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It Almost Happened

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Amber's POV
I woke up to screaming. Accidentally falling out of bed too. I shot up and glanced at the clock, which said 12 AM. Next look was at Mikey, who was the one screaming. I climbed into the bed and shook him, trying to rid him of his dreams. I yelled over his screaming, "MIKEY! MIKEY, WAKE UP!"
While I tried to pull him out of his mind, the others ran in. Gerard slid next to me, trying to help wake Mikey up. Ray and Frank stood in the middle of the room, staring at us. We continued shaking Mikey, screaming at him, crying over his shrieks of fear. I hadn't even noticed Ray and Frank sneaking out of the room. Finally, Mikey let out his last scream and woke from his nightmare. He looked at us, pure terror clear in his eyes, "Amber? Gerard?"
We covered him with our arms, tears spilling out of our eyes. He laid in our laps, his head in mine and cried with us, "It was just like every other dream, just a thousand times worse and both of you died. I couldn't stop the fire from taking you. I couldn't do... anything."
Tears drip from the bottom of my face as I smoothed his sweat-soaked hair, "It'll never happen Mikey. You'll always be able to do something if you believe we are here to help you. Gerard and I will never let you go. Never."
Mikey continued to cry into my lap as Gerard and I tried to calm him. Together we walked downstairs into the living room, where I laid Mikey on the couch next to me. His head rested on my chest and I sighed as he continued to cry softly while falling asleep. Gerard brought my keyboard from my room, "You look like you need to write a song." I giggled a little and pulled the piano closer to me, trying not to wake Mikey. I pulled my arm out from underneath him and played a few notes, "Some say now suffer all the children and walk away a stranger...."
Four hours later, Gerard and I were putting the finishing touches on the song. I wrote down the last notes proudly, finally writing a song with a meaning meant for someone I knew. All the songs we wrote were related to someone Frank, Gerard, or Ray had something to do with. This song was written by me for someone I wanted it to be for. Which I found incredible, you know.
Gerard raised his hands in honor of me, "Bow down to Amber, all mighty girl of amazing song writing!"
I fanned myself with my hand, "Thank you! Thanks you! I know you all love me!" He laughed and scanned my song, "It's really good and I'm glad you wrote it." I smiled at him, "You are welcome. I'm just glad I could do it for your little brother."
We smiled at each other and I laid back onto the couch, laying Mikey back into his spot on my chest. I fluttered my eyes, trying not to fall asleep, "Gerard," I yawned, "Do you mind if I..." I fell asleep before I had a chance to ask.
Mikey's POV
I woke up from a dreamless sleep on the couch. Amber still slept under me and I pulled myself off of her. I felt an out of body experience because it was like I wasn't controlling myself, but watching from outside. I saw myself walking into the kitchen and pulling out the lighter Gerard kept hidden from me. I flipped it open and set off the spark, watching the flame sway slightly back and forth. I walked back into the living room, the lighter still sparking as I sat next to Amber, closing in the gap between the lighter and her shirt. "NO!" I screamed at myself and pulled back into my own mind. Just as the flame almost hit her shirt, I pulled my arm back and flipped the lighter closed. I shook my head, "I can't let anything happen. Not to her."
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