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Love, Scars and School

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High school frerard

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“God this place is a fucking Nazi school” Natalia said “Check this ‘pupils must wear a white blouse and tie with the school jumper boys must black pant s and girls must wear the school skirt with black shoes’”

“That doesn’t sound…” Gerard said trying to think of the right word “so bad I mean the school jumper is black and the tie…”

“Is a horrid green with purple and pink the same with the skirt” Natalia flopped back on to the sofa next to her brother

“I don’t want to go gee” she said putting her arms around him
“I know” he said and kissed the top of her head “I know little sis”
“Little sis? Dude we have the same birthday”
“Yeah but I was born ten min before you”
“9 min 52 seconds”
“Yeah the best 9 min and 52 seconds of my life”
Natalia gripped a pillow and started to beat her brother with it
“Hi stop” said Mikey
“Fine” Natalia sighed tossing the pillow to the side
“So this school” Mikey started
“Is run by fucking Nazi’s look at this” Natalia said “’no pupil should wear excessive make-up have there hair died or anything pierced excluding earrings’ what the hell?” she said bitting the lip ring

“Come on it won’t be that bad” Mikey said
“Yeah right we’ll be bullied” Gerard said “now I’m off to bed”
“Night Gee”
“Night Gee”

A/N ok this is a new story hopefully you like it bit of a lame start but will get better I promise lol :)
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