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At a party Maria attneds with Billie and some friends tragedy strikes.

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"Hi, I’m Billie."

"Maria." I answer.

From then on we were best friends.

When we were in preschool neither of us would hang out with any other kids in class; secluding ourselves from everyone else including our over bearing teacher, Mrs. Adams. At recess we would sit and talk, refusing to play with anyone. When pajama day rolled around we sat under our own table removed from the rest of the kids and watch whatever dumb movie the teacher decided to play.

In our first year of elementary school we were fortunate enough to be put in the same class and again refused to make friends with anyone else. This went on up until the fifth grade when we both met Mike Dirnt. All three of us instantly bonded over our love of music; from then on all three of us where inseparable.

When Billie turned ten his father died. He cried for hours in my room, spending a few nights on the couch. The death hit the Armstrong family very hard; Billie most of all; he’d been close with his father, Andy. Together we made it through some of the hardest times in our lives; the death of his father, the split up of my parents, his mother’s re – marriage to a man Billie and his siblings dislike, and the car accident that claimed my sister’s life. I spent a lot of time at Billie’s house; likewise Billie spent quiet a few nights over at mine.

Now Billie and I are both sixteen.

Present Day (1988)

Billie and I sit on a log in the woods. We decided to attend some party hosted by a bunch of my older brother’s friends. Hey, free beer and an excuse to get high…it’s not all bad.

"Hey, Billie, I'm gonna go grab a beer," I whisper in his ear.

"Grab me one too!" he yells as I started off towards a car parked a little ways from where we sit.

I walk out to the little black beer car.

“Alright," I mumble.

As I open the cooler in the back of the car I hear a twig snap. I’ve been frightened of the woods all my life…these woods are no different; dark, scary, with millions of unknown things lurking around in them. Hearing another branch snap behind me I turn around quickly. Nothing is there. “Just calm down, you’re imagining things, Mia,” I whisper to myself.

Suddenly, I feel a strong hand go over my mouth and then somebody pulls me back up against their chest; the beer in my hand hits the bumper of the car and the glass shatters. I start screaming but the hand muffles the sound and my attacker just keeps hitting me, telling me to stop. I don’t want to be beat on anymore so I allow him to drag me further out into the woods, away from my friends.

I get pushed down into a pile of wet leaves and sticks. One of those little twigs pokes into my back making it uncomfortable to stay there. I am too high and drunk to know exactly what is going on but I know I don’t want to be here. This man gets on top of me and starts punching me. What the hell did I ever do to him? He told me that if I tried to get away he'd kill me. I think that if I even fight he’ll kill me. I stop struggling to move, thinking only of Billie, and Mike and Tré. I think about getting back to them alive and let my attacker carry out his plans.

He takes off my black skinny jeans, pulling down my underwear as well. Is this really happening? I keep waiting for someone to come in and wake me up but it never happens. I think about Billie, picturing his bright blue hair and shiny green eyes; this helps me through the pain.

When this kid is done he punches me in the face and I black out.
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