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Chapter one

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When 18 year old Simone meets other Killjoys, she finds her journey to destroy S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W. a lot harder when she encounters love for the leader "Party Poison"( Gerard Way).

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I went across the road, dust blowing all over my helmet as I sped on. Over to the side I could see the empty lands execpt for the few plants and dirt hills.
Seeing I was nearly empty on gas I stopped by a small gas station which also had an inside diner. Parking my bike up to one of the pumps, I filled it up.
Then pulling my bike out I brought it over next to this cool car tattoed with a huge,black spider.
Next I went inside, reaching the counter and ordered a coffee and gave what I owed for my bike and a dollar twenty-five for the coffee to the elderly guy.

Waiting for my coffee I sat in a booth and layed back, exhausted from the long drive.
Moments later I heard "Coffee, order of two!" The old man shouted.

Getting up I went to the counter and so did this red-haired guy, kind of cute red-haired guy, I will admit.
Reaching for my coffee as he did too we touched hands.
Sorry. I said as I started to blush slightly.
It's fine. He replied.
So I noticed you were sitting alone, and I thought maybe you'd wanna come sit with us, finish our coffee.
Sure. I said as he lead me to their table after we recieved our coffee.
So what's your name? He asked as he lead me over to the table.
Simone. I replied.
Sounds a little fancy don't you think?
Yeah, a little. My mom was part a Italian, she just loved the name.
Reallly? Well I'm Gerard but you can call me Party Poison.
Morning Corruption. I said giving up my own nickname.
Like the name. He replied.

Then coming to the table everyone became silent and faced us as Gerard started to introduced me.
Hey guys, this is Simone and Simone this is my brother Mikey, my friends Frank,and Ray.
Ray: Hey.
Mikey: Hi. And gave me a small wave.
Frank: How you doing?
You wanna sit down? Gerard said offering me a seat on the edge.
Sure. I said as Frank scooted to the end and Gerard sat down in the middle.

Sitting down Gerard and me sipped our coffees, along with the rest of the guys and their drinks.
Gerard: So where are you from? He asked, trying to break the slience.
California. I replied.
Gerard: Then how'd you end up in Arizona?
My Dad got a great job offer here when I was fifteen, he accepted so we had to move here.
Mikey: Then where's your dad and them now? He said popping in.
They're both....dead. I replied, struggling with getting the words out.
Gerard: I'm sorry to hear about that. He said as he lightly patted my hand.
It's okay. I replied as my cheeks blushed red, embarassing the shit out of me.
Mikey: Well, since your alone I guess you wouldn't mind coming with us to Phoenix?
Mikey: I mean if you want? He said looking up at me with a cute, boyish like smile.
(Awww, how cute. I think Mikey likes me.)

But before I could replie or thank Mikey, he yelped and slightly jumped in his seat.
Then Mikey was rubbing his knee as Gerard like me a minute ago, had his cheeks turning a bright red like his hair, maybe because he was jealous.

Sure, if it's okay with everyone else. I said looking over at Gerard.
Gerard: I'm okay, what about you guys? He said with a gleam of hope in his eyes.
Mikey: Yeah, it's okay with me. Then smiled at me again.( So cute!)
Ray: Fine with me.
Frankie: Sure.
Gerard: Alright then, lets go.

Heading out I jumped on my bike, put on my helmet, and pulled out of the lot.
Following behind we traveled for miles.
Not even close to Phoenix and being past midnight, we had to stop and rest for the night.
Nowhere in site of a hotel or anything we had to camp out in the desert.

With some blankets, a few things to munch on, and a fire we were set for the night.
Laying down next to Gerard, close by the fire, and wrapped in my blanket I fell asleep for the night.
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