the spell.

"We should at least make this like a pinata. Where I blindfold you and spin you around a couple times first."

"LEGILMENS!!!!" Snape roared. This time Harry grinned and let the spell connect. Snape had become enraged and therefore let his guard down. Harry controlled Snape's intrusion and dropped him in the same mental room that Harry had trapped Voldemort in. Harry closed his eyes and opened them to see Snape looking around the room in shock.

"Okay your in my mind. Now what?" Harry asked.

"What have you done Potter?" Demanded Snape.

"Nothing much. I just dropped you off in a secure part of my mind." Stated Harry.

"You tricked me. Had you not taunted me I would have been able to get by your defenses with ease." Snape said cockily.

"Yeah well shoulda, coulda, woulda. Besides, whatever gets the job done." Harry replied smugly. Just before Snape could make another remark a loud scream filled the room, and Harry went slightly pale. "Hermione." Harry whispered.

With a wave of his hand the room disappeared and Snape fell to the ground nauseous from the shock of being thrown from Harry's mind so forcefully. Harry was already out the door running. Quickly he came around the corner following his senses back to the source of the scream. Harry leapt down a flight of stairs to find Ron and Ginny lying unconscious.

"Ron! Ginny!" Harry shouted. Harry rushed to Ron's side and shook him gently waking him.

"Harry?" Ron whispered weakly.

"Ron! What happened? Where's Hermione?" Harry quickly asked. Ron groaned and sat up.

"We were coming back from the feast when someone hit Ginny from behind. I turned around but got hit before I could see who did it. I don't know where Hermione is." Ron finished sadly.

"Can you stand Ron?" Harry asked quickly. Ron nodded in affirmation. "Good get Ginny to the Hospital Wing. I've gotta find Hermione." Ron nodded again and carefully picked up Ginny. Harry's eyes lit up as he Spread out his demon sense just like he did when he found Ginny. Soon he found her magical signature deep in the forest. "Hand on Mione. I'm coming."


With the Beowulf gauntlets increasing Harry's speed, he was able to make out of the castle and into the forest in under five minutes. Harry was leaping from tree to tree when he realized where Hermione was being taken. It was the lair of Aragog. Harry cautiously walked into the lair keeping his eyes on his surroundings. Soon he was in the central chamber where Aragog waited at the other end. Harry could hear the scurrying of Acromantula all around him.

"I was told that you would arrive hear soon friend of Hagrid." Said Aragog. "You have changed."

"Where's Hermione?" Harry asked his fists clenching and unclenching in an attempt to release some of the tension he was feeling.

"She is unharmed. I would never damage such a fine meal before I have tasted it." Aragog said while gesturing to a web cocoon where Harry could barely see Hermione's face through a small opening in the web. She was unconscious and very pale.

"If you've harmed one hair on her head." Harry threatened dangerously. His eyes glowing with rage.

"You are in no position to threaten me. Especially since I believe it is feeding time for my children."

With that said the acromantula in the chamber screeched and rushed at Harry. Harry drew his fist back and the gauntlet began to glow with a magical charge. Harry struck the first spider in the head sending it flying into several others. Harry quickly began attacking the spiders with his gauntlets trying to keep them off balance. He leapt forward and struck the ground creating a magical shock wave that sent many nearby spiders crashing into the walls of the cavern. Harry was then forced to defend himself from several spiders that had leaped right at him. The first three went down no problem, the fourth managed to clip Harry's side Giving the next one enough time to tackle Harry sending him into a nearby set of roots. Harry shook his head a regained his bearings. He picked up a large log and swung it like a bat sending three spiders flying. Quickly he turned around and swung the log downward crushing a spiders head . Harry turned around again and swung the log crushing another spider. When Harry took another swing with the log it splintered and shattered. Without missing a beat Harry took the split end and drove it into the body of a nearby spider.

"Tie him down my children." Ordered Aragog.

Instantly several Spiders turned and shot lines of webbing from their back wrapping Harry in a tight cocoon. Harry struggled to break away, but soon only his head was visible.

"Such amazing power. I will have to consume you and add your powers to my own." Said Aragog drool dripping from his fangs.

"Fine. Whatever, just let Hermione go." Pleaded Harry. The acidic fumes from the webbing began making him drowsy. He could barely register that the webbing was eating away at his cloak and shirt. Soon Harry passed out.

"Oh no friend of Hagrid. She will be my appetizer before I enjoy my feast on you." Aragog slowly moved to Hermione and opened his fangs and prepared to bite in.

"Over my dead body." Came a whisper of a voice.


Every acromantula in the chamber shuddered at the feeling of the pulse of a very powerful demonic aura.

"I won't let you harm her." Harry hissed. His eyes glowing brightly as he strained against his bonds.


"No matter what the cost. No matter what happens to me. Not one of you will touch her."



Harry screamed and his eyes glowed brighter then ever before. Crimson lightning erupted from his body incinerating the webbing that bound him. His hair stood on end and spiked up. Fangs grew from his teeth. His muscles grew and became even larger and more defined. His gauntlets changed shape with a red glow and formed a set of very dangerous silver claws. Black tribal tattoos appeared marking his arms, torso, and face. Finally, large black feathered wings spread out from his back.

The acromantula stood still and could only look on in terror at the creature that had appeared in front of them. Harry gazed at them coldly. His fangs bared, eyes glowing neon green.

"Die." Harry whispered in a dark raspy voice.

Before the spiders could react Harry thrust his arms out sending a wave of red arcs of light at the spiders cutting down anything in the path of the attack. The spiders instantly reacted leaping into the air towards their prey. Harry spread his wings and flapped them forward sending a number of black feathers flying outward that dug into anything they came into contact with before releasing a large amount of explosive energy. The cavern was soon filled with the sounds of explosions and screams coming from the spiders. Harry moved with uncanny grace and speed. Slicing spiders into pieces with deadly accuracy and ruthless efficiency. Every time the spiders attempted to surround him he would merely flick his wings behind him and destroy whatever was there. Within ten minutes every acromantula in the cavern had been destroyed. All of them except for Aragog.

Harry slowly stalked his way to the end of the cavern where Aragog was. One remaining acromantula stood back up and rushed after Harry. Harry didn't even glance in it's direction as he flicked his wrist sending a red arc of light in it's direction splitting it in half.

"You have killed my children." Aragog hissed in anger. "I will destroy you!"

Harry narrowed his eyes at the sight of the large spider barreling down on him. Slowly a curved blade like bone sprouted from Harry's elbow. Harry crouched down low and darted forward. The elbow blade began to glow with red lightning energy. Harry roared as he brought the Blade down on Aragog's head killing it instantly. The energy in the blade dispersed into the body destroying every last trace of the acromantula.

Very carefully Harry sliced away the webbing that bound Hermione. Gently, he cradled her in his arms and turned around heading for the exit.

"REDUCTO!!!" Roared an unknown voice from the shadows.

Quickly Harry wrapped his wings around Hermione shielding her from the curse that exploded on contact yet didn't break through Harry's wings. Harry looked up over his wings and growled angrily as a Dolohov removed his invisibility cloak and pointed his wand at Harry and Hermione. Keeping one wing protectively wrapped around Hermione, Harry spread his other wing and flapped it forward sending a volley of hell feathers into Dolohov's arm. The resulting explosion sent Dolohov flying back several yards. Dolohov screamed in pain and terror as he looked down at the stump where his arm had once been. He cowered in fear as Harry slowly stepped closer. Harry would've like nothing more then to be able to rip Dolohov apart, but Hermione needed medical help and fast. Harry gave one last glare at Dolohov promising future retribution, before he spread his wings and took of from the cavern like a bat out of hell.


The professors had all gathered in the Hospital Wing to ask Ron and Ginny what had happened before they sent them back to their dorms where they would be safe. Dumbledore quickly gave orders to the professors to spread out and search for Harry and Hermione.

"Dumbledore." Whispered a raspy voice from the shadows. Dumbledore turned around and saw Harry step out of the shadows still in devil form cradling Hermione in his arms.

"Harry?" Dumbledore asked in shock. "Hermione!"

"Quickly Potter hand her over." Ordered Snape.

Snape quickly walked toward harry holding his arms out to take Hermione. Harry's reaction was instant. He growled fiercely and clutched Hermione closer to him. His wings cocked back preparing to strike.

"On second thought. Perhaps you should take her Headmaster." Snape said his hands raised slowly backing away. Dumbledore nodded and stepped toward Harry with his palms forward in a non threatening manner.

"It's okay Harry." Dumbledore said soothingly. "She's safe now. You can relax."

"Safe." Harry whispered as Dumbledore took Hermione from him and placed her on a bed. Harry collapsed to the floor on his knees gasping in pain as a red mist seemed to pour from his body as it shifted back to his human appearance. Harry sighed in relief falling completely to the floor as he completed the transformation. "Man that takes alot out of you."


Harry awoke a few hours later to the sound of Hermione crying out in her sleep. Shaking the soreness from his body he stood up from his bed and walked across the Hospital Wing to Hermione's bed.

"Mione. It's okay your just having a bad dream. Wake up." Harry said gently shaking her. Hermione's eyes shot open, and she fiercely wrapped her arms around Harry clinging to him for dear life.

"It was awful Harry. I saw spider's everywhere snapping their fangs at me. And Dolohov was watching the whole time laughing." Hermione sobbed loudly into Harry's chest.

"It's alright Mione. I won't let anything happen to you." Harry whispered into her hair as he hugged her tightly. Harry loosened his hug and tried to stand but Hermione clutched him even tighter.

"Please don't leave me Harry. Just hold me till I fall asleep okay?" Hermione begged. Her eyes shining with tears.

"Sure thing Mione." Harry rubbed her back calming her down and kissed the top of her head. He fell asleep sitting up leaning on the headboard of the bed with Hermione peacefully sleeping with head resting on his chest.

Disclaimer: Concept of Harry's devil form is derived from the Tekken character Devil Jin which is owned by Namco.

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