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My head shot up as Pete smirked in front of me.

“If you answered my questions, I wouldn’t have to keep doing that.”

“If you hadn’t picked me up off the street, I wouldn’t have to avoid this conversation.”

Patrick, Joe, and Andy took this as their cue to leave as Pete sat down across from me, “Let me see your wrist Kat.”

I sat on my hands, not caring that I might get myself killed if I didn’t cooperate and chose to be stubborn.

“Katya, I’m serious.”


“Katya, show me your fucking wrist so I can see your goddamned birthmark,” he growled, pulling my right hand from underneath me. He held my hand up, running his thumb over the heart-shaped mark I’d grown to forget before dropping my arm in my lap. “How old are you?”

“You’ve been following me around, you tell me.”

“My mother raised me to never find out a woman’s age until she told me, how old are you?”


Pete nodded, his gaze softening as he made eye contact with me, “You’re really freaking out huh?”

“Do I honestly need to answer that?”

“Look, I’m sorry, but I seriously don’t know any other way to do this...”

“Do what?! If you wanted me to fall in love with you, this isn’t the fucking way to do it!”

“I’m not trying to do that Katya. I’m trying to keep the balance.”

“The balance?”

“I know your grandmother told you about this shit, she told you that there’s a balance between the natural and the supernatural. Well, the older and more power hungry certain beings get, the more the balance gets thrown off.”

“How do you know what my grandmother told me?”

“I know where you’re from and who your family is whether you know it or not, your grandmother’s been preparing you for the real world since the day you were born. She just didn’t know there were going to be people helping you. Now, please, just tell me what you know.”

Quietly, I began telling Pete the stories I grew up hearing. The stories about the creation of vampires, various ways you can protect yourself against vampires, and the urban legends my family told about the things they could do and had done. By the time I was finished my hands were shaking and Patrick was setting a plate of food in my lap.

“You need to eat,” he told me quietly, “You’re going to need your energy when Pete tells you what he knows.”

“Wh...what are you talking about?” I whispered, barely able to lift the fork to my mouth.

“Long story short, every vampire on earth, wants to make babies with you.”

“Dude, you’re supposed to lead up to it or some shit!”

“I wanted to rip it off like a bandaid!” Pete whined as Patrick glared at him, “She needs to know the truth!”

“So you married me so you could be the winner?”

“I married you because you’re a human which means that as long as this house is in your name and you’re alive, I’m the only vampire that can come in it. Meaning you’ll be kept safe as long as you stay here until I say otherwise.”

“And why do you care that I’m kept safe?”

“Because in a fucked up Romeo and Juliet, Jesus, sort of way, we’re the ones who are supposed to fix this.”

I looked back and forth between Pete and Patrick for a few seconds. Pete was watching me nervously, almost as if everything he had was riding on my reaction while Patrick just looked uncomfortable. “So then what’s the mark on my neck?”

“The mark on your neck is like a sign of our wedding. It means that you, belong to me, for lack of a better term, and when you trust me enough to complete the rest of the ceremony, I’ll belong to you. The kiss around the bite is like, a burn of my lips that will be imprinted on you until death. The only way to kill you though is to kill me and vice versa.”

As Pete continued his explanation, my heart rate grew until all I could hear was the blood rushing through my body. Obviously, that was all he could hear as well because faster than I could say ‘screw you,’ he had darted out of the room. I turned to Patrick who gave me a weak smile.

“I know you’re about to like, faint, but you know you can trust us...”

“Why should I believe that?” I whispered, barely able to get the sentence out as I tried not to hyperventilate.

“Because we’re in this mess just as much as you are. It wasn’t a coincidence that you got moved from Europe to the US and to Chicago. Whoever created this mess of a world we live in, created you two to fix this shit.”

“Thanks. That makes me feel so much better, the entire population of the world is resting on the shoulders of a girl who can barely lift a thirty pound bag of rice.”

Patrick chuckled, rubbing his eyes behind his glasses while he tried to think of what else to say. “Just...just give us a chance. I know Pete’s got an extreme way of doing things but his heart’s always been in the right place. And if he, or any of us betray you, you can cut my dick off, make it into a soup, and poison me with it.

I smiled slightly, it’s not often you hear a guy tell you you can dismember him let alone feed said member to him. “How am I supposed to go about this marriage situation? I...he...”

“Shhh,” Patrick sighed, “Just, just try to get to know him. I’ll find you another room to stay in, and if it makes you feel better Hilary can stay with you. She’s Pete’s sister.”

“Thank you.”

A/N: Hey =) So, I haven't really gotten much feedback on this so far. I currently have 50pgs in word written and would really appreciate constructive criticism/things you like about the story. Thank you much!

Oh! Oh! Oh! If anyone's interested in writing a joint story or something along those lines, let me know =D
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