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First Lesson

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charlies first drum lesson XD

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so i promised another chapter today and here it is

Charlie’s POV
“Hey mum.” I say getting into the car.
“How was your day sweetie?” She smiled.
“Better than yesterday, I like my art teacher.” I say. He had told me to do whatever because I could make something up about it being an obsession. So I drew a guitar pick, a microphone and a drum stick, music of course.
“Well, there's half an hour before your lesson so I thought we could have a walk around town.” She pulled out of the school gates and headed towards town.
“Cool, can we have a look in Tescos for a Kerrang!?”
Half an hour later I arrived at my drum lesson. My mum dropped me off at his house so I ring the doorbell and wait.
“Hello, can I help you?” A man with short blonde hair in an almost-side-fringe, a slight beard, a lip piercing on his right side and blue eyes who looked in his twenties asked.
“Um, I'm looking for Mr. Bryar.” I say, hoping my mum dropped me off in the right place.
“That’s me, are you Charlie?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I say awkwardly.
“Oh, good. Come in, call me Bob by the way.” he lead me into the first room which wasn’t too big or too small. It had two drum kits.
“Firstly, do you know anything about playing music?” he asked sitting down.
“Not really, no. I just listen to it.” I sat down in my own seat.
“Ok, secondly. Why do you want to play?”
“I want to join my friends band.”
“And thirdly, what kind of music do you like?” he looked at my bright green skinnies, Green Day top and black converse.
“Well, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, the blackout, the smashing pumpkins, misfits, 30 seconds to mars and Paramore mostly.” I say looking around seeing a CD player then a massive pile of CDs.
“I think you're going to be fun to teach. Let's get started.” He moved over to sit at one of the drum kits. “Come watch.” I moved so I was standing behind him.
“You like green day?” Bob asked me.
“Yeah.” I pointed to my top.
“Fair enough,” he laughed. “Listen to this.” He started to play `americain idiot`.
He ended up teaching me some of the technical names for things and a few simple beats that I could remember. We sat and spoke while I waited for my mum.
“hello ms harries.” He greeted her and asked her to sit down. “Charlie is showing great promise already and she is a pleasure to teach.” He smiled at me.
“That's good, did you enjoy it?” she asked me.
“Yeah, I really like it.” I smiled back.
I daydreamed as they settled the next lesson and my mum payed.
When we got in the car I asked if we could go and get my kit now.
“do you even know what you want?” she asked.
“I spoke to Bob about it.”
“Ok, if you're sure.”
When we finally got home I put my stuff in the basement a with the rest of the stuff that didn’t yet have a place and decided to call Frankie while I waited for my mum to cook dinner.
“Hey Frankie.” I smiled. It seemed I was always happy when he was there.
“Hey baby, how did it go?” he asked me.
“It was great. The teacher, Bob, likes really cool mu-” he cut me off.
“Bob Bryar?” he sounded excited.
“He lives on my street, just across the road.”
“Wow, that's so cool. I could walk with you next week.”
“That would be great. Gee lives close to the school so I usually walk on my own.”
We spoke for a while, until my mum called me downstairs for dinner.
“I’ll see you in the morning.” I said walking down the stairs.
“Um, Charlie?” Frank said.
“I, um. I love you.” He said quietly.
“I love you too frank.” I replied as my heart swelled. I thought it was going to burst.
“I'll see you in the morning then.”
“Yeah, bye.” I hung up smiling. Then I realised my mum had heard the last part of that conversation.
“Who was that?” she raised an eyebrow.
“Um, Frank. He’s in all my classes at school.” I say before pushing some food into my mouth, hoping she would leave it there for now. At least until I was what was going on exactly myself.
“I'm very happy for you.” She smiled.

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