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Chapter 19

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Well isn't this a ball of funshine

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Lily's POV

She was screaming and tearing. She was scratching viciously and biting out at nothing as her teeth became elongated. She was terrifying and yet, surprisingly, Ray, held onto her tightly as she changed. Her hair whipped around as she tried to struggle out of his arms and after God knows what. I watched her with a disturbed sort of fascination. As a hunter I'd always just killed the vampires, never had I actually seen one be created. The transformation was both frightening and oddly addicting to view. Even as she clawed at Ray ferociously, I felt my body lean towards the scene. I continued to be fixated on Lea's fit until a ticked looking face of Gerard appeared in my head. I jolted awake with a startle. This caused me to bump my head against the glass window I'd been leaning it on.

"FUCK!" I swore loudly. Bob who had a ghost white face turned and looked at me.
"Shh!" He put his finger to his lips.

"Don you shh m-" I was cut off by him aggressively putting a hand over my mouth. Before I decided to rip it off and punch him, he pointed outside his window. A large castle like mansion loomed ahead of us. Great, just fucking great. Exactly what I wanted, another fucking mansion to get fucking locked up in the fucking dungeon of. (A/N: She's got quite the mouth doesn't she? o.O)

"Well this looks like a ball of funshine." I commented through Bob's hand. He let go of my mouth and I glanced at the seats in front of us. No snide remarks had come from our earlier travel companions.

"Where's Beckett?" I asked. Bob pointed at the mansion.
"Bob, you know it would be fantastic if you could talk to me. Why'd he leave us in the car?" I questioned with an annoyed look.

"He's preparing for something. He had Mike leave us in the car, I think he knows we won't be so stupid as to escape while we're on his grounds. There are probably vampires lurking everywhere and I checked both of us, we don't have any weapons." Bob explained quickly. I nodded. Bad situations seem to just flock to me don't they?

"Well, what do you say we prove him wrong?" I asked. Bob looked at me like I'd grown another head.

"That's suicide!" He yelled. I shrugged and reached for the door handle.
"Well, I'm feeling a little stupid and kamakazi." I laughed but just as I was about to open the door Bob grabbed my arm and wrenched it back.

"No, you can't. If you were to die or worse, Gerard would kill me! And I'm not speaking figuratively, he will sick Ray on my ass!" Bob squeaked while looking panicked. I considered this for a moment, the wrath of Gerard or possible freedom? Freedom won me over.

"Yeah, I just realized something Bob. I don't care if Gerard goes awol, just tell him that I said it's not your fault, he should know that I pretty much walk head first into danger like this. I walked right into his hands at Pete's mansion in Jersey. Why should this be any different?" I offered as I grabbed the door handle climbed out. I shut the door on a protesting Bob and then whirled around to face the rest of the univer- William Beckett's chest?

"Why hello there Lily. Where do you suppose you're going?" Beckett questioned, blocking my only shot out of here. I looked up at his eyes and smiled innocently.

"Well I was planning on making a mad dash and hauling ass out of here but you're kind of in my way. So if you don't mind..." I trailed off and began to try and walk around him. Beckett grabbed my arm and shot me a grin.

"Actually I do mind, it's rude for a guest to leave so abruptly. I think you and Bob here owe it to me to show some manners. You could start by staying with me for dinner." He snapped his fingers and suddenly five Dandies appeared and hauled Brent out of the car. In a matter of moments we were whisked away into Beckett's castle mansion. The dangerous question on my mind: Who's dinning and who's the dined?


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