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Jen, a beatle and Fergus

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ok so i thought i would tell you that charlie and jaz are the two characters based on me, confusing but im not gonna go into detail, just thought i would say
also martha is based on my bestest friend in thw world but she thinks fan fictions are creepy XD oh well cant win them all
anyways enjoy

Charlie POV
The twins came back ten minutes before the bell would go to signal it was time to go.
“Come on Charlie.” Jaz begged. “Jen will be waiting for us.”
I stand up and help Frankie to his feet.
“I’ll call you tonight.” I say and climb down the wall. Jaz was telling me about her horse. What was his name again? Oh, yeah, Fergus. It was a strange name.
“He’s only five, but he is so sweet, he can seriously cheer anyone up. Even Martha.” Jaz obviously thought the world of this thing.
“He sounds nice, what colour is he?” I ask, trying to have a conversation I know nothing about.
“Well, he’s dark grey at the moment but he will probably turn white soon. He’s special like that.” She smiled as we walked over to an old red VW bug.
“OMG, that's your car?” I stand a few feet away with my mouth wide open.
“No, it's Jen’s car. We helped pick it out though. It's been restored and fixed and shiz so it's practically brand new.” Martha smiled.
“Come on, let's actually get in.” Jaz pulled me towards it.
“Hey Jen.” She called.
“Wazzup hun?” Jen replied.
“This is Charlie, Charlie this is Jen. Is it ok for her to come with me tonight?” Jaz got in the back and I followed.
“Of course. Nice to meet you Charlie.” Jen smiled at me through the rear-view mirror.
“You too.” I replied.
“And where are you off to tonight Thing 1?” Jen turned to Martha who was in the seat next to her, texting.
“The park?” Martha obviously hadn’t planned that.
“Let's go.”
The drive was quiet. I told Jen about my mum and me moving a lot and for the rest of the time we just listened to the radio, she had Kerrang! on.
Fifteen minutes later, Jen pulled down a long driveway with fields on each side. To my right was five or six horses in a lovely green grass. To my left were about twenty.
“That's a lot of horses.” I say.
“Yeah, they belong to the riding school. The horses kept here are in the other one.” Jaz pointed to the much greener field to my right.
“Awesome.” I was really excited. Travelling meant I couldn’t have a pet and that meant that I hadn’t really been around animals much.
“You can borrow a pair of willies.” She informed me after walking onto the yard. “What size are you?”
“Four.” I answer looking around. There was almost a hallway between what I guess must be stables, at both ends of this hallway were steps leading up to what I would call an attic. We went up the nearest set of steps.
“You’ll have to borrow Hayley’s. Come on.” Jaz lead the way up the stairs onto another hall that overlooked a big room with sand on the floor.
“That's the school. It’s where we ride the horses and stuff.” She turned to a door with one of those combination padlocks.
“Here,” She gave me a pair of black willies. “they’re a bit muddy, but it's better than converse.”
When we had changed our shows Jaz lead me to her stable.
“I’ve just got to muck out first. You can sit on that bucket if you want. Tess will be here soon anyway.” She pointed to a big upturned bucket just inside the doorway to her stable. A few minutes later we were in the field.
“Fergie!” Jaz called and a pretty little horse lifted his head and trotted over. When he came closer Jaz clipped a rope onto what she called a head collar and lead him through the gate.
“You ok?” She asked.
“Yeah, he’s pretty.” I said petting him on the shoulder once he was put into his clean stable.
“I bought him last year. I've known him pretty much since he was born. Sue breeds highlands. He caught my eye when he was three because he was so sweet. You could sit on him if you want.” She offered pulling out a brush and setting to work on cleaning him.
Time went quickly. I had a little go at riding but I wasn’t any good so Jaz got on for about half an hour before we brushed him again and put him out in the field.
“Jen won't be here for another ten minutes, let's go sit outside.” We headed for the big sliding door and sat down on a bale of hay.
“Seriously girl, take that hoodie off. I'm sweating just looking at you.” Jaz said sitting there in a red tank top but still had her scarf wrapped securely around her neck. “Look, if you don't take it off, I will.” She raised her eyebrows.
The truth is I was hiding my scars. Yep, I used to cut. Well, it was only recently I had stopped and some were barely even scars,
“Charlie what is it?” Jaz turned to look me in the eye. I looked back in hers and saw worry, sadness, love? It was exactly what I saw in my own mother’s eyes. No doubt that she saw hurt, anger, loneliness and depression in mine.
“You can tell me, I'm sure I’ll understand.” She persuaded.
I sigh and pull the hoodie over my head, revealing the ugly pink lines, some still slightly red.
When I look up I see Jaz has removed her scarf. Her neck resembled my arms. The scars were all at the side, completely missing her throat.
“I told you I would understand.” Jaz tried to smile, but there was too much sadness in her eyes to make it believable.
“Why did you?” I ask her as she wound the scarf back around her neck.
“Living in an orphanage for 11 years and knowing no one wants me. The only reasons I didn’t go those few centimetres further across is because I know Fergus would go for meat. He’s lovely, but not what he should be. Then there's Martha, without me she wouldn’t make it. Franks the one who really saves me, you're lucky. He won't hurt you. He’ll do anything not to, he’s like that” She replied looking at the floor.
“I know. I really like him too. I'm scared though Jaz.” I look at her. “I’m scared I'm gonna hurt him. I don't want to, but I hurt everyone around me.”
“Is that why you did it?” she pointed to my still bare arms.
“Yeah, I just felt like I wasn’t wanted or needed. And I guess it was my fault that my dad and brother aren’t here.” I pulled on my hoodie.
“Don't blame yourself.”
“ It's my fault!” I shouted. I took a breath and explained. “I hit my brother, he was hurt bad and my dad was taking him to the hospital. They wouldn’t have been out at that junction if it wasn’t for me.” I felt the salty tears run down my cheeks.
“Ssshh,” Jaz put her arm around me. “You can't blame yourself. There are too many factors. The person breaking the law on that day, them taking that route, that speed. Nothing is ever entirely your fault. The universe is too big for that.”
“I can't help but blame myself.” I sniffed as the cute little red beetle rolled into view.
“Come on, dry your eyes. I know you're a good person. It's not like you brutally murdered your family with a machete in the middle of the night after hours of plotting.”
I laughed as Jen pulled up and unlocked the doors. “Hey girls.” She said happily.

hey guys i just wanted to tell you i did a frerard dne-shot and i wanted to know what you thought because it was my first and i dont realy think its any goo but pkease check it out
any ways R&R because it makes me happy and i will update faster
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