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This is going to get interesting

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6 months earlier
“N...Nat” Gerard said looking very nervous and worried
“Yeah Gee” Nat smiled at her brother looking away from her book when she saw her brothers face her smile disappeared
“Please don’t hate me” Gerard said “or be mad at me cause I couldn’t live with myself if you where I have something to tell you”
“What is it Gerard is it dad is he back?” Nat looked like she was about to burst into tears she touched her cheek
“No... No its not” Gerard laid a hand on his stomach “I just have to tell you that... that...”
“That... That... what?” Nat said
“That am gay” Gerard said quietly

Present time
Gerard sat in the court he never done P.E.
“Hi” he looked up to see Frank
“What’s up how come you’re not doing P.E.?”
Gerard bit his lip “I don’t like P.E.” he lied quickly
“Same” Frank said “your sister is running track you going to watch her?”
“Crap I was thanks for reminding me” the two boys sat on the fences Nat come out in black shorts and an iron maiden hoddie
“Hi” Gerard said “that’s my hoddie” he pouted causing frank to laugh
“Hi matt your girlfriend is running against that Goth bitch” one of the jocks shouted to matt who looked out on to the track where Nat was the race began and Nat ran she took the lead
“GO NAT” Gerard and Frank shouted then Matt’s girlfriend Jemma tripped her
And Won
“I’m such a fuck up” Nat slammed her locker closed
“No your not” frank said “she tripped you”
This is what Gerard hated about Nat she had the most bubbly personality but something could knock her so easily
“Whatever I’m going to class” She said
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