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Who will protect the protector? Harry falls ill after a fight and Hermione is all that stands between him and certain doom.

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Chapter 8


Spells flashed over Lupin's head as he ducked behind an overturned wheel barrel and fired a return curse at the numerous Death Eater's that had him surrounded. Several Order members were currently engaging a large group of Death Eaters that had been in the process of attacking a wizard village when the Order arrived. The fight had been evenly matched at first; however, the Death Eaters soon played their trump card and summoned several demons and Dementors. The Order had been quickly overpowered. Currently Lupin had no idea where the rest of the Order members that had arrived with him were. He could only hope that they were faring better than him.

A sudden shout caught Lupin's attention. Peering cautiously over the wheel barrel Lupin saw Tonks several feet away in the middle of a fight with two Death Eaters. Lupin noticed that while Tonks was holding her own she was beginning to tire and the would soon be overcome. Lupin didn't even hesitate. He bolted out from behind his cover firing several spells to disarm the Death Eaters that previously had him trapped and crossed the distance to get to Tonk's side. His sudden arrival caused the two Death Eaters to take their focus from away from Tonks for a moment. It was all the Auror needed to finish them off. There was no rest for them however, as several more Death Eaters appeared in the area.

"Quickly Tonks! This way." Lupin shouted. He grabbed her by the hand and the two ran for cover behind the rubble remains of a house.

"Well Moony? Got any ideas on how to get us out of this one?" Tonks asked wearily.

"We could surrender. No wait that's not an option. Umm... fight to the last man?" Lupin offered with a mischievous grin.

"You mean last woman." Tonks replied with a similar smile. "I'm glad that I'll be by your side in the end." She said seriously.

"Same here." Lupin replied quietly. "Let's go." The pair leapt from their cover in unison and trained their wands forward; ready to fight to the bitter end.

Only to find two dozen Death Eaters lying unconscious and bleeding on the ground. Standing in the center in his school robes with a pair of silver gauntlets on his hands and a large broadsword strapped to his back was Harry Potter. Lupin and Tonks could only stare ahead in shock. Harry looked over his shoulder and noticed the pair, he flashed them a lopsided grin.

"Sup Moony? Havin fun without me again?" Harry asked brightly.

"Harry? W-What are you doing here?" Lupin stammered.

"Snape made it out before the apparation wards went up and I heard him telling McGonagall what happened. So I came to offer a helping hand." Harry answered. Behind him a large group of demons appeared, brandishing their scythes, their voices echoed a haunting challenge. "You and Tonks go find the rest of the Order members and get them to safety. I'll handle clean up duty." Lupin started to object, but upon seeing the determination in Harry's eyes he relented and pulled Tonks away.

The demons shrieked and charged forward. Harry drew both his wands and swept them in a forward arc. "Shion Taiketsu!" Harry shouted. Golden arcs of light followed behind his wands. Harry completed the motion as the arcs crossed paths and formed one large single arc that burst forward cutting the entire line of demons in half.

"Hmmm... I hope there are more of them." Harry wondered. As if to answer his question Death Eaters, Demons and Dementors began appearing from all over the village. Harry looked at the imposing force that stood before him and he glanced at his watch. "Ten minutes to class... I got time." He muttered to himself. "Well obviously you guys came here for a fight. So my question to you is: What are you waiting for? Come get some." Harry challenged.

The battle began furiously. Harry began by dealing with the Dementors. Summoning the memory of Hermione in her dress robes in fourth year Harry conjured a pair of identical Patronus's from his wands. While the Dementors were being dealt with Harry holstered his wands and drew his sword from his back. Red bolts of electricity flickered back and forth across the blade as Harry charged forward and sliced a demon completely in half. With a quick sidestep Harry and cut down three more demons with one swing of his blade. Harry back flipped away from a demons scythe and blocked the attack of another. Pressing his attack forward Harry dropped three more demons while defending himself from six others. Not allowing a moments rest Harry dropped to one knee and stabbed his sword into the ground. Crimson lightning rippled across the ground and electrocuted every demon within a dozen feet of the sword. The Death Eaters choose this moment to enter the fray. Dozens of spell were launched in a furious onslaught. Quickly Harry thrust his sword upward creating a massive ball of red lightning that surrounded him and absorbed all the spells. When the last spell struck the ball shrank till it was the size of a basketball. Harry tossed the ball up in the air one time and flashed a devilish grin.

"I believe this belongs to you guys." Harry called out as he hurled the ball at the Death Eaters.

The ball struck the ground in the center of the Death Eater formation. A massive explosion erupted sending the Death Eaters flying in all directions. The ones closest to the blast were incinerated. Harry looked around at the surrounding area. Various smoking craters and bodies were scattered about. Harry sheathed his sword and created a portal to return him to Hogwarts. He still had to be in class after all.


Defense Against the dark Arts had quickly became one of the most entertaining classes in Hogwarts. If you were lucky enough to be in the same class as Harry Potter that is. The animosity between Harry and Snape escalated everyday as Snape taught the class and Harry took every chance to do anything he could to piss Snape off. Currently Snape was lecturing on the uses of a dueling spell while on the other side of the room Harry had his feet propped up on his desk while he worked on a muggle crossword puzzle.

"Hmm... what's a six letter word for a person who works with ceramics?" Harry wondered while reading the crossword clue.

"Potter!" Snape snapped when he saw Harry wasn't paying attention.

"Of course. Why didn't I think of that?" Harry muttered, writing on the puzzle and ignoring Snape. Angrily Snape stomped his way over to Harry and slammed his fist on the desk.

"Potter! You will pay attention in my class!" Shouted Snape. Harry looked up from his puzzle curiously.

"I'm sorry Professor. Did you say something?" Harry asked. Snape was so angry he could only growl. "Oh well couldn't have been anything important if you said it."

"What are you implying Potter?" Snape demanded.

"Don't get so bent out of shape. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings Snape." Harry said calmly.

"You didn't." Snape quickly responded.

"Oh well. I'll just have to try harder next time." Harry continued.

"Since you seem to be so well versed in the subject material Potter, why don't you come up here and take part in a dueling demonstration?" Snape asked silkily.

"Something tells me that I don't have much choice." Harry muttered, standing up from his desk.

"I'll need three volunteers for this demonstration. Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, get up here." Snape ordered.

The three Slytherins quickly got up from their seats. Malicious grins plastered on their faces. Harry merely cast a bored glance in their direction. The students stepped onto the dueling platform and awaited instructions.

"For this demonstration Potter, you will only use Stunners to disarm your opponents." Snape ordered. Almost instantly Hermione's voice rang out.

"But Professor three against one with a limit on spell use is suicide. You can't do this" Hermione stated. Fear evident in her eyes.

"Do not tell me what I can and cannot do Ms. Granger." Snape snapped. Hermione looked nervously at Harry and bit her lower lip. Harry caught her eye and gave her a reassuring wink. "Begin." Snape commanded.

"STUPEFY!" Roared Goyle.

"Stupefy." Harry said simultaneously.

Both spells struck each other in mid air. Harry's spell bounced off and struck Crabbe in the face. Goyle's reflected back and hit him in the center of his chest. Simultaneous thumps rang out as Crabbe and Goyle fell to the floor unconscious. Several people in the class gasped. Snape's expression was unreadable. Out of the corner of his eye Harry could see Viktor Krum scowling. Malfoy went pale when he realized that he was now facing Harry on his own. Quickly he fired off several spells. With relative ease Harry dodged each spell.

"Come on Malfoy your never gonna get anywhere with Voldemort if can't even hit one target." Harry called out mockingly. Malfoy went red in the face; several more spells were fired with no success. "You're doing it all wrong. You have to watch his feet. That's where he moves from." Harry said twisting and darting away from Malfoy's attacks.

"You think I need your help you Mud blood lover." Malfoy spat.

Harry slipped past another spell sent from Malfoy and closed the gap between the two. Malfoy's eyes widened when Harry got within a foot of him. Harry lashed out with his foot kicking Malfoy in the gut. As Malfoy bent over from the blow, Harry spun around and grabbed Malfoy's head on his shoulder and dropped to the ground slamming Malfoy's head on his shoulder. Malfoy's eyes rolled back in his head and he fell back unconscious.


"That was a stunner. It was just the muggle variation." Harry said simply.

"Wow Malfoy is out cold." Whispered Dean.

"Yeah, stone cold." Replied Ron.

"I know Harry's are friend and all, but sometimes he's downright scary." Remarked Neville. "Brilliant, but scary."

"I will not tolerate your insubordination any longer Potter. You will serve detention with Filch tonight." Growled Snape.

"Just one night? Your not going soft on me are you?" Harry challenged.

"Two nights then."

"Come on you can do better then that."

"One week!"


Harry's detention turned out to be patrolling the border of the Forbidden Forest with Mr. Filch. Harry surmised that could be much worse ways to serve detention. They continued along the border for about twenty minutes before Filch began to lead them down a path into the forest. Harry questioned Filch about where they were going, but he only got a grunt in return. Finally, they came to a stop deep in the forest.

"This will do just fine." Whispered Filch.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked, looking at his surroundings.

"Why my ascension into the Death Eater ranks of course" Filch responded gleefully.

"Your kidding right? Voldemort let you into the Death Eaters?" Harry asked coolly.

"That's right Potter. And now I will fulfill my masters command and return with your head on a platter." Filch smiled evilly, and Harry laughed out loud.

"Go ahead. Take your best shot." Harry challenged. He tapped the end of his jaw with one finger and grinned. He never expected Filch to move as fast as he did. The blow sent Harry flying into a tree. Harry grimaced and stood back up slowly. "You hit pretty hard for a squib." Harry admitted.

Harry suddenly felt a demonic aura flare up as black fire engulfed Filch before subsiding revealing a grinning figure that reminded Harry of a medieval court jester. He wore a black body suit topped with a Jester's hat complete with bells; Filch's skin had become pale white, and his fingernails had grown into inch long red claws. A large nose and blood red eyes now adorned his face. The transformation was completed with an evil grin. Filch laughed manically, his voice high-pitched and sharp.

"Argus Filch is no more. My master has granted me the power I have always dreamed about. You can call me Jester." Filch continued to laugh after he finished.

"Jester? Gee that's original." Harry remarked sarcastically. "If you think a new look and some make-up is gonna be enough to take me down your in for a rude awakening." The silver bracelets on Harry's wrists flashed then appeared as Harry's gauntlets.

Jester laughed aloud then advanced forward. Harry swung his fist, but Jester dropped to the ground and baseball slid into Harry's leg knocking him down. Harry retaliated by sweeping his leg aiming to knock Jester down as well. Jester cart wheeled over the attack and planted his foot in Harry's chest. Harry continued to attack but each time Jester acrobatically evaded the attack increasing Harry's frustration. Harry swung his fist again and Jester ducked underneath and slashed Harry in the ribs. Without pause Jester continued his assault and landed a roundhouse kick to Harry's temple knocking him down. Harry slammed his fist on the ground, stood back up, and drew his wands.

"Bobardias Rapidos!" Harry shouted.

Spells began automatically shooting out of his wands in quick succession as if they were being fired from a machine gun. Jester disappeared and reappeared in a tree, then continued to teleport around as Harry tried to keep up firing spells after him. Suddenly Jester dived forward and kicked Harry in the face with both feet driving Harry into the ground. Harry groaned and rolled over. Jester laughed manically again and walked over to finish Harry off. Unnoticed to Jester Harry grabbed a twig and transfigured it into a pair of handcuffs. Quickly he attached one cuff to his wrist. Jester reached out, and grabbed Harry by the hair pulling him to his feet. Harry's hand suddenly lashed out and attached the other cuff to Jester's hand securing the two together. Jester tried to move away but found himself securly fastened to Harry. Jester's eyes went wide with fear.

"Let's see you hop around now.' Harry snarled. He drew back fist and punched Jester with everything he had. Crimson lightning swirled around his fist just before contact. A sickening crunch rang out and blood splattered from Jesters face as Harry's fist smashed thru his skull.

Harry yanked the cuffs from his hand and leaned against a tree trunk. Tentatively he reached down and pressed his hand to the claw marks on his ribs. For some reason they had yet to heal. Harry brought his hand to his face and smelled the blood.

"Poison." Harry realized. "Well this just keeps getting better and better." Harry suddenly began to cough violently. It appeared that the poison was spreading. Slowly he began to stagger his way back to the school.


The next morning Hermione looked around the Gryffindor table anxiously. Harry had yet to arrive for breakfast.

"Ron. Have you seen Harry today?" She asked worriedly. Ron shook his head.

"No I haven't, but since he got his own room I don't see him as much in the mornings." Ron said with a mouth full of toast.

"I have a bad feeling about this. I'm going to go see if he's in his room. I'll meet you in class." With that said Hermione left without even waiting for Ron's reply.

Hermione quickly walked out of the Great Hall, and headed for the corridor that Harry's room was located on. Shortly she arrived at the portrait that hid the entrance.

"Jack Daniels." Hermione spoke clearly.

The portrait instantly opened up and allowed Hermione in. She had barely taken two steps into the room when she saw Harry lying face down on the floor a few feet from his bed.

"Harry?!" Hermione called out. She quickly raced to his side and turned him over. His face was very pale and his hair was soaked with sweat. Hermione placed a hand to his forehead and found he was running a high fever. "Harry can you hear me? Please wake up." She cried desperately. Slowly Harry's eyes fluttered open, but Hermione noticed they were dull and unfocused.

"Mione?" Harry asked weakly. "I'm... sorry. ... Should've told you... everything. ... Hate keeping... secrets from you... Just wanted to keep you safe." Harry whispered through his shallow breathing.

"Your delirious Harry. Listen to me. I'm going to take you to the Hospital Wing okay?" Hermione asked, but Harry had already lost consciousness again.


Hermione stayed by Harry's side throughout the entire day as Madame Pomfrey tended to him. Several times Pomfrey attempted to get Hermione to leave and return to class, but Hermione was adamant: she was not leaving Harry's side when he was so ill. When nightfall fell Hermione was forced to leave the Hospital Wing by the combination of Madame Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall. Hermione relented and left, but she didn't return to her dorm. Instead she went to Harry's room and waited there for an hour or two, then grabbed the invisibility cloak and returned to the Hospital Wing.

Hermione quietly entered the hospital and was surprised to hear voices coming from inside.

"Quickly Crabbe, open the window and let it in." Whispered the unmistakable voice of Draco Malfoy. Hermione cautiously walked further into the Wing. At the end of the Wing stood Malfoy and several Slytherin crowded around the bed that Harry was in. One walked over to a window and opened it. Soon a Dementor swept into the room. A cold foreboding chill swept across the room, and Hermione gasped.

"My father was right." Draco sneered. "This is too perfect. Here Potter is totally helpless, and we get to watch as a Dementor sucks the soul from him." Draco and the rest of the Slytherins laughed as they watched the Dementor glide across the room and pull back its hood. Slowly it bent over and reached for Harry.

"NO!!" Hermione screamed. Quickly she thought of the time when Harry and Ron had saved her from the troll. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!"

A silvery otter sprang forth from Hermione's wand and raced across the room barreling into the Dementor. The Patronus didn't stop until the Dementor had been driven completely from the room. By then Draco and his goons had their wands out. One managed to summon the cloak from Hermione. She held her wand out in a dueling stance. Her eyes fierce and determined.

"Well look what we have here. A little mud blood sticking her nose in other peoples business." Spat Malfoy.

"You stay away from Harry!" Hermione shouted. "I won't let you hurt him!"

"Oh how cute. The mud blood is here to save her little hero." Draco narrowed his eyes. "Get her." He ordered.

Curses immediately flashed from the Slytherins wands. Hermione quickly summoned a cot in front of her blocking the spells. Hermione fired three stunners in quick succession, but the Slytherins were already moving to flank her. Soon she was forced to attack those in front of her and attempt to defend herself from those behind her. Hermione dodged a cutting charm that sped past her ear and ducked under a stunner and retaliated with a disarming charm that hit it's mark. Her victory was short lived however as she erected a shield charm to block a pair of stunners. Unfortunately the stunners were a diversion and Hermione felt a rope conjured from Draco's wand wrap around her throat and drag her to the floor.

"Goyle grab her." Draco ordered. Goyle grabbed Hermione by the arms and forced her to stand up. "Now your going to pay for all the know-it-all bull shit you've put me thru." Draco spat. He raised his palm and slapped Hermione across the cheek.



Suddenly the lights cut out cloaking the wing in near darkness save the small amounts of moonlight coming from the windows.

"What was that?" Draco asked. All the Slytherins in the room cast light charms, and looked around for the source of the noise but found none. Draco looked back to Harry's bed and found it empty. "Where's Potter?" He demanded.

"There's no sign of him." Crabbe answered. Behind him a pair of glowing neon green eyes appeared.

"I got your sign right here." Harry snarled. Before anyone could move Harry grabbed Crabbe by the throat and tossed him across the room like a rag doll. "Guess what Malfoy? I'm feeling better."

To emphasize his point emerald green fireballs ignited in Harry's palms. Two Slytherins tried to fire curses from their wands. Harry quickly thrust his palms out. The fireballs blasted the Slytherins across the room. Goyle promptly dropped Hermione to the floor and ran out of the room. Draco seeing his backup fleeing, ran as well. Just as he reached the door Draco turned around and fired a reductor at the roof causing it to crumble and begin to collapse.

"Shit." Harry cursed and quick as lightning he scooped Hermione up into his arms and leapt out of the window just as the ceiling collapsed behind them. Hermione screamed and shut her eyes as they fell. She waited for them to hit the ground but they never did. Slowly she opened her eyes and found them gliding over the grounds. Soon they came to land on the shore of the lake where Harry set Hermione down. Hermione gasped when she turned around and saw Harry. He was standing before her in his devil form. His wings were spread out and his eyes glowed brightly.

"H-Harry?" Hermione asked carefully.

"It's okay Mione it's me." Harry responded. His voice a strange mix of his own and a deep echoing growl. Tentatively she reached out and cupped his face in her hand.

"How?" She asked disbelievingly.

"It's a long story, but I'll tell you if you really want to know."


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