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Any Time You Want Ch. 5

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Gerard's P.O.V:

It snowed over night.
I considered going to mom and dad's for a few hours during the day; Mikey loved the snow. He was like a little kid- always up for building a snowman or having a snowball fight. I called ahead. Mikey answered the phone. I told him that I was going to come to Mom and Dad's and he squealed like a schoolgirl. "Okay. I'm gonna go start building my fort and making my ammo now. And when you get here, I'm gonna whoop your ass, bitch!" He told me.
"Not fair- you get a head start," I complained.
"I'm younger," He reminded me.
"Exactly," I nodded. "You have to respect your brother in his old age."
"Twenty-three is hardly old age, GeeGee," Mikey laughed. "Anyway, hurry up and get you sorry ass down here so I can kick it. Then we can get Mom to make hot chocolate- just like the good old days."
"What, you mean like last year?" I replied.
"Exactly! See you soon, oh dear brother of mine," He said, in a false, sweet simpering tone.
"Yeah, see you, fucktard," I laughed, before I hung up.
I was just about to get in my car when I saw him. The kid I'd given my jacket too just a day earlier. Only, he was in a bad way. He was swaying on his feet clutching the wall beside him for support with one hand, with the other arm across his belly. He was doubled over and retching, as if he needed to be sick but couldn't quite manage it. I thought at first he was drunk, or high. But I saw the desperation in his eyes. An older man passed by him and he managed to raise his head to look at him. "Help," He croaked. "Please, help me. I need the hospital, I think..." The old guy just kept walking. The kid sobbed loudly before his legs buckled beneath him and he collapsed onto his knees.
Without giving it a second thought before I dashed over to him. "Oh my God, are you okay?" I placed a hand on his shoulder.
"Do I fucking look okay?" He spat.
"Sorry, stupid question," I said. He was shivering, despite the bulk of my jacket on him. He was obviously very cold. He was skinny too- almost skeletal. I felt so sorry for him. "Can you walk?"
"I don't fucking know. Why?" He snarled.
"Here," I hauled him to his feet and hooked his arm around my neck. I helped him across to my building, into the elevator, along the corridor and into my apartment.
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