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Where's Maria

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After the accident the boys go looking for Maria.

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Maria left to go get us beers a while ago. It's been almost forty – five minutes. She's still not back yet. I'm kind of worried.

Deciding to go look for her I get up, throw my empty beer bottle into the fire and head towards the parked car.

"Mia!" I yell, using her nickname.

I look in the car and she isn't there. Noticing the broken glass and the still open beer cooler I start to get really worried. Shit, I should have gone with her.

“Maria, this isn’t funny!” I yell hoping for her to pop up behind me or hear her voice somewhere off in the woods calling for me to find her…nothing.

I keep yelling her name, eventually calling her brother to help me find her. He showed up, drunk, and told me she runs off all the time. He left with the promise she’d come back around. Asshole. I refuse to believe this…Mia’s terrified of the woods; she wouldn’t go wandering off in them by herself. Getting no help from her dick of a brother I call Tré and Mike and they call a few of Maria's other friends. There is I dunno...ten kids out here trying to find her.

We keep looking till almost four in the morning. No one has found her or seen anything that might help us locate her. I wish I wasn’t so high. I wish I had gone with her. Where the hell is Maria? The others decide that they’d come back up here tomorrow and look for her.

They go but I stay in the spot the beer car was parked, clinging to a hope that maybe she’d stagger out of the woods, hung over and confused, happy to see someone there waiting for her. For almost two hours straight I try her cell phone but she never answered. Oh, Mia, where are you?


Around six Mike and Tré show up with coffee, both of them ready to search for our best friend. I tell them about her fear of the woods and how she wouldn’t go wandering off alone in them. She couldn’t be too far. With a last nod we all split up, the worry caked on our face like clay; thick and hard to hide.

I almost trip over a fallen tree when I see Maria. She is lying there, stripped of all her clothing, blue and blonde striped hair fanning out around her head.

“Mia!” I exclaim, rushing to her side, gathering her in my arms. I start crying. Not because I’m afraid she might be permanently messed up or because she looks dead but because she’s here...because I found her.

Stroking her tangled hair I sing quietly to her wish only to see her blue eyes open up, letting me know that whatever happened to her last night didn’t leave her dead. I need Mia; she’s been my best friend since forever and she keeps me sane.

Finally, her gorgeous eyes fly open, meeting mine. The sparkle has gone from them and I feel my heart sink.

Trying not to look at her boobs I carry her back to Mike’s car. Don't judge me. It's kind of hard not to stare at a hot naked chick in your arms even if she is all bloody and you’ve still got tears running down your face.

Gently, I place Maria in the back of Mike’s car, grabbing a blanket he always has in the trunk to wrap her up. Maria clings to me as I call up Mike and Tré to tell them I’d found our friend.

“Please don’t leave me,” she whispers big tears falling from her eyes.

Hugging her close to my chest I manage to form words, “I won’t, don’t worry.”

Who would do something like this to her? Cut lines into her skin, leave her in the woods stark naked. I feel anger swell up inside me but am able to nothing to dispose of it. Mia continues to cling to me almost as if she thinks if she lets go she’ll slip away. I don’t really mind too much.
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