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Chapter 4 - Friends

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Gerard and Lindsey were having fun

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Gerard grabbed Lindsey's hand out of their house and went to the tree house. He directly brought Lindsey at the backyard to show her the small opening at the fence.

"I've made this hole so my friends can crawl and sneak in here anytime." Gerard said and smiled.

Gerard went first to crawl in the small hole and then Lindsey.

"Gerard, help me." Lindsey said in a low voice, but you can see in her face that she's hurt.

"What?" Gerard asked.
"I'm stucked!" Lindsey shouted in pain.

Gerard didn't say anything but he quickly helped Lindsey.

At first, Gerard was having difficulties to help her out of that hole, but when he saw Lindsey's single tear rolled from her left eye, he can't take it and pulled her out strongly.

She unexpectedly popped out from the hole and both of them rolled on the green grass.

"Are you okay? Sorry I made that hole so small." Gerard said as he stand up and cleaning his shirt.

"Yes.." Lindsey said, sniffing.

"Are you sure?"
"Yes I am." Lindsey wiped her face.

"I should make it bigger next time.." He said while he's looking at the hole.
Lindsey didn't say any word and stood up.

"So is that the tree house?" she asked as she points to it.

"Yes. Wanna climb there?"
"Yes!" Lindsey answered excitedly as if she forgot the pain she felt.

They ran towards the tree and Gerard let Lindsey climbed in first.

Finally, both of them were in there and there's a small silence.
Gerard didn't want it so he started to ask.

"Why do you want to live here?"

"My mom has a new work so from now on, we will live here."

"Okay..." he said and he didn't know what to say next.
He just looked at his mud-stained shirt and Lindsey said something.

"I am a dancer! What about you?"
Gerard don't know what to answer so he just say, "My mom said... I am.. I can... sing."

"really?! then you're a singer!" Gerard just smiled.

"Can you sing a song for me?" Lindsey asked smiling.
"ummm.. Not now. I'm not that good in it anyway." He said blushingly.

"Hmm.. After you sing, I'll dance. Now please do it. Please!" She pleaded.

"What song then?"
Lindsey smiled widely because she knows he'll do it.


"Okay here it goes..."

As Gerard sang, Lindsey just stared at him, smiling.
Gerard knew that she's staring, so he just looked down at the wooden floor, blushing.

Lindsey clapped her hands as he ended the song.

"You are a great singer!" she exclaimed.

"Not really." Gerard smiled as he scratched the back of his head.
"Now it's your turn!"

"Okay!" Lindsey stood up and danced.
Gerard was smiling the whole time while she's dancing.

She was about to finish when she grabbed Gerard's hand and stood him up to join her dance.
"Hey! You didn't say we'll dance together!" Gerard said as he narrowed his eyes.
Lindsey didn't say anything, but she just continued dancing.

After a minute, Gerard just smiled a little and he joined in.

They stared at each other while dancing and both of them smiled and then laughed.

"You're not just a great singer, but also a good dancer!" Lindsey said and she laughed.

"That is my hidden talent, my friend." Gerard smiled a little bit.

"Oh really my friend?" Lindsey said jokingly and chuckled.

"YES my friend!"

They stopped dancing when somebody yelled, "Gerard! I know you're there at the tree house. C'mon and eat now."

"That's my mom. Wanna eat with us?"
Lindsey responded with a smile.

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