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Any Time You Want Ch. 3

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Gerard's POV

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Gerard's P.O.V:

"Why did you give your coat to a hobo?" Mikey asked, for about the millionth time that afternoon.
"I hate that word, you know I do," I tutted. "And anyway, it was cold and raining and he was just a kid. Your age- maybe even younger. He needed it more than I did."
"I'm not a kid," He folded his arms and pouted.
"You look like one right now," I laughed. "You used to do that when you didn't get your own way when you were seven."
"No I didn't!" He sounded offended. "I always got my own way - Mom likes me more."
"Not true, I'm definitely Mom and Dad's favorite. I was first born; automatic favorite," I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Right. Now who's childish?" He laughed.
"Oh, you shut up and drink your coffee," I flicked an empty sugar packet at him.
We were sitting in the window of a small coffee shop not just down the street from my new apartment. "So. How're you coping?" Mikey asked, looking concerned all of a sudden.
"Good," I shrugged. Okay, so my place might be a little... empty. As in, there wasn't a single piece of furniture in the place and right now, I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. But cut me some slack; I'd only been living there for four days. "A little lonely." I admitted.
"What? You're not still missing Jason?" He asked. I pressed my lips together and turned to stare at the grey rainy world outside the window. "Gee!" Mikey groaned.
"What?" I turned back to face him. He just stared at me like I was stupid. "What?!" I repeated.
"Gee... look, I know you thought you loved Jason but..." He sighed heavily.
"God, Mikes, don't start this again," I shook my head, trying to dismiss the subject.
"But you still have feelings for him don't you?" He said, one eyebrow raised cynically. I didn't answer. "Gerard!"
"Yeah, I guess," I replied, groaning.
"Gerard, the guy treated you like absolute crap!" Mikey reminded me.
"Yeah, yeah, I know," I said, crossly. "But you can't just turn off your feelings for someone like that." I clicked my fingers, demonstrating.
"You should be able to when they act that way towards you," Mikey said.
"Mikes, please, can we just leave it alone?" I begged. I really didn't want to talk about it right now - and especially not in public.
It was no secret that Mikey and my now ex-boyfriend Jason hated each other. No, scratch that, they absolutely loathed each other. But I was young and stupid and in love, and I honestly didn't care. Jason was a year older than me - I knew him already before we started dating, very vaguely, from high school. He was gorgeous, intelligent, athletic and funny - basically, perfect in every way. Or, to me at least. He and Mikey had had several arguments - loud and public, most of them- during the years they were in school together, and ended up resenting each other. However, I got talking to Jason at a high school reunion and was head-over-heels for him from that day forwards. I'd only been with him for a week when he asked me to move in with him. I was so crazy for him, I said yes straight away. Things started to go bad after only three days of living together.
Jason became, to put it plainly, an alcoholic, drug-addicted, violent physcopath. He'd go out every evening and come home extremely drunk and usually high as well. I don't know if it was the drink or the drugs or the company he was in, but he always came home angry. And he took it out on me, every single time. Sometimes he'd bring his friends to our place and let them take their anger out on me too. Of course, there was the other thing too. When he went out, sometimes, one of his friends would be looking for someone to take home for the night. Of course, they didn't always find anyone. But why should that worry them, when Jason had a boyfriend at home with a perfectly usable body?
I'd ended it with Jason when he told me that he'd never really loved me, and that he was just using me for sex. He didn't mind so much. I'd moved back in with Mom and Dad and Mikey for a few months, before I found my own place. Of course, Mom and Dad weren't too impressed at first - but when I told them why I'd turned up on the doorstep at midnight, sobbing my heart out and covered in my own blood, they understood completely.
I sighed as I thought about it, and stood up. "I'm going home. Bye," I said, walking out of the coffee place and into the cold street outside.
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