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Thoughts from Ray and Eli meets Gerard

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New episode, with a tale of my trip to Disneyland! Yay *not really* Anyways, enjoy the new story!

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So yesterday was my Disneyland trip. I took us four hours to get there. When I got there, a group of us went on Splash Mountain. Me and 2 other people didn't because we had to hold stuff and while we where waiting, we met an awesome lady who worked at "The Nightmare Before Christmas" stand. Then we went on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride and wanted to go on the Indiana Jones one, but it was broken. We all kept arguing so most of the group left us and it was only me and my three best friends (can you guess who they are?). I bought a lot of NBC stuff and we went on Splash Mountain again. And then to RUN back to where we needed to be and were too tired and soaking to do anything else, so we sat in a cafe and drank coffee and ate. And then we went home. And now you're probably like, "Great. NOW GET ON WITH THE DAMN STORY" SO I believe I will.
Ray's POV
Amber had left later on, after they had talked about whatever Ciarra covered my ears with and she gushed over mine and Amber's band. I was going to leave with her, but Ciarra held me back, wanting me to stay and talk. We did for hours, longer than I meant to stay. Ciarra's mom came in at one point and, while being shocked I was there, was fine with me staying as long as I didn't take any advantage.
The sun shone through her light curtains and I almost fell out of the bed. I looked around the room, suddenly realizing I fell asleep talking to Ciarra and stayed the night at her house.
"Smooth move, Toro," I whispered to myself. I got out of the bed and scribbled her a note saying I went home. I kissed the top of Ciarra's head, and walked out of her house. I opened the gate and ran down the streets to Gerard's house.
I closed the door and walked into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water and reminiscing about the talk I had. "So Ray, how does it feel having this sexy person as a girlfriend?" Ciarra joked, playing with my fro.
I laughed and took her hand, "It's the best thing that could ever happen to me." She smiled up at me and I kissed her softly. I could tell she was a little surprised, but soon she was just as eager as I was. When I pulled back, she laid her head on my shoulder, "You know, there's so much that happens in my life. I don't wanna scare you away with whatever happens. I'm surprised Eli, Amber, and Chanya haven't ran yet."
With her last words, she mumbled a little, falling asleep. I thought about her words for a moment. I knew that I really wanted to be with her, more than anything I had ever wanted. The words came to my mind and I sang them to her, lulling her into an already dreamful sleep, "So give me all your poisons, and give me all your pills, and give me all your hopeless hearts that make me ill..."
"Ray! Where were you last night, man?" Gerard pulled me out of my thoughts and I shook them away, "I accidentally slept over at Ciarra's. I meant to leave when Amber did, but Ciarra wanted me to stay for a while longer. We talked the entire time and I came out with a really nice song just before I fell asleep."
Gerard gave me his "you've-done-well-young-grasshopper" look and took the coffee he made upstairs with him, "Good job Toro!" I smiled and laughed a little, "Yup. I sure hope I did."
Amber's POV
I slept over at Mikey's house again, not thinking about what my parents would say. They had gone out of town for vacation for the rest of the school year and my little sibs where at my grandparents’ house. I lived alone currently and I didn't trust my house alone for another seven months. My sophomore year had just started when they left, so I was left by myself for about a month before I met Mikey. I told him about my little dilemma, not expecting his reply, "In the morning, go to your house and get your stuff. You can move in with us."
Rolling out of bed, I called Eli. "Yes, lovely?" she answered, somewhat groggily because it was eight AM. I told her the story and she woke up more and more as I went on. When I finished, she was fully awake and screaming into my phone, "OHMIGODAMBERTHATISSOAMAZINGI'MSOPROUDOFYOUINEEDTOSEEYOUGUYSREHEARSE..."
I stopped her, "Eli! Calm down! We are not even official about who's doing what yet. I'll let you know ASAP. Now you and Chanya need to come over and meet the guys!"
She agreed and we hung up. I pulled myself off the floor and threw on some jeans and a Black Flag shirt, "Man, I need to get my own clothes from my house." I ran down the stairs into the kitchen, grabbing a portable coffee cup. I saw Ray standing over a paper, "Ray Toro, I didn't see you come in last night. If I become an aunt in the next few weeks, your fro will be gone."
His eyes widened as he covered his fro, "Nothing happened! I swear!" I walked past him and gave him a hug, "Good."
I ran out the door and walked towards my house. I looked around on my street, seeing everything I saw everyday. For some reason today, it was different. Everything was brighter, more full of life. I smiled and opened my door, running down the hall to my room. It was a mess as usual and I grabbed my backpack and suitcase. I stuffed the clothes I actually liked into the case and zipped it up. Dragging it down the hall, I retrieved my charger and the few items I never left my home without. Locking the door, I took one last look at my street and walked back to my new life.
Gerard's POV
When I came out of the shower, I heard many girls’ voices down the stairs. "What the hell?" I said to myself and went into my room, passing by Mikey's room. I saw a black, red, and white striped suitcase in his room, black clothes protruding from the small unzipped opening. Pulling on a semi-clean pair of jeans and a button up shirt, I took the stairs two at a time. The living room was filled with girls, Mikey, Ray, and Frank. Amber stood up and pulled me to the couch, where two new girls sat next to Ray, "Gerard! This is Eli and Chanya! They're with me and Ciarra."
Chanya waved and Eli shook my hand, "Hi. Eli spelled E-l-i." I smiled, "Nice name. I'm Gerard or Gee. One of the two."
We both smiled and sat back down on the couch. Amber returned to her spot next to Mikey on the floor, "So Gerard, what are we going to do about MCR? Who's doing what?" I sighed, "Well, Mikey plays bass, Ray and Frank can play guitar, and Bob can play drums. I guess we can sing." She smiled and nodded, laying her head back on Mikey's shoulder. I looked over at Ray, who had Ciarra on his lap. I smiled at two of my best friends, happily in love with the girls of their dreams. Now, about me.... that was a different story.
Eli's POV
Gerard was interesting. While the rest of the guys talked, he took me up to his room and showed me his drawing. Beautiful little pictures he'd drawn of people. My favorite was a broken girl in a beautiful dress encased in a coffin. "It's amazing. Where did you learn to draw like this?" I asked, marveling at the little details like her golden eyes, her blood red and black dress with the small rips and tears, every strand of her raven hair.
He shrugged, "I don't know where it came from, and I’ve always been able to draw like this. You seem like you're in love with that picture, so if you want it, you can have it. I'm not trying to come on to.... I'm just gonna stop talking now."
I giggled and held the picture to my chest, "Thank you." I hugged him and he blushed. We walked back down the stairs and I continued to hold the beautiful picture in my hands. Gerard sat next to me and smiled whenever I smiled.
So hi guys! I brought in Ray's plot a little more in this one and Eli and Chanya back. I have one question though. Tell me in a review if you think Eli and Gerard should fall in love. Frank and Chanya are not, I can tell you that. No one ever falls in love with Frank or Chanya in my stories, unless they aren't together. So sorry. Anyways, please tell me if Eli and Gerard should! And tell me the next song they should write because there are way too many swimming around in my head. Thank you and goodnight!
Amber (the author)
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