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He Asks You Out on a Date and You Say...

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First date?

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Mikey Way:

Your phones rings and you pull it out of your pocket. You look down at the caller ID screen and notice who was calling, Mikey. You smile to yourself and answer [Hello?] Hey ________ I was… wondering… um… if you would want to… go on… a date… with me? You could tell he was nervous, you smiled and replied [Sure. I’d love to. Pick me up at 7 tonight.] Where do you want to go? [Surprise me.] You hang up and run to your room to prepare your outfit for the night, since you didn’t know where you were going you decided to wear a yellow tank top with a giraffe on it, a grey and black striped cardigan, black skinny jeans, and black high top converse. You throw your hair back into a ponytail and put on a simple black headband. You head to your bathroom and put on some makeup. After careful thinking, you decide to only apply foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. As you are admiring your work, you hear the doorbell ring. You run down the stairs and open the door to see Mikey smiling. You ready to go? [Yep.]

Gerard Way:

You grab the note off the mat and walk inside. Your mom is yelling at you about being home after curfew [I’m sorry mom, it’s just that as I was watching ______________ I met this really nice guy named Gerard and we ended up talking for hours, he walked me home] You smile and walk up the stairs to your room. You unfold the note again and text the number that Gerard gave you

You said: Hey Gerard :)

555-0129 (Gerard) said: Hey babe.

You said: What are you doing?

555-0129 (Gerard) said: Not much. You wanna go get coffee tomorrow night?

You said: Sure. I gotta go talk to you later
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