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Anniversary: Mikey Way

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An extra long one about your anniversary with Mikey Way. :D

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Mikey Way:

Eighteen months had gone by since you and Mikey had made it official. He hadn't said anything about the anniversary and you thought he forgot. But just in case, you decide to go up to your room and put on black skirt and a My Chemical Romance shirt. You hear a knock on the door and run down to see an awkward twig with glasses, staring back at you. [Hey Mikey. Do you know what today is?] Tuesday. You sigh. He forgot. You flow him to his car. You are expecting him to take you to coffee but he drives in the opposite direction from your favorite coffee shop. [Where are we going Mikey?] You'll see... He pulls up in front of house in the middle of the suburbs of Belleville. He gets out of the car and comes around and opens your door. You smile and he grabs your hand. You walk to the door and it is opened by a woman you don't recognize. "Oh is this the girl you've been telling us about Mikey?" she says. Ya mom. Is Gerard home? She answers with yes and tells you and Mikey to make yourselves comfortable


You finish the dinner that Mikey's mother made. You all get up and leave the table. You and Mikey head toward the living room but everyone else heads upstairs. You and Mikey sit on the couch. He pulls something out of his pocket. Look _____________ we've been dating for a while and and you know I love you and you love me too. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. __________will you marry me? It was so unexpected. You nod as the waterworks begin. He puts the ring on your finger Happy Anniversary babe You kiss him and he deepens it. You feel his tongue on your lips, looking for an invitation. You gladly accept.

and i'll leave the rest up to you... ;D
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