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Any Time You Want Ch. 2

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Frank's P.O.V:

I huddled in my sleeping bag, pulling it closer around me. It was freezing cold and pouring with rain. Wind howled around me and whistled in and out of my alleyway. "Spare some change, buddy?" I croaked at a passer by. He ducked his head and kept walking, looking embarassed. "Fine. Fuck you then." I muttered under my breath. A woman approached. "'Scuse me, Miss? Spare some change?" I said. She looked nice enough - but she still kept walking. "You have a nice day now!" I called, sarcastically, after her.
Okay, maybe I wasn't being fair. I mean, the weather was completely awful. Why would anyone want to stop just to give me, some random homeless kid, their hard-earned cash? But I was hungry and cold and all I wanted was a little money - a couple of dollars - so I could find a youth hostel or something I could spend a night in and get a proper meal in me before another night on the streets.
Of course, there were other ways of getting cash. I could hang around outside seedy gay clubs or weave my way in and out of people on dancefloors. I'd do anything for any price - I was known to give blowjobs for as little as twenty cents. I didn't want to do it for that little - hell, I didn't want to do it at all, but when you're desperate, you'll do most anything to get by.
I shuddered as a wave of cold washed over me. I wasn't always alone; even after mom and dad kicked me out for being gay, I had Alex, my boyfriend. I loved him, I was sure I did. And when I first got thrown out of my house, he was the first person I went to. I lay in his arms and cried for hours. He said it was okay, I could stay in his flat, rent free, for as long as I needed. I was so grateful to him, I couldn't do enough. Anything he wanted, I do it for him straight away. He kept asking me to spend extended periods out of the flat; going shopping or running errands for him, which I didn't mind at all. Until I got home from the grocery store earlier than he'd thought I would one day.
I'd unloaded all the bags in the kitchen. He wasn't in the lounge, like he normally was. He wasn't in the bathroom; which left only one option. He was in our bedroom. Which was kinda odd, considering it was seven in the evening, but I thought nothing of it at first. I went to our bedeoom and knocked gently before I opened the door. "I love you, baby," Alex mumbled, sounding tired. I gasped. I knew I loved him, but we were yet to say it to each other.
"I lo-" I started to say, before I realised he wasn't talking to me.
He was naked, under the covers, with our flatmate Charlie. They had their arms around each other and were kissing. "A-Alex?" I said, quietly. It was loud enough for him to hear.
"Shit! Frank, I didn't hear you come in!" Alex scrabbled to pull his clothes on.
"Wh-why were you kissing Charlie?" I said, backing away as he tried to touch me. "Are you cheating on me?" I know that much was obvious, but I had to check.
"Well... kind of," Alex shrugged. "But we can make this work. I mean... we can all share, right?"
"What, you want to fuck both of us?" I swallowed.
"Yeah. There's no problem with that, is there?" He asked. I couldn't believe he'd just said that.
"Well... yeah, there is, actually. You're my boyfriend," I reminded him.
"Not really," He said, in an off-hand way.
"Yes, you are. You asked me to live with you, we sleep in the same bed, we take showers and stuff together," I swallowed.
"Well. I do all that with Charlie too," He shrugged like it was no big deal.
"Do you love Charlie?" I whispered.
"Yeah, I just said that," He reminded me.
" you love me?" I breathed.
"No, but we can still fuck if you want to," He smiled sleazily at me. I lost control then.
I pretty much destroyed the flat- I broke anything glass or porcelain. I tore up all the photos of Alex and I. Anything we'd done together I wrecked. I screamed that I never wanted to see him again and that I hated him and that I wished never met him. And just like that, I was homeless, with nothing but the fifteen bucks I had left from the store, half of an ancient chocolate bar in my pocket and the clothes I was standing up in.
I was pulled from my train of thought by the sound of change clinking into the small tin can I had in front of me. I looked up to see a guy who was quite tall (well, taller than me, but who wasn't?) with long black hair and pale skin. He had just dropped a handful of change into my tin and was smiling at me. I grinned back. "Thanks, pal," I said, hoarsely.
"No problem," He said. Then, all of a sudden, he shrugged off his long black trench coat. "Here. You look freezing."
"You sure?" I asked, warily.
"Yeah. I have another almost exactly the same. Take it," He said. I took the jacket from him and smiled again.
"Thanks," I repeated.
"You're welcome," He replied, cheerfully.
"Have a nice day," I said, as he walked away. And I meant it this time.
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