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Any Time You Want Ch. 4

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Frank's P.O.V

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Frank's P.O.V:

I saw him again.
The man who gave me his jacket, I mean. I was out along the high street, begging. Hoping one of the thousands of people walking along would be kind enough to stop and give an eighteen year old boy a few cents. Some of them did; I was grateful to those ones. Others blatantly ignored me. Some young teenage boys, fourteen or fifteen maybe, made harsh comments, but I did my best to ignore them. I was halfway up the high street, counting what I'd made, when I saw him.
He stormed out of a coffee shop, looking furious and like he was about to cry at the same time. Even in that state, he was still beautiful. A lighter haired boy about my age followed him out. "Gee!" The younger guy groaned. "Gee, come on. I didn't mean to upset you..."
"I said, I'm going home Mikey," The older guy, Gee, replied shortly.
"I'm sorry. Come on, bro, don't be like this," This Mikey kid cut in front of him and grabbed his shoulders. "I'm sorry. Come on, stop... come back in, I'll buy you another cup of coffee..."
"I don't want more coffee. I want to go home, thanks," Gee shrugged Mikey off and walked angrily away from him.
I don't know why I followed him. I mean, it wasn't like he was going to notice me, was it? Still, I did. I made sure I didn't look like I was following him, though; if he crossed a street, I'd wait a while before I did too. I made sure I kept a good fifty or sixty paces behind him, but he was still in my sight. I followed him until he reached a tower block, just a couple of blocks away from the high street. I looked around; there was a deep alleyway just opposite the apartment building. I could watch from there.
I know what you're thinking. Oh my God, Frank you little stalker. But I couldn't help it. He was just so mesmerizingly beautiful that I couldn't bring myself to leave him alone. I watched the front door from where I was, didn't move all day. Gee left the house at seven, I assumed to go to work. I didn't go anywhere. I just sat where I was. Occasionally asked a passer-by for their spare change, but it was a leafy suburban area and very few people passed. I didn't mind. For once, I didn't mind the bite of the December cold or the claw of hunger in my stomach. I just wanted to see him. I was starting to think he'd be out all day, when he returned at nine in the evening. I straightened up and watched as he pulled his car up outside the building.
He was talking on his cell phone. I couldn't quite hear what he was saying, but my limited lip-reading skills told me the conversation ended with. "Yeah, I love you too, Mom. Okay. Bye." He went into the building after handing up his phone.
I stayed up all night, watching for him.
He didn't come out again.
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