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First Date... and Maybe a Bit More...

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Don't worry. No smut. Read and find out what more is, I'm not that perverted.

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Mikey Way:

You ready to go? [Yep.] You get into the car and talk about music as he drives to a local coffee shop. You both get out of the car and head for a table near the door. He asks you what you want and he orders for both of you. [Mikey…] Yeah ________________ [I know we just met not too long ago but I really like you.] I feel the same ____________. So how about we make it official? You be my girlfriend?You feel a smile come to your face and you look into his eyes. [Yep] He smiles and you blush. He leans into you and you share your first kiss. I had a feeling this date would go well. You blush and he laughs. You have a feeling that this relationship is only going to get better.

Gerard Way:

You texted Gerard earlier this morning about which coffee shop you were going too. You had a discussion about which one but finally came to an agreement. After hours of careful thought you finally decided on an outfit, a simple band shirt and a pair of red skinny jeans. You throw on your favorite pair of Doc Maartens and head out the door. The coffee shop you agreed upon is not too far from your house so you just had to walk a few blocks. You arrive at the coffee shop to see him already at a table, two mugs of coffee sitting in front of him. [Hey how long have you been sitting here] You sit down across from him and he smiles. He had been sketching something in notebook in front of him, but as soon as he noticed your presence, he quickly covered up what he was doing. Not long… How are you? [Good. What were you drawing] He blushes and replies Nothing… You quickly forget about your suspicion when you notice the coffee in front of you. You take a sip and begin a conversation about art and music with Gerard. Soon enough, all of your coffee is gone and he offers to walk you home. You accept and begin walking in the direction of your house. Soon enough you arrive at your front door. [I had a lot of fun tonight Gerard. Thanks] No prob _________________. He leans into you and plants a kiss on your lips. You deepen the kiss. He obviously doesn't object, as he continues to kiss you. You smile into the kiss before finally breaking apart. [See you soon boyfriend.] He gives you a confused look but it fades as a smile grows on his lips. Of course, girlfriend. You walk into your house. Your mother asks you how it was and you reply nice. You make your way up to your room. You close the door behind you and jump up and down spinning in circles. [AHH!! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!]

Frank Iero:

He rings your doorbell and you answer. He smiles. You look cute ________ [Thanks] You blush and notice he didn't drive to your house as there is no foreign car in the driveway. [You didn't drive here?] He notices your confusion and smiles. It's not too far to walk He winks at you. You follow him to a park near your house. You didn't seem like the kind of girl that would want to go out to a fancy restaurant. [Yeah… not really.] You walk over to a bench and sit down. You start asking him about his band Pencey Prep. When the conversation starts to dissipate, you act on a whim and lean in and kiss him. He's speechless. He leans in and kisses you again, this time more passionate. You deepen the kiss and soon enough his tongue is looking for an invitation, you gladly accept. As you make out in the middle of the park, a mom and her daughter walk by. The daughter says "Mommy what are they doing? They're like attached." The mother disregards her daughter and says to the two of you "Get a room." and rushes her daughter away. You break away and you blush scarlet. You're really cute when you're embarrassed.
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