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Name shopping at Barnes & Nobel

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So yeah, schedual's really gone out the window. Thank you to microwavedhamster202 for being a great loyal reader. There are a couple others who review alot so, expect a chapter with your name on it!

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Okay so maybe I lied when I said tomorrow. I going to post it today because I'm very impatient and can't wait for things I want to do. here you go!
Gerard's POV
"Wait Frank. Slow down! Why do we have to make a band?" Frank had been talking a mile a minute. He took a large intake of breath and continued talking. I heard a slap and Frank yelled.
"Gerard? It's Ray, I took the phone from Mr. Idiot here." I sighed, "What was Frank talking about? Why do we need to make a band?"
"Come to Hot Topic at the mall. You need to see this."
I sighed again, "Fine, we'll be right there." I disconnected and grabbed my car keys, "Slip some shoes and grab my wallet. We're going to Hot Topic."
The mall parking lot was packed and Hot Topic was even more. We met Frank and Ray outside at filled store. Amber pointed to the crowds of people, "What's with all the people? Are there, like, some really famous people inside?"
Frank shook his head vigorously, "No, even better. There are sign ups for the California Battle of the Bands. We're making a band right now Gerard. RIGHT NOW." Amber giggled, "Frankie, I don't think we can make a band-" But I had my phone out already, sighing, "I'll call Bob. But if this doesn't work out, don't come crying to me."
An hour later, my name, Mikey's, Frank's, Ray's, Bob's, and Amber's name were on the band list. They sat in the food court, drinking coffee and people watching. Suddenly, Mikey shot up in his seat, "GUYS! WE NEED A BAND NAME." My eyes widened, "Damn, we do!"
Amber and Frank threw their hands in the air. Bob continued to look of into the distance, "Why don't we just go somewhere?"
Ray nodded his head, "That's a good idea. Where's the closest Barnes & Nobel? I'm sure a book will make Amber think of something and we can steal it from her." She threw up her hands again, "It's in Palm Springs. And why does everyone want to steal something from me?!"
We all laughed and sprinted for the car, roaring off the Palm Springs.
Mikey's POV
Gerard sat in the driver's seat, Frank next to him. They were talking about the band and other unimportant. Ray and Bob sat in the middle seats, Ray texting Ciarra and Bob listening to his iPod, staring out the window. Amber and I sat in the back, her head on my shoulder. She was playing with my hands, "So you really think we could make a band like that?"
"I think, with as odd as our lives get, I think we can make it," I smiled at her and she slipped her hand into mine, "Gerard! Are we there yet?!"
"No! For the fifteenth million time! We are not there yet!!" We all laughed, except for Bob, who still stared out the window.
Amber's POV
When we finally got to Barnes & Nobel, Mikey started jumping up and down seeing the Starbucks, "YAY!!!!!" He ran towards it and Gerard after him, "Not now Mikey!!!!"
I laughed and the rest of us went inside, the cold air hitting me in the face as I spun around, "Ah bookstore! How i love thee!" Mikey, holding a coffee cup for me, grabbed my hand and we walked to the historical books. I groaned and Mikey looked at me, "What? I like some history books." He let go of my hand and turned to a stack of books left by some person. I looked over his arm, "'Three Tales of Chemical Romance' by Irving Whelsh. Interesting."
He stared at the book, "This is a really good band name," our eyes widened and we ran back to the front, yelling out, "GERARD!!!"
He jumped about four feet in the air, "What the hell?!" Mikey held up the book and pointed to the title, "Chemical Romance. Good name right?" Gerard looked up at the ceiling and pack down, "You know, if you put a 'My' in front of that and make it 'My Chemical Romance', it would be awesome! Mikey you're a genius!!!"
We spent the rest of our time buying books. Well, me buying books, Mikey following me, and the rest of the guys sitting in the Starbucks outside. When I finally finished, we left and I sat in the back with Mikey, reading my newest book. He pulled it out of my hands and I yelped, trying to grab it from his raised his hand. I pulled his face closer to mine and kissed him. He instantly relaxed and lowered his hand. I grabbed my book and pulled back, laughing. He frowned, "Hey! That's not fair."
"I'm sorry, but I wanted my book," I giggled and Gerard looked into the mirror, "Hey, there will be no pouting in this car!"
We all laughed, except for Bob, who was still listening to his iPod and looking out the window.
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