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Chapter two

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On the way to Phoenix, Gerard and Simone seem to fall for one another. But for Mikey, he feels like a kid, too young for any romance like his older brother.

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Day 2
Simone's pov
Waking up I could feel the sun in my eyes.
Getting up I streched.
Looking over at Gerard I thought to wake him up and get the day started.
We still had a long way to go.
So bending down I shook his shoulder.
Peeking his eyes open, he sat up.
What? He said letting out a yawn.
It's time to get up. I said giving him a hand and helping him up.
Okay, I'll get the guys up. He said then let out another yawn.

While he was getting them up I got another pair of clothes.
I thought of where I'd change, so clearing it with Gerard I changed behind the car.
So after changing into my "Marvel" tee, some jeans, and my converse I started to brush my hair.
Pulling it up in piggy tails, I was done and went to hang with the guys.
Hey guys. I said sitting on the hood next to Gerard.
Gerard: Super heros, cool. He said taking noticed to my shirt.
Thanks, you really like it?
Gerard: Yeah, cause when I was a kid me and Mikey used to read comics all the time.
Awesome. I said grinning, happy that we had something in common.
Then smiling back at me, his eyes dazzling we became locked.
The silence meaning nothing we just stared away.
Moving my hand slightly twords his, so close.
Until Frank brought us back.
Guys, maybe would should get going.
Mikey: Yeah, Gerard maybe we should be going. He said turning red with rage as he looked at our hands.
Gerard: Yeah we really should. He said leaning off the hood.
Then starting the car he waitied for the others.
Walking over to my bike, I couldn't help but kinda feel sorry for Mikey.
I mean, I couldn't help that I liked Gerard.
He's just so.... then my thoughts were interrupted by Mikey.
Mikey: Simone, you coming? He said wih a look of hurt in his eyes.
Yeah. I said as I cranked the engine and road behind them.

Gerard's pov
Taking a glace from the road to Mikey I could see he was still pissed at me.
With his arms folded, pouting, and looking out to the side.
Mikey. I said, hoping he'd at least talk to me.
But when he wouldn't I tried again.
Mikey, what's the matter? I asked and trying to put my arm around him.
Mikey: Nothing. He said shaking me off.
That's bullshit Mikey. I said still watching the road.
Mikey: Whatever, just leave me alone.
Mikey, just talk to me.
What'er you so mad about?
Mikey: Her! He shouted.
Mikey: Simone. He said more softly.
Mikey, what happened back there meant nothing.
Please, you have to believe me. I said waiting for him to say somthing, anything.
Mikey: Gerard, I really like her.
But I could see it when she reached for your hand, she likes you.
Mikey, she might like me but that doesn't mean I like her. I lied.
Mikey: Really. He said cracking a small smile.
Yeah, I promise.
Mikey: Okay. He said then half hugged me.
So we're good. I said as he pulled back.
Mikey: Yeah, we're good. He said then went back to his thoughts, which I could tell were good cause he was pretty much bouncing in his seat.
Glad that he was happy, I went back to driving for the miles and miles we still had left.

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