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He Asks You Out on a Date and You Say... (Frank)

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Reposting Frank's because his wouldn't show up

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Frank Iero:

You answer the phone [How did you get my phone number] Well, I asked a friend who knew you [Who?] Your sister [You know my sister?] Yeah… Hey ______ you wanna go on a date this Saturday? [Sure. Where are we going?] It’s a surprise… I’ll pick you up at 7. [Ok… Well I guess I’ll see you later Frank] See you Saturday. You decide on a floral print dress and brown gladiator sandals. You almost wore your new wedges but you forgot that Frank was short, just barely taller than you although.

CLIFFHANGERS! You'll just have to wait until next time to know what happens. Sorry about Frank's not posted in there. I wrote and put it in the box but it wouldn't show up.
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