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Meet Him for the First Time

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You meet your guy for the first time. What will happen?

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Mikey Way:

You are walking around the record store when you bump into a tall and skinny boy. He turns around and you can see taht he has very straight brown hair and wears glasses. You look up at him and feel your cheeks start to burn. He smiles. [Sorry. I really shold have been watching where I was going] It's okay. My name is Mikey. Mikey Way [Cool. I'm _____________] Both of you are acting very shy. Mikey pushes up his glasses with his middle fingers. After a long 5 minutes of awkward silence, your phone rings. The ringtone is ___________ by The Misfits. [Sorry about that. It's just my ex. I can ignore him] You're just about to press ignore when Mikey pushes your hand away. You look at him confused. What? It's a good song! Your ex finally hangs up and he grabs your phone and strts to play with it while you talk. Your ex ________________ always did that and you found it very rude but when Mikey does it, you find it very attractive. [You like The Misfits?] Yeah, sure. They're prety awesome. Your phone rings again, playing the same song. Mikey hands it back to you, you answer [Hello? Oh, ok] You hang up [ Well I better get going. Bye Mikey] Bye __________. As you walk away you notice a new name in your contacts ... Mikey

Gerard Way:

You walk around the park as all the little kids play. Your little brother _____________ runs up to the swings and starts swinging with another kid. You take a seat on the bench and watch him play) Hi! I'm Gerard! And you are? [I'm _____________] Cool name __________ [Thanks! Gerard is a cool name too.] No it's not jokingly. You end up getting into a fight about who has a cooler name [I'm sooooo hyper today. I apologize.] Why? [Oh.... I had a lot off coffee trying to keep with the four year old over there] You point to your little brother and laugh. He laughs with you and you share a smile I love coffee! It's beepin amazing! After your conversation you notice that it's dark and that your mom had come to get your little brother _________ hours ago. You look down at your watch and notice it's after your curfew [Crap! It's past my curfew! My mom is going to kill me!!!] I'll walk you home [Thanks Gerard] He walks you home and after he leaves you notice a note on the ground. You pick it up and unfold it. it says "(555-0129) Gerard ;)"*

Frank Iero:

The Pencey Prep sohow ends on a high note. You go up to the singer and compliment him on his performance [Nice show. You guys rocked the place] Thanks. I'm Frank Iero. [How do you say and spell that?] What Iero? [shy yeah....] It's spelled I-E-R-O and it's pronounced eye-er-oh [Ah... I got it. By the way my name is __________] Aww... That name is so cute, [blushing You really think so? ] Yeah... He blushes and you smile but you have noticed everyone has left. You grab your stuff and wave goodbye to Frank When you reach for your car keys, you notice a folded up post it note. You unfold it ad it says "Frank: Call me babe! 555-5555". Just as you finish reading the note, it starts to rain. You get into your car and drive home. When you arrive home and get out of your car, the New Jersey air smells of the receding rain. You walk inside to the kitchen and the phone rings. The caller ID displays "Unknown Caler 555-5555" You smile to yourself

Eventually I will add Ray's I just don't have any ideas at the moment. To me, Ray seems like more of a friend than a romantic interest, so that is why I am having trouble. >.> Anywayzz ENJOY! More will be coming soon. I am going to try and do these as a continuing story line and then post any random ones that don't fit the story at the end. ;)
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