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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Special Episode

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Unlike the previous chapters, this one is told by a narrator in third person.

Chapter 10: Special Episode

It had been a couple of weeks since Bani Bunny and Conrad Raccoon transferred to Acme Looneyversity. Bani was a bit shy and didn't want her previous mistakes on getting a crush too fast to be repeated, thus despite knowing who Conrad was, nothing had progressed between them beyond hanging out with their group of friends, which wasn't even all that often since by an odd twist of fate, Conrad had been dragged into Max's collection of lackeys. It all started when Conrad accidentally bumped into Max in the hall, who promptly yelled at him, "watch where you're going!"

"Oops, sorry Max, I didn't mean to run into you..." not wanting to make enemies, especially with the boy he had accidentally possessed and so soon after his transfer, Conrad gave Max some green gum, "it's green like money, your favorite kind of gum, right? Good to stick into people's lockers so they can't open them when they really need to get their homework out."

Max was taken by surprise by how well the new student knew him. It came with having lived in the back of his mind for a few days, though the time was short, hearing Max's thoughts for three days gave Conrad a clear picture about how the mischievous millionaire's mind worked. "You know what? You're pretty observant," Max concluded, being able to come up with no other explanation for the raccoon's accuracy on his tastes. Glad to have a new lackey that understood him, Max surprisingly threw his arm around his new minion and began to share his plans to cause trouble. "Welcome to the group, for today I was planning..." Thus Conrad ended up becoming the optimistic trouble maker with a tendency to ignore warnings.

xoxox xox xoxox

Despite it all, Conrad did want to ask Bani out, but didn't think of himself as cool enough to be liked, after all, girls liked rich guys who could shower them in presents, didn't they? But Bani wasn't really like that... Even so, Conrad was unsure, since she had not done much to show interest, having ended up with an awkward feeling after the whole situation was resolved. That brings us to our current scene, with Conrad asking his favorite teacher, Sylvester Pussycat, for advice at the classroom after school. "So you see Mr. Pussycat, there's this girl I like but don't know how to ask her out and it'll probably be a while before I can save enough to by an impressive present."

"You don't need presents," Mr. Pussycat replied spitting all over the place as he spoke.

Conrad pulled out a blue umbrella from his backpack and covered himself with it. A close up on a tag attached to the umbrella's handle read 'outdoors only'.

"You have to give chase!" Mr. Pussycat insisted, "that's how it is in love and war." As he stressed the last word, he spotted Tweety Bird flying down the hall outside the open door of the classroom and chased after him emphasizing, "it's all about the chase!"

Tweety pulled out a large mallet from behind his back and hit Sylvester with it, flattening him like a pancake. "Just make sure the one you're chasing doesn't carry big heavy items." Tweety flew away with Sylvester popping back to normal size and chasing after him.

Conrad paused to think for a moment as an imagination cloud appeared over his head depicting Bani handling various large heavy items such as anvils and the like. He shrugged as the imagination cloud disappeared, "what could possibly go wrong?" Lightning suddenly hit the umbrella Conrad was holding, frying him to an ashy black.

xoxox xox xoxox

Meanwhile, Bani was walking down the hall when she crossed paths with her favorite teacher, Pepe Le Pew, who seemed quite cheerful and greeted her with a sing-song tone. "Smile young mademoiselle, for it is a beautiful day and amour is in the air!" The skunk paused, taking in the rabbit's scent, which surrounded her in a semi-transparent brown smoke. His own green-purple fumes didn't seem to affect her as she was encased in her own scent. "By the way, I notice you like perfumes, what is this lovely scent you wear today."

"It's chocolate perfume," Bani pulled a large bottle from her backpack.

"May I try it? You know I like to stay up to date on what my students like," Pepe seemed to be getting an idea.

"Sure," Bani handed the bottle to Mr. Le Pew.

The skunk proceeded to cover every inch of his body in perfume and handed the empty bottle back to his rabbit student, "merci beaucoup!"

"You're welcome?" Bani put the empty bottle back in her backpack and went on her way.

Pepe continued in the opposite direction, now surrounded by a semi-transparent brown smoke. He turned the corner and saw Penelope heading out of a classroom, walking towards the faculty office. He walked towards her confidently, "good afternoon mademoiselle Penelope."

Penelope detected the scent of chocolate and was suddenly strongly attracted to Pepe. Her heart pounded loudly, its silhouette appearing on her chest. She tackled Pepe and showered him with kisses.

Feeling overwhelmed, Pepe attempted to break free of Penelope's tight embrace, "mademoiselle, control yourself!" Pepe ran away in a panic with Penelope chasing after him in a calm yet speedy pace.

xoxox xox xoxox

Bani had since remembered that the tennis club was meeting after school that day and hurried to the court. Unknown to her, she was being secretly followed by Conrad, who hid behind a tennis ball machine. Bani began to look for her tennis racket in her backpack, throwing things over her shoulder as she dug around. She tossed an anvil backwards, which landed behind the tennis ball machine on Conrad's head, causing yellow stars to spin around his head. He stumbled out from behind the machine dizzy from the hit. Bani tossed a portable hole over her shoulder which landed near a bench right on Conrad's dizzy path. He fell in and landed in the basement below with a loud crash.

Bani finally found her tennis racket and tossed her open backpack on the bench, then ran off to take her position on the court next to Fifi, opposite to Babs and Shirley. Conrad peeked out of the portable hole and tried to climb out, but a bowling ball rolled out of Bani's backpack on the bench and landed on his head with more stars appearing from the hit. Conrad lost his grip on the edge of the hole and fell back into the basement with another loud crash.

By the time Conrad made it out of the basement and was back at the indoors sports court, the girls were focused on their tennis match. He hid behind a tennis ball, disappearing completely behind its small size. He reached out with one hand and gave the small ball a push. The tennis ball rolled closer to the limits of the court with Conrad still invisible behind it. He peeked out and gently lifted the painted line on the sports court, crawling under it. A small bump a fraction of the size of Conrad moved along the painted lines of the court. The sneaky raccoon ran into one of the poles holding up the net on each side of the court with yellow stars jumping out of the tiny bump under the painted line. He passed to hiding behind the thin pole and again under the painted line on the other side.

Conrad made his way closer to Bani, unsure of what he was supposed to do; he only knew he should chase her. Then suddenly, Elmyra entered the gym. Sweetie, who was perched on one of the poles holding up the net to get a better view of the game to keep score, spotted Elmyra, who was carrying a tray full of cookies and announced, "cookie alert!"

"I baked these during home economics and thought I should share with my fluffy little friends," Elmyra explained, which caused the girls to abandon their game and rush over to get some cookies. They stepped on the court line as they ran, under which Conrad was.

Battered, Conrad crawled out from under the line and left the tennis court, realizing that girls were deadlier than he thought. Perhaps he was not ready for this, maybe he should just let things flow naturally, then everything will possibly work out on its own...


Disclaimer, I don't own Tiny Toons or Bubsy. The quote "what could possibly go wrong?" is a reference to Bubsy. I posted the detailed character profiles of my OCs at Pirates Board Fiction. Go to my profile for a link.
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