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The Edge

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Harry's fears o being discovered grow, and a new problem rears it's head.

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Chapter 7

The Edge

Hermione sat at her favorite table in the library. As usual, no one dared to disturb her as she diligently worked on her assignments, several open books laid out across her table.

"Hermione. Help me." Whispered a hard raspy voice from behind her. Hermione turned around quickly, and gasped in terror. Before her stood Harry, his eyes glowing bright neon green, huge black wings folded on his back, intricate black tattoos that covered his body could be seen through his tattered and damaged school uniform. Timidly he reached out with one trembling claw. "Hermione, it's me, Harry."

"Get away from me you monster!" Shrieked Hermione as she fearfully backed away. "You're not my Harry, You're just a hideous freak!"

"NOOOO!!!" Harry screamed rapidly sitting up in his bed. He gasped for air trying to get his heart to stop beating so fiercely. He ran his hand thru his hair and felt his wings shudder. "Wait a second. Wings?" Harry whispered to himself. He looked over his shoulder and saw that his wings had spread out during his nightmare.

Just then Seamus sat up in his bed and deeply yawned. He sleepily looked around the room. His gaze passed right by Harry, and then snapped back to Harry. He could have sworn that had seen Wings on Harry's back a moment ago, but at second glance he saw Harry peacefully sleeping in his bed with no wings. Wearily he rubbed his eyes and went back to sleep.

Harry waited till he was sure that Seamus was asleep before he got out of bed and began to get dressed. It was only one in the morning on a Saturday night, and he certainly wasn't going to get anymore sleep tonight.

"I need a drink." Harry muttered to himself as he threw on his invisibility cloak and left the tower.


Thousands of miles away in Voldemort's hidden citadel the Death Eater's had gathered. Voldemort sat perched upon his thrown staring intently at his followers as they made their way into the chamber. Almost imperceptibly Arkham appeared at Voldemort's side.

"I believe everyone is hear my lord." Lucious Malfoy said with a low bow.

"Excellent. Dolohov, step forward and give your report." Voldemort ordered. Dolohov limped forward. His arm or what was left of it was held in a sling and their were several burns covering his face.

"My lord, I captured the mud blood as you ordered, and took her to the Acromantula cave." Dolohov said shakily. He paused and took a raged breath. "As we expected Potter arrived almost immediately. I watched from the shadows concealed by an invisibility cloak. At first all went well, Potter was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the spiders." At this point Dolohov paused and swallowed nervously. "Then, when it seemed a though Potter and the mud blood were doomed I heard a loud noise similar to a heartbeat. The next thing I know Potter... changed. He became some kind of creature, the likes of which I can only describe as a devil." At this revelation Arkham's attention peaked. He listened with rapt attention as Dolohov continued. "Potter slaughtered everything in the cave in a matter of minutes. I attempted to engage him when he tried to leave but I was unsuccessful."

"Obviously." Spat Voldemort. He stood up from his throne and walked to the center of the room and tapped a pensieve that was placed on a stool. The memory of Harry's devil form appeared from the pensieve. "So does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here?" Voldemort asked his subjects.

"My lord." Began Arkham. "It would appear as though the Son of Sparda has emerged."

"The Son of Sparda? Well, this is an interesting development." Stated Voldemort.

"With all due respect my lord. The Son of Sparda does not make things interesting, he makes them dead. We should dispose of him immediately." Arkham responded gravely.

"Nonsense. It is only Potter." Voldemort countered dismissively.

"Please my lord. Do not say his name." Said Goyle. "Just hearing his name makes me shudder." Crabbe looked over at his friend curiously.

"Potter." Snapped Crabbe. Goyle instantly shuddered, then chuckled softly.

"Heh heh, do it again." Crabbe repeated saying the name making Goyle shudder then laugh.

"IDIOTS!!!!!" Roared Voldemort. He thrust his hand forward and bolts of sick green lightning erupted from his fingertips knocking Crabbe and Goyle to the floor. "Now about Potter. Arkham, I believe you needed a test for your new magic and demon hybrids?"

"Yes, that is true. But I do not feel that testing them against Potter would be wise. The Son of Sparda will hold great powers. If he is able to defeat these hybrids he will only grow stronger and more experienced." Advised Arkham.

"He won't defeat them. Potter is just a child who is abnormally lucky. Soon his luck will run out."

"Very well I shall make the preparations."


Harry stepped into the Hog's head and walked over to a table in the back were Lupin, Moody, Kingsley, Hagrid, and Flitwick were engaged in a game of poker. Harry knew they'd be here; they always came here after Order missions and meetings.

"Hey guys." Harry said wearily, taking a seat at the table. Everyone greeted Harry warmly. "How's it going?" Harry asked. Lupin was the first to respond.

"Terrible, Moody has been winning every hand." Muttered Lupin. Harry glanced around the table then smirked.

"Of course he has. You guys forgot to make him out his eye." Harry said pointing at Moody's magical eye. Everyone else at the table glared at Moody.

"Oh did I forget to take that out?" Moody asked with fake innocence. Harry sat at the table as Moody removed his eye and placed it in his pocket.

"Have another nightmare Harry?" Lupin asked carefully. Harry merely grunted in acknowledgement and ordered himself a beer.

"You know Harry, I could lose my job as an Auror for letting a minor consume alcohol in my presence." Kingsley stated seriously.

Harry laughed softly. "Yeah but if you made me leave you wouldn't be able to win back the money you lost to me last week would you?" The whole table laughed. "Well, I believe it's my deal." Harry took the deck of cards and smoothly shuffled and bridged the deck. "The game is five card draw, with suicide kings and one eyed jacks." Harry swiftly dealt out the cards and the game began.

"So Harry tell me. How are your powers progressing?" Moody asked. "I bet ten."

"Rapidly. Ever since the first transformation my powers have been growing steadily. Fortunately, I've just about mastered transforming into my demon form." Harry responded.

"I guess that means you'll be joining us on some missions for the Order soon huh?" Asked Kingsley. "I see your ten and raise you five."

"I hope so. Dumbledore is still keeping me as a standby member. He won't let me do anything yet. ON the plus side he's giving me my own room so that my dorm mates won't notice me leaving at odd times of the night." Harry answered.

Just then Harry sensed a demonic aura enter the bar. Behind him a large demon resembling a gorilla with white fur and blue skin walked up to Harry. A large broad sword was strapped to his back.

"You are the one known as The Son of Sparda." The creature spoke as a statement more then a question.

"I'm called lots of things." Harry answered calmly, not looking up from his cards.

"You are the Son of Sparda. I can smell the stench of Sparda's betrayal on you." The creature snarled.

"I've got to get some new cologne." Harry muttered.

"My name is Tartarus. I am here to collect the bounty on your head." Stated Tarturus. Everyone at the table tensed up. Everyone except for Harry.

"Well that's nice. Unfortunately for you I'm in the middle of a card game here and I happen to be winning. So come back some other time and I'll be happy to kick your ass and send you on your merry way back home." Harry said, in a light voice as if he were talking to a child.

Tartarus roared in a furious rage. He drew his sword and swung it in a downward slice meant to cut Harry in two. In one fluid motion Harry sat up from his chair and caught the blade in his hand. Tartarus was shocked. In this moment of weakness Harry lashed out and kicked the sword away from Tartarus. It landed several feet away with the blade sunk into the ground. Tartarus swung its massive fist at Harry, who easily ducked underneath the attack and retaliated with a punch to the gut. Tartarus doubled over clenching his side.

"You're kidding me right? You thought you could kill me? I've only hit you once and your down on the ground." Harry challenged.

Tartarus stood back up and swung his massive fists at Harry. With astonishing ease Harry ducked every blow. Harry sidestepped another clumsy attack and unleashed a fury of blows forcing Tartarus to step back in attempt to survive. Harry landed a kick to the Knee of Tartarus, which cracked under the force of the blow. Harry then drew one of his wands.

"Shoryuken!" Harry shouted. He swung his wand upward as it began to glow bright blue. The wand connected with Tartarus's jaw knocking him flat on his back.

Harry holstered his wand and walked over to where the sword had landed. White lightning crackled along the blade. As Harry reached out to take the blade crimson bolts of lightning became visible around his body. Crimson and white lightning merged and swirled around Harry as he took hold of the sword. Soon the white lightning subsided and only the crimson lightning swirled around the blade. Harry held the sword at arms length and twirled it once getting a feel for the sword's weight.

"It can't be. The Rebellion has been in my clan for centuries. It is impossible for an outsider to wield it." Gasped Tartarus.

"Impossible is just a matter of perspective." Harry said calmly. He walked over to where Tartarus laid on his back and pressed the sword to his throat. "Tell me who put the bounty on my head and I may let you keep yours." Harry asked harshly. Tartarus eyed Harry fearfully as he tried to decide if Harry was bluffing or not.

"It was a woman named Umbridge." Tartarus finally answered.


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