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One year later

“stupid Fag” one of the jocks said to Gerard as four of them kicked and punched him the other jock stood watch waiting for any teachers

“Guys go teachers coming” he said all of the them rushed off the one who was watching out gave Gerard a empathic look

The familiar sound of doctor Martin boots hit the floor of the empty corridors. Gerard groaned and the person looked down “Gee” Natalia said “Not again” she sighed “lets get you to the bathroom and cleaned up” she offered him a small smile

Natalia going into the boys bathroom wasn’t unusual now this hadn’t been the fist time Gerard had been beat up by those jocks and it was always the same ones. Gerard lay against the wall While Natalia ran some paper towels under water she pressed them lightly to his bust lip. He hissed in pain. She tossed the towels and ran her hand through his long black hair in an effort to get the tangles out.

“You need a hair cut” Natalia said
“No not my hair” He said dramatically with a gasp. Natalia laughed at her brother.
“We have to get to math”
Gerard groaned he hated maths.

Natalia said taking notes while Gerard scribbled on his note book. He only looked up when the door opened a new student walked in.

“Who are you?” the teacher asked him. His hair was black spiked up he had his ear and his nose pierced, he wasn’t tall about 5’1 and he wore purple converses with red lasses.

“Frank Iero” he said the teacher looked him up and down.
“Sit at the back” the teacher said to him.
Frank sat next to Gerard.
“Hi” Frank said to Gerard “I’m Frank, Frank Iero” he extended his hand
“Gerard, Gerard Way” Gerard shook Franks hand. Gerard gazed into Franks deep brown eyes his heart started to thump in his chest.

Someone cleared there throat behind Gerard.
“that’s my sister Natalia Way” Gerard said
“hi” Frank said
“hi” Natalia said
“Miss Way if you are done talking would you come up to the board and show us how you done question three” the teacher said Natalia sighed and walked down to the board she showed how she done question three just as the jock Matt Sanders walked in.

“Mr. Sander so nice you graced us with your presents” Matt started walking to his seat Natalia fallowing behind to get to her one of the cheerleaders tripped her causing her to fall into Matt the class let out a roar of laughter Matt got to his feet and offered his hand to help Natalia up. She ignored it and got herself up. When she returned to her seat Frank asked “Do you guys always get treated like this?”

“Pretty Much” the twins replied

The rest of the day went by in a blur Gerard couldn’t help but stare at Frank, he was just too cute. Frank was walking with them at the end of the day he had been introduced Mikey and his friend Ray at lunch

“Want to come to our house Frank” Natalia asked
“Sure that be cool” Frank said

They arrived at the way house and quickly switched on the Xbox and played C.O.D
“Wow” Frank said “I never knew a girl could be so good at C.O.D”
“Yeah well living in a house with two brother helps” Natalia said after she kicked Frank’s ass at C.O.D Natalia
“I’m bored” Mikey said
“Truth or dare?”

The group sat in a circle, the game went on for an hour Ray had to pour pickels down his pants
“Truth or dare” Frank asked Natalia
“Truth” Natalia said a confident smile on her face
“I can tell you fancy some one who is it?” Frank asked raising an eyebrow
Natalia smile quickly faded
“I want you to know I would never act on it” Natalia said “Matt Sanders”
“What him seriously?” Frank laughed
“Frank truth or dare?” Gerard asked
“Truth” Frank said
“What’s your biggest secret?”
“Well I guess I have to tell you this some time” Frank said “I’m gay” he shrugged
“That it?” Gerard asked
“What you guys still like me that’s why I had to move”
“Dude we don’t care if your gay or straighter your awesome either way” Natalia said

The party stated to wined down
Natalia went to Gerard’s room
“what you think of Frank?”
It couldn’t have been that obvious that he like him.
Gerard shurrged "he's ok I guess" he said and went quickly in to his bedroom before Natalia could say anything
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