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Chapter three

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Later on today and it's total hell for Gerard. Gerard promised Mikey he didn't care for Simone. Laying off, Mikey brings on the romance.

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Chapter three:
Simone's pov
(Later that same day)
Seeing that the sun was already setting I knew we would have to spend another night.
Guessing the guys had the same idea, they pulled over into the desert.
After parking we layed out the pallets and made a fire.
Execpt for Mikey we all sat down, kicked off our shoes, and got comfy.
When Mikey came back he was holding a few cans of soup.
Then passing one to Gerard, Frank, Ray, and then to me, he sat down.
Thanking him, I smiled sweetly, hoping he'd know I was sorry about earlier.
Mikey: No problem. He said scooting closer.
Ripping off the top, I dug in.
So hungery from skipping breakfest, I finished first.
Frank: Dame, are you already done? He said with his mouth hanging open.
Yeah. I replied. Mikey: You want the rest of mine?
No, I'm okay. I said laying down my can.
Mikey: Oh, come'on. He said elbowing me in the side.
Mikey: Put some meat on those bones. He said referring to my size.
I looked tiny, but sure as hell I had an appetite.

After cleaning up we layed down in a circle around the fire.
Through the night we talked on and on.
We talked about ourselves, and lots of other stuff.
But it wasn't too long before we were dozing off.
Almost asleep, I felt a hand near my face.
Brushing away some hair from my eyes, then stroking my cheek.
I knew it was Mikey next to me, I wasn't going to embarrass him so I just rolled over. Stopping, I guess he went to sleep.
I could tell big time that Mikey liked me, but I didn't though. I liked...maybe loved Gerard. Though in a short time, I just felt a connection.
Love is a strong word but I couldn't help it.
Cause I did....but I couldn't. I came for a reason, not for love... but revenge.
What do I do? I questioned myself.
Knowing it was late I closed my eyes, cause I really did feel extremelly tired.
Gerard's pov
(The next morning)
I woke up feeling mad, and a little jealous. I mean, Mikey could do some of the most lamest moves and she wouldn't even notice. But I would.
Some I could laugh my ass off, others like last night made my heart burn with rage.
I knew he liked her, but I couldn't help that it really pissed me off.
But I promised Mikey there was nothing between us, and that's how it's going to stay.
So I got up, got changed, then woke everyone else.

After waking them up I started to load up the car.
While doing that I noticed Simone, and so did Mikey.
Just staring away we watched as she fixed her skirt, and pulled up her tights.
Done, she practically skipped over to us.
Simone: So, what do you think? She said with a smile.
Mikey: You look....look
Nice! You look nice. I said finishing for him.
Mikey: Yea..yeah, you like nice. He said blushing bright red.
Simone: Oh, well...we should get going. She said as her smile disappeared.
Walking away I could see she was upset.
But why? What did I do?
Moving on we got in the car, along with Simone behind us we pulled out and left.

Simone's pov
With the blistering heat, it felt good with all the wind.
But it still didn't help take my mind off things, especially from what a happened a minute ago.
I hoped to get his attention, but I guess not.
I feel like he's been ignoring me.
But why? What did I do?
Screw this shit! I shouted.
Totally pissed I pressed the gas and flew past them.
As I went faster I came closer and closer to edge of the horizon.
Beyond it was Phoenix.
Catching up to me, the stopped and stared below.
It's Phoenix. We're really here.
Yes! I shouted.
Frank: We made it!
Screaming and running around like total retards, we hugged in celebration.
Coming to Gerard we hugged, I tried to stay mad, but I couldn't.
With his arms around me I indulged myself, from holding me gently to rubbing my back, I thought I was going to die.
Mikey: Gerard. He said through gritted teeth.
Mikey: Gerard! Remeber your promise. He said through silted eyes and crossed arms.
Gerard: Oh, Mikey...I..ehh...
Mikey: Just get in the car. He said as his glare turned into a smile.
Confused and hurt I felt Gerard's arm lift away.
With one glance of eyes, I could see he was hurt to.
Maybe he did care?
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