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Through the eyes of an insane man

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The man inside Gerard's head is not a happy bunny

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The man inside Gerard's head was not happy. He sat on a scorched brick spire of a crumbled down chruch sulking moodily; his friend was forgetting him.
He stared off into the red and black sky, smokey clouds spiralled off into oblivion and skeletal birds swooped and dived erratically.
He had everything here, a home, a city he controlled, a man he had created from the burning embers upon the dusty ground and even an innocent little mind to harbour in to his icy blackened heart's content. But it still wasn't enough.

Gerard was ignoring him. If Gerard was oblivious to him then the man inside his head ceased to exist.

And the man didn't like that. Not one bit.

The man, of course, had a name a French name, a fancy name, an exquisite name that would have proven quite hard for Gerard to guess had that wretched red haired girl not of told him. For the man's name was indeed Envieux, and true this meant envy. Envieux was an envious person, so the name fitted him wonderfully. He was envious that the girl had been able to see him and Peur, they were only for Gerard and Frank to see, not for her to.

Who even asked for her to butt in? She had ruined everything! Her and her stupid angel, Belle. Ever since they crammed their way into Gerard's life Envieux had been pushed out and he really didn't like it.

"Envieux?" Called a voice and Envieux smiled, white teeth glinting like tiny daggers as a shadow tore itself from the mist all around and melted into a figure.

"Hey Peur," Envieux purred as his friend formed into a solid shape. "How are things at Frank's?"

Peur shivered slightly, he couldn't help it, Envieux was just so...sinister. His green eyes could bore a hole into you in a split second and his temper could change as swiftly as the wind. He swallowed,
"It's good, I suppose. Still afraid of the dark though."

"I'm sure it will pass..." Envieux chuckled and patted the pile of rubble next to him eagerly, willing his friend to sit aside. Peur bit his lip but obediantly sat and Envieux looked back up to the dismal sky above once more.
"Ever feel like you're not loved, Peur?" He sighed. Peur frowned,
"What's wrong?"
"Gerard is ignoring me..." Envieux pouted, jutting out an icy blue bottom lip in a childish sulk.
"I dunno, Envieux...maybe you should just let the kid be? I mean, I don't even talk to Frank anymore, that was way back when he needed an imaginary friend and I didn't feel the need to take over his mind, not even when the incident happened and he was brought to the hospital."
"Don't tell me what I can and can't do Peur..." The man suddenly growled, hazel eyes blazing with fire. "You don't want to make an enemy of me..."
"I'm not trying to be your enemy, Envieux!" Peur stuttered, fear ebbing in the pit of his stomach. "I'm just saying that Gerard's getting too old for you! Of course he is going to begin to ignore you!"

Envieux lashed out and whacked Peur around the face. He cried out and fell to the floor, mushroom clouds of ashes billowing from the dried out floor.

"I'm not leaving Peur! I made this city! It is mine! Gerard is mine! His mind is mine! His body is mine! I finally just got everything the way I wanted it! I am NOT leaving!" Envieux screeched, whirling around, flailing his arms everywhere, spittle shooting from his snarling mouth and madness in his eyes. He suddenly stopped and thrust an accusing finger at Peur, "I made you, Peur! All those years ago! You abandoned me once and you will NOT abandon me again! You are mine! I can destroy you as easily as I had made you! YOU WILL STAY WITH FRANK UNTIL I TELL YOU TO OTHERWISE!"

Black wings with soft, raven like feathers erupted from Envieux's shoulder blades as he groped with chalk white fingers at his snowy hair.
"Envieux! Please! Calm down!" Peur begged, but his deranged friend wasn't listening, he fell to the floor, his midnight wing wrapped protectively around him, shielding him from sight.
"Just go Peur."
"JUST GO!!!"

Peur shrieked in terror and scrambled from the floor his feet kicking up dust clouds as he shot off, fading into the thick, black smog.
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