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Everyone's got time to think

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This is basically everyone's thoughts about what is currently going on. Hope ya'll like it!

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Very sorry there wasn't a story yesterday. I went to church then Wal-Mart and didn't have time to write a story. SO here's todays!
Eli's POV
Yeah so maybe I liked Gerard. Maybe I wanted to be in his company for the rest of my life. Maybe, I would have liked if he treated me more like a girlfriend than a little sister. But that wasn't gonna happen because he is 18 and I am 15. It's been three months since I met Gerard and, let me tell you, they were some of the best months I've had with a guy. It's been amazing to see Ciarra and Ray become more serious in their relationship, Amber realize her talent, Mikey slowly getting rid of his world (he told me and Chanya a few weeks ago). Frank and Chanya, well, they were just being themselves with each other and I was happy they could do that. Bob was Bob. And Gerard.... I could never tell how he felt. About me at least. It was a never ending cycle of me tripping over myself whenever I saw him and him laughing. At what is still a mystery.
Ray's POV
It's been four months. Four months after I found my girl, Ciarra, in this small town is Calipat, California. It was across the country from Jersey, which makes me think. The one girl I loved with all my heart lived across the country from me the entire time. I find that amazing and scary at the same time. Amazing to think she is here and I was there and scary for the same reason. But now that I'm here, with her, I'll never have a fear.
Frank's POV
Chanya's fun. But she eats my Skittles and doesn't share.
Chanya's POV
I like Frank and his Skittles. He has them stashed in his room.
Gerard's POV
You can't like Eli, she's in high school! Best friends with your little brother, only 15, beautiful and creative.... wait no. Ugh, I'm not supposed to be falling in love with a high schooler. But Eli is just different. She's more than a high school teenager, she's a girl that is the most amazing girl I could ever ask for. Not that, you know, I ever asked for her or anything.... Okay so maybe I cried out loud for someone I could me with. But that was back in Jersey and I didn't know she'd be in the form of a 15 year old girl from Calipat.
Ciarra's POV
I couldn't have done anything to deserve Ray. All my life, there have been numerous times where I've stopped people from doing stupid things but I never thought I'd get Ray for it. And who knows, maybe Ray's just for being a good person or for saving all those people. I'll never know.
Amber's POV
Singing is one of the few things I apparently can do much better than most people, except Gerard. I didn't know this, but I do now. And with Mikey, all the girls and guys, they encourage me a lot more than anyone else would. Speaking of Mikey, I love him to death. And he says his world's going away, but I think otherwise. At night, it's like he's not even Mikey when he's asleep. I stay up a lot later than him, making sure he doesn't kill himself in his sleep. It'd terrifying to think that all this happens to a poor, shy, guy like Mikey. I'm doing the best i can to help him, and, as much as it pains me to say this, I don't think I can take much more of it. I'd never leave Mikey purposely, but what I'm afraid of me not being there accidentally, if you get my drift.
Mikey's POV
It won't go away. It's coming back, bigger, stronger than before. Every night wanting me to come back to it more and more. It wants me to stay there forever. It always has. And now that I have a life with friends, a band, a girlfriend, it wants me even more. If I don't do something soon, it's going to try and take away the two people I love the most. Using me as the weapon.
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