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Just read it or don't.

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So I just wanted your opinion on what scenario I should do next. I have plenty of ideas for future ones (thanks to my friend Joann) but I can't decide on the next one. It will have a time lapse so it won't completley continue on the last one like the others. So here are your two options:

Anniversary (if you vote this, please suggest what anniversary is is )like 1 year, 3 months, etc.) and some sort of twist to make it original.)


Birthday (if you vote this, please tell me if you would prefer it to be his birthday or his. and some sort of twist.)

So which ever one gets more votes will be the one I write. I'm starting to get my mojo back so look for an update on this and The Bandit that Stole His Heart very soon. Oh and I am going to choose on or the other, not both.

Love you all,

Hannah :S)
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