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Chapter 18

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NO ONE insults Harry Potter!

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Lily's POV

I rested my head against the cold glass and sighed. Bob's unconscious body was resting on the red leather seat next to me. We were inside of a black BMW that was speeding away to some city far from New Jersey . Shortly after having us both in his grasp, Beckett ushered us out into cars all being driven by Dandies which were all completely snobby if I do say so myself. In fact, our own driver decided it would be fun if he criticized everything about anything we liked as we made our way down a busy highway. Beckett wasn't doing anything to stop him either...

"FOR THE LAST TIME, HARRY POTTER IS NOT STUPID!" I shouted loudly in defiance to his narrow minded belief that Harry Potter is a very stupid series. NO ONE insults Harry Potter.

"Oh, I think it is. However, it's not nearly as bad as that stupid Scott Pilgrim comic you read." The Dandy snickered. I glared at him even though he was watching the road and wouldn't see the laser beams I was shooting into the back of his head.

"Mike, give her a break. Don't forget, she does like stuff that’s even dumber." Beckett grinned at me through the rearview mirror. I stuck my tongue out.

"Don't stick that out unless you plan to use it." Beckett warned and licked his own lips. I made a disgusted face. Eww, Beckett tongue.

"You're gross." I commented. Beckett bit at the rearview mirror in response. I rolled my eyes.

"So Mr. Mikey-Mike, why're you chauffeuring?" I asked suddenly. The Dandy named Mike kept his eyes focused on the road.

"Because William told me to." He answered and swore at a truck driver as he tried to shift lanes.

"Oh, I see." I nodded and looked over to Beckett. "You're really up on the ordering people around thing, you should work on that. Bossy people aren't liked very much."

"Neither are people who don't know when to shut their mouths." Beckett responded nonchalantly. I grinned.

"Well if you plan on making me become a vampire then that's all you'll ever get from me. I never know when to shut my mouth, I'm a freakin' magnet for trouble." Beckett ignored my response and looked back at Bob. Then, as though Beckett had disrupted his sleep, Bob awoke with a startle. His eyes shot open and he jumped a little in his seat. I put a hand on his arm.

"Relax Bob." I whispered to him but he ignored me. He shot up and started looking out the window to the left of him frantically. Beckett raised an eyebrow.
"What's the matter Bob? You seem a little worried about something." Beckett remarked while watching Bob scan the road flying passed us.

"He's coming." Bob choked out. I scrunched my eyebrows together, a habit I developed from Brenda. What the hell does he mean?
"Who's coming?" Beckett asked with a playful smile. Bob turned back and looked at me. I tried to read his face and suddenly I understood. Gerard.

"How does he know?" I whispered. Bob's eyes shifted to my neck, to my mark. Beckett gave us both an annoyed look.

"Who is coming?!" He barked at us. I glared at him.
"Jesus is, he wants us to tell you that you're all going to hell and he thinks your hat is stupid." I snapped back. Beckett hissed at me and rolled my eyes. What's he going to do? Suck my blood?

"You should try being less completely uncooperative with me, Lillian. You could get hurt." Beckett warned. I gave him the finger. I am not in the mood for him and his superiority complex. I looked back at Bob who had his eyes shut tightly in pain.

"Are you alright Bob?" I asked. What the fuck is going here? He placed his hands on his head.
"It's nothing, I've just got a migraine that hurts like a bitch." He complained. I could tell he was lying but I decided not pursue it. I leaned my face back against the cold window glass. Beckett was turned back to the front, directing Mike. Beckett still looked back at us through the rearview mirror every couple of seconds though. A sudden tiredness overcame me and I felt my eyes flutter shut. Just as I began to drift a thought wondered into my head. How does Bob know Gerard is coming?

Alisha's POV

We were home, or what was agreed to be 'home' by Gerard and Lily before she was kidnapped. We were in the boy's apartment. We'd made our way out of the mansion and raced to the apartment. Now we were all sitting in the living room in circle, trying to figure out what to do with Lea. She was resting in the game room with 40 minutes left. Mikey was the first to speak.

"Hospital?" He offered. Everyone shook their heads no. Explaining that to the doctors would be impossible and with all the blood in a hospital someone might lose it.
"I think we all know what has to be done then." Gerard said solemnly. We all knew it but no one wanted to say it aloud.

"Isn't there another way?" I asked, hoping that we wouldn't have to subject another human to this. Gerard shook his head.

"As Sarah just said, she doesn’t want her best friend to die. We have to turn her or she'll slip away from us." He explained. Ray stood up quickly and glanced in the direction of the game room for a moment.

"Then what are we waiting for?!" He shouted looking panicked. I looked up at him and sighed.
"Ray, you know what that means for whoever turns her. They'll be obligated to take care of her, and if one of you boys turn her then you'll be her sire and you'll have an eternal bond." I said feeling bad that I sounded almost like I didn't want to save her. Gerard stood up next to Ray. “Please, I don’t want my best friend dead. She’s all I have.” Sarah pleaded. I saw a few tears roll down her cheeks.

"Okay, is anyone here willing to be the one to turn her? If no one is, We promised her that we wouldn't let her die..." Gerard muttered. He looked around at all of us. No one answered. The act of doing such a thing too extreme for us. Ryan nodded, seeing that no one would step up to the plate, and headed for the game room. Suddenly, Ray was in front of him. I swear he's gotten so strange lately.

"Wait, Gerard. I-I'll do it." He stammered. We all looked at him like he might have just told us he was going to marry a parrot named Todd. He ignored our looks and grabbed the game room door handle. He opened it, stepped inside, and shut it in Gerard's face. Gerard hadn't moved at all from his spot.

"Gee?" Mikey suddenly asked looking worried. Gerard walked over to the wall next to the game room door and slumped down to the floor. Mikey was by him in a second.
"Mikes, if Ray hadn't just...I would have had to..." Gerard left the unfinished sentences hanging in the air. We all got it. He would have been bonded to Lea which could throw things off with Lily. Mikey just sat there comforting his older brother. I looked over at the game room door.

"Do you think Ray can do it without, you know, killing her?" I asked nobody in particular. Frank decided to answer.

"Ray has the second best control over himself out of all of us. Gerard takes the cake even though it may not appear that way at the moment, your friend Lily has been messing with his ability lately." I stared at the door as I listened to him speak. Then, Mikey spoke up from his spot next to a recovered Gerard.

"Speaking of turning, how is it that you two aren't stuck with some vampire man of your own? Or were you turned by girls?" He questioned Kat and I. I felt a rush of memories flood my brain.

"The man that adopted me, turned me into a vampire ." I explained.
"I was turned by my best friend in the 50's. Her boyfriend had turned her and she went after me while in need of blood, then she realized that I was dying and turned me too. They both died at the hands of some hunters." Kat said while leaning slightly on what looked like a slightly nervous Frank.

"Wow, you're old, Kat." Mikey commented. Kat grabbed an empty chair next to herself and chucked it at Mikey. He ducked and it broke into splinters behind him.
"Well then." He remarked looking back at the chair.

"It's rude to call girls old." Kat grinned. I smiled at the scene. Gerard suddenly stood back up and returned to his seat in the circle. Mikey followed suit.

"Okay, I'm going to locate Lily now." Gerard said seriously. I gave him a look.
"How do you plan on doing that?" I asked doubtfully.

"Gerard has...powers." Mikey said as though he were having trouble explaining it. I made a face.

"What? I never knew about this, since when?" Brandy asked looking appalled. Mikey laughed a little and changed seats so that he was sitting next to her.

"Since always. Gerard's a powerful guy, in stressful situations he unlocks certain abilities he's usually not capable of using." Frank answered. I raised my eyebrows, well that's kind of cool. Suddenly, we all heard an ear piercing scream from the game room.

"Lea," we all said at once. Then, everyone, but a focused Gerard, scrambled to the game room. Frank kicked the door down dramatically and there they were. Ray was holding a freaking Lea in his lap on the couch. Blood was dripping from his mouth and trailed down his arm while she was trying in vain to get out of his arms and was screaming at the top of her lungs. Her teeth shifted from fangs to regular and her eyes went back and forth from a solid black to their regular color.

"She's changing." He announced to all of us.


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