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Ray wants to go to Ciarra's

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Amber's POV
When we got back to the house, I thought about Ciarra and what she would say about this whole ordeal. I ran up the stair to Mikey's room and grabbed my shirt. When I ran back down the stairs, the guys all sat on the couch, talking over each other about what we would do with our little band. "Guys," I said. Of course, with Frank there, no one could hear me. "Guys!" a little louder. Still no reply. I finally just had to scream, "GUYS!" They all stopped and looked at me. I smiled, "Thank you. Now I gotta run to Ciarra's house go over this entire day with her."
Gerard got up from his spot next to Ray and gave me a hug, "Why do you need to tell Ciarra?" Frank was next, trying to jump on my arms, "Frank! I can't carry you for the thirteenth time!," he got down and Bob, again, put me over he should, heading for the door. I looked to Gerard, "Because she's my best friend. I tell her pretty much everything. Bob, you can put me down now."
He did and before Mikey and I had a chance to walk outside, Ray pushed his way to get to me, "Amber! Take me to Ciarra's house with you please!!!!!!" I sighed, "If we straightened your hair and you talked in a girl voice, I could try passing you off as one."
He thought about it for a moment, "I won't straighten my hair and I already have a girl voice. Take me with you!!! Just for a little while."
Ray gave me puppy dog eyes. Damn, Ciarra must have taught him how to do that, "Oh okay fine! You can come with me to her house." Now he tried jumping into my arms, "THANK YOU!"
I dropped him and said goodbye to everyone. Ray, Mikey, and I walked outside towards the street. Mikey stopped, pulling me back, letting Ray continue to wander down the street with no direction to Ciarra's. Mikey shook his head and mutter something. He turned to me, "So Amber, you and your band, My Chemical Romance, have just won the California Battle of the Bands. What are you going to do?"
I dropped his hand and he put his arms around my waist. I looked up at him, "I am going to go and be with my boyfriend, Mikey Way." We both smiled and he gave me a soft kiss. When we looked up Ray was walking back to where we stood, "I don't know where I'm going!"
I laughed and gave Mikey another kiss, "I'll see you tomorrow Mikey. Love you." I ran down the street to where Ray was and we walked across the tracks to Ciarra's house.
"A band? Really Amber?!" she screamed after we told her the whole story. I sat on the edge of her bed, Ciarra and Ray laying on it, against each other. I nodded, "Yup. A band and everything. Me, him, Mikey, Frank, Gerard, and their friend Bob. Mikey picked up the name at the Barnes & Nobel in Palm Springs."
She high-fived me, "Nice!", and covered Ray's ears. "Just for a moment," she told him and turned to me, "So what's up with you and Mikey? I called you last night and Mikey answer. Said you were staying at his house. And you have his shirt on," her eyes widened, "Amber you didn't... you know... do anything did you?"
I waved my hands, "NO! Nothing like that!" She eyed me suspiciously, "Sure. Whatever you say."
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