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Chapter 3 - Lindsey

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First meet of Gerard's new neighbor

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the doorbell rang

"Honey, stay here. I'll just see who's outside, 'kay?"
"Okay mommy."

She's with her daughter at an empty bedroom with their baggage. The woman was kinda confused if who's outside their house. They just transferred to that house an hour ago and it's weird that someone's finding for her.

She opened the door slowly...

"Welcome to the neighborhood!"

She sighed deeply and smiled. "Oh thank you so much. Come in little boys."

Gerard and his little brother went in to their house and offered the cookies that their father made.

"Thank you! I've never expect to be offered something by anyone in here."

Gerard smiled sweetly without saying any word.

"So I bet you are our neighbors."

"Our house is there." Gerard pointed at their house through window.

"May I know your name?" the woman asked.

"My name's Gerard and this is my little brother, Mikey." He pointed to his little bro who's thumb sucking.

"Sweet names! Just call me Ms. Ballato."

Gerard was not sure how to pronounce her last name, so he just nodded.

"Oh! Just wait here and I'll call my daughter." She said leaving.

Gerard sighed. "Y'know what Mikes? I miss Amanda and Joey. I do have many memories here with them." He said in a low voice. Gerard used to share his feelings to Mikey though he know that his brother doesn't even know anything yet.

Ms.Ballato returned with her daughter.
"Gerard, Mikey, this is my daughter, Lindsey."

Lindsey has this two pony tails at both side of her head. She's kinda pale like Gerard.

"Hi!" Gerard smiled sweetly while waving his hand.

"Hi..." Lindsey said shyly.

"Lindsey, why don't you go and play with them first?" Ms.Ballato suggested
"Yes please! We have tree house at home." Gerard answered quickly and excitedly.

"And besides, I need to clean up this whole house and you should stay away from dusts."
Lindsey knew that she had no choice but to agree, so she nodded.

Gerard shrieked excitedly and grabbed Lindsey's hand.
"C'mon! I'll show you my tree house!"
Lindsey was shocked that he grabbed her hand, but in the end, she smiled sweetly to Gerard.

"Take care of yourself, Honey."

"I will mommy!" Lindsey shouted back as she ran out the door while Gerard was holding her hand.
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