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Anniversary: Gerard Way

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You sit on your bed, reading an old tattered copy of "The Catcher in the Rye" that you stole from Gerard. You hear a tap tap on your window. You get up and walk to the window to find Gerard, throwing rocks at your window. You open the window.[Geesh, I'm coming Gerard.] You walk down the stairs, slip on some shoes, and go out to meet Gerard.Hey, I've got something for you. But you have to come with me. [Okay...] You follow Gerard to the park where you met. He looks down at his watch Well, it's officially midnight, so that means it's officially been two years since we met. Remember on our first date when I hid that sketch book from you? [Yeah...] Well this is what I was working on. Took forever to finally get it anywhere near perfect. He hands you a drawing. You flip it over to find a picture of you, at the park where you first met. [Aww... that's so sweet!] I've got something else for you He pulls something out of his pocket and gets down on one knee. You are so shocked, you don't even realize what he is doing until he asks you. ____________ will you marry me? You accept and he grabs you an spins you around in a circle.
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