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Chapter four

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Mikey seems to notice Gerard and Simone's little romance, so even if it kills him, he plans to do the right thing.

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Gerard's pov
Mikey, why...what happened back there?
First you were seriously pissed, now your happy. I said as I looked back at the road.
Mikey: Gerard, I'm not mad...anymore.
What'd you mean?
Mikey: I know you "like" her, and she likes you.
So, yeah I might like her a little, but that doesn't mean anything! I shouted.
Mikey: Really? So that hug didn't mean anything?
Instead of answering I just started to fidget with my ring.
Mikey: Gerard, did it?
Ye..yes. I stumbled.
I knew it! He shouted as he started to laugh.
I swear I feel like a total kid right now. I said as I started to blush.
Hiding my face I let him laugh.

Catching his breath he leaned over to comfort me.
Mikey: I'm sorry, but what I'm saying is that even though I really like her, I d be okay if you guys got together. He said as he put his arm around me.
I know your still upset about Lyn-Z. He said looking down at my ring.
I remember how happy you were when you were together. I 'd like to see you like that again.

I felt the tears coming, I didn't want them to come.
Lyn-Z had been dead for then a few years.
But I still hadn't gotten over her yet.
With a tear falling, I quickly wiped it away before any of them could notice.
Mikey: So go ahead, ask her out.
Mikey: Will you? He said with pleading eyes.
I promise. I said trying to fight back the tears, but I could tell it wasn't working.
Sucking it up I wiped my eyes and coutinued to drive.

Simone's pov.
While driving I felt my phone vibrate.
Pulling it out, I checked and had a text message.
I forgot I gave Gerard my number.
Gerard: Hey.
Me: What do u need?
Gerard: I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Me: For?
Garard: For being a bit of an ass with all the off and on shit between us.
Gerard: I'm really sorry.
Me: Okay, anything else?
Gerard: Well, I talked it out with Mikey and I thought that maybe when we get to Phoenix, we could hit it off with a date.
Me: A date, really?
Gerard: Yeah.
Gerard: I think it'd be nice, alone, just me and u.
Gerard: Simone? Are u there?
I didn't asnwer immediately, I really had to think about it.
I didn't know if I was in shape for a relationship.
Really considering it, I replied.
Me: Yeah.
Gerard: So, what'd u say?
Me: Sure, can't wait.
Closing my phone I stuffed it back in my pocket.

Finally reaching the city, we looked around for a hotel.
Finding one we gathered what money we had to pay for the few nights.
After reciving our room key, we headed up the stairs with our luggage.
Soar from sleeping on the hard ground, I had to stop and rub my sholder.
Gerard: Here, let me help you with that.
Oh, it's fine. I said reaching for it.
Gerard: Don't be so stubborn. He said as he grabbed so of my luggage.
Thanks. I said as we continued up the stairs.
Reaching the room we found two beds and a couch.
I knew one of us would have to sleep on the couch, I knew I'd be up late a few nights so, I offered to take the couch.
Gerard refused, Mikey offered but I still won and got the couch.
It sounded stupid of me to take the couch, but I had a reason.

Later that night, after dinner we were all piled in bed.
Gerard, Mikey, me, all packed together in one bed, with Frank and Ray in the other.
Together we watched random TV shows until eveyone else was asleep.
With Mikey leaning on me I lightly pushed and layed him over.
Yawning, I felt my eyes start to flutter.
Without even realizing it I leaned over on Gerard's shoulder.

Gerard's pov
Looking over I saw Simone leaning on me.
Moving some of her hair out of her face, I could see she was asleep.
I couldn't help myself.
Pulling her in my arms I layed down and went to sleep.
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