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Chapter 15

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Jenna talks about the lie, Gerard goes to see Charlie.

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Jenna's POV...
"Why did you lie to him?" Mum screamed at me as soon as Frank left "He was such a nice boy and you had to go make up something as stupid as that!"
"I-" I didn't know what to say. I didn't have a clue why I'd said those stupid things. Well that stupid thing. I wanted to cry myself when Frank told me he'd cried himself to sleep. I was planning it all out in my bedroom. I was going to tell him that the Doctors HAD made a mistake just liked he'd said. I guess it was kind of nice to know he'd definently be upset if I ever did die.
But now it doesn't matter because even if I do get a rare disease now, he's not going to believe me. He'll never take me back. I've ruined everything. With fifteen little words. And then I asked him that dumb question - 'Why would I lie about this?'
Why would I lie about this?
"You're such an idiot Jenna!" My Mom yelled "You always ruin your relationships with a lie! But this is the worst!"
I glared at her before marching up to my bedroom. I know what she's said is dead true but I don't want to admit it.
My first boyfriend was in Year Three and his name was Andrew. He wasn't very good looking to be honest but all my other friends were getting boyfriends around that time. I didn't want to be the odd one out. Back then, these things were actually important to me.
Halfway through dating Andrew, I somehow told him that my Mom was a supermodel. I think it was because I was sick of him always telling me about his Dad's success in whatever job he was doing. My Dad's a plumber and my Mom works at Sainsburys.
And of course, when he came over to my house, he noticed Mum wasn't a supermodel. I might've got away with it if she hadn't come into the kitchen with her Sainsburys uniform on. Andrew asked "Oh, are you doing a photoshoot for Sainsburys?"
Mom was obviously confused and told Andrew, no, she was going to go scan grocerys. Andrew got mad at me. He dumped me. Oh no...
I would go on down my list of boyfriends but in the end, we reach Frank. And over the years the lies just kept getting worse until finally I told Frank that one. I'll always regret it... But there's nothing I can do.

Gerard's POV...
"Charlie seemed pretty mad at me," I told Mikey "Do you think she'll forgive me?"
"I don't know." Mikey mumbled "I wouldn't know."
"Eugh, you're as useless as a snail without legs." I marched off, realising that that made no sense whatsoever.
"Snails don't have l-"
"Snails don't have buh buh buh!"
I went into my bedroom and slammed the door shut. 'Maybe I should call Charlie and apologise...' I thought 'We're supposed to be best friends after all...'
I reached for my phone, phoned Charlie's number and pressed call. Her phone was switched off. "Charlie's phone is never switched off." I said aloud. And it was true. Whenever I had needed to phone Charlie before, she had always answered.
I leaped up off my bed and ran to the front door "Where are you going!?" Mikey demanded to know.
"SeeifCharlieisokayandnotdeadandshitsobyeeeee!" I gabbled breathlessly, not even pausing or turning round to look at my confused younger brother.
I didn't stop running until I was outside Charlie's house. If anybody got in my way, I shoved them back out of it.
I knocked loudly on her door. Her Mum answered it for her and raised her eye-brows "Do you really want to come in? She's been screaming things like 'I don't need Gerard Way to be happy' for the past hour..."
I stood there for a moment, shifting a little "Umm yeah I'll risk it. I'll only stay for a minute or two if she's in a bad mood."
Charlies Mum let me in and I walked slowly up the stairs to her bedroom. As if I was about to enter the dentists for a filling, instead of walking into my best friends bedroom.

Charlie's POV...
"Charlie, can I come in?" I heard Gerard ask on the other side of my door.
I considered it in my head. But first, I knew I had to look in my mirror. A quick glance in the mirror, quickly wiping away a couple of tears and I was ready. "Yeah, sure." I replied calmly.
Gerard walked in, looking slightly creeped out "Umm... Are you mad at me?"
"No," I replied, with a small smile. It wasn't really a lie, I wasn't mad. Just heartbroken, furious, jealous etc. etc.
"Good." Gerard told me "Because you know, if things don't work out with me and Tat-"
"Don't even go there Way." I told him "I'm not the person you hang onto once you've got nobody left. If Tatiana happens to dump you, I'll be here to comfort you as a friend. But no."
Gerard nodded "I understand."
"No you don't." I told him, lying back on my bed "We're best friends Gerard. And I know for a fact that you don't understand a lot when it comes to love."
Gerard sat down next to me "What makes you so sure?"
"You went after your brothers girlfriend," I told him "Just to prove to yourself that you could do it."
Gerard shrugged "So?"
"That girl had feelings!" I snapped, sitting up to face him "You really hurt her and Mikey for that matter. Aren't you even the slighest bit ashamed?"
Gerard gave me a long look before getting up and leaving.
I lay back on my bed and started kicking my feet in the air singing "Soooo long bitch you did me soooooo wrong..."
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