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Chapter 6: I've Been Dropped.

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"Sorry, Tess.." Gerard said to me.

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Chapter Six

You know when you sleep and you get that feeling your falling and you like jump in your sleep? I got that feeling just now, only I really was falling.
"Shit.." I heard someone cuss from above me. I opened my eyes suddenly feeling a pain in my back, I could tell I was laying on Gerards bedroom floor from the amout of mess on it. I rolled over onto my side groaning, still half asleep. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" Gerard exclaimed from above me.
"What?" I answered sleepily, rubbing my eyes. Gerard was now sitting next to my laying body, his hands just hovering over me like he didn't know what to do. "Gerard, what are you doing?"
"I was carrying you into my room because you fell asleep in the kitchen." He shrugged in the dark and I sat myself up slowly, my sleepy head spinning. "And I kind of tripped over the fucking shot on the floor and dropped you.." Gerard dropped his head and I burst out laughing.
"You dropped me?!" I clapped my hands to my mouth holding in the fits of giggles coming.
"Yeah" Gerard admitted in a tone alot like a little boy who just got caught doing something naughty, would sound like. Gerard got up, holding his hand out to me to help me up too. I took it, taking in his energy and then hopped over to his bed still laughing, burying my head in the pillowcase. "Sorry, Tess.." Gerard said to me. I felt the bed sink beside me, so I guessed he was laying next to me now. "Are you hurt?" I looked up at him and smiled.
"I'm fine, you goon!!" I saw by the way his eyebrows were pulled together that he was still worrying. "Gerard, seriously. It was hilarious! You didn't hurt me. Now go to sleep!" I told him, rolling over so my back was to him and I tried to concentrate on my breathing so I could slowly drift off, but Gerard being so close was making my brain and body unable to switch off.

"Mornin'!!" I smiled at Gerard as he stumbled into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. I had a thing for getting up early and had been sitting with Mikey for nearly a hour before Gerard even had stirred the slightest bit. "We made pancakes" I smiled at Gerard taking my seat back next to Mikey.
"How long have you been up?" Gerard asked looking from Mikey to me.

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