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Phone Calls

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franks night,sorry its so short

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hey guys sorry i have been neglecting this story a bit lately its just exams and i had an idea for my other story and i wantd to try a few one-shots
thank you all for your lovely reviws

Frankie POV
I look at my phone like I had done every two and a half seconds since I got home. It was now seven o’clock.
“Maybe I should call her.” I think aloud to myself, but decide not to and turn up my music. Green Day `Holiday` was playing as I sat on my bed watching my phone. I needed a hobby. I get up, pick up my X-Box controller and turn on my TV. I started playing Halo and as I was about to beat the twat that was owning everyone, my phone started to buzz.
“Hello.” I say with a big smile across my face before realising I just got killed again.
“Hey Frankie.” Charlie replied sounding just as happy as me.
“How ya doing?” I ask turning down my music so I could hear her better.
“I’m I asked my mum about learning to play and she said she’s going to sort it out tomorrow for me.”
“That's great. You can come to practice on Wednesday if you want. We can initiate you there.” I giggle at my big word.
“I don't think I’ll have learned by then Frankie.” she sounded sceptical.
“I know, but you’ve got to hear me play, I mean.” I was seriously head over heels with this girl, I never asked people to listen to me play, not even my cousin (who I love very much) has heard me play.
“Ok.” She said smiling, yeah I can tell when she's smiling from her voice. What was up with me? “By the way my mum said I could have some friends over on Friday night. You up for it?”
“I don't know.” I didn’t want to rush into another relationship too quickly.
“My mum’s gonna be working that night, and I was going to ask Gee and the twins too”
“Ok, I'm in.” We spoke for hours. I just lay on my bed flicking through a Kerrang! and drooling over Billie-Joe.
“I got to go.” I say realising it was half past midnight. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Sure, bye.” I hung up feeling bad that I couldn’t talk to her longer and got ready for bed. I drifted off in no time.
I dreamed a trippy dream.
A black unicorn told Charlie, Gee, the twins and I to find the end of a rainbow. We followed it but it went across a river so we asked the fish to build us a bridge. Then when we were almost there a white unicorn told us we were following the wrong rainbow. Gee wanted to turn back, but I wanted to keep going because this unicorn looked dodgy.
When we got to the end there was a blue unicorn standing by a big pot. He asked us why we were there.
“We were sent by the black unicorn.” I told him.
“Which one of you has the blue?” He replied.
“I do.” Charlie told him, stepping forward. She showed the unicorn a clear bag with some blue stuff in it.
“Follow me.” He turned and walked over to the pot which was where the rainbow was coming from. He told Charlie to put the blue stuff into the pot.
When we looked in the pot it was filled with skittles, but there were blue ones too.
“You have returned the blue to the rainbow.” He looked up at the rainbow which was filling with blue.
“Excuse me Mr. Unicorn, sir?” I asked.
“Can we maybe have some skittles, please?”
“Of course, as many as you want.”
I ran forwards and filled my pockets, shoes and even my t-shirt with the multicoloured sugary sweets.
I woke up to my phone buzzing.
“Uh, hello?” I say groggily.
“Hey my lovely Frankie. It’s such a nice day don't you think?” Charlie chirped happily, it sounded like she had had at least five coffees already.
“What time is it?” I sat up remembering my phone was also my clock.
“Seven-thirty, are you still in bed?” She giggled.
“Yes, I don't think I have ever slept so little. Why are you so happy?”
“It’s my first lesson today, then I'm going to buy my kit.” She squealed.
“Ok, well I’ll see you in school I guess I'm going to go shower now I have time.”
“Ok, bye Frankie.” she hung up. I got up and slowly walked into my bathroom.

i know its short but if you are lucky i will out up the next chapter tonight
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