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Chapter 16

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Ray find something out, has a 'secret', talks to Romy and Romy says something that really annoys Kerri.

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Ray's POV...
Why was I so stupid? To believe that a girl like Romy was actually interested in me. Obviously she wasn't the brighest of girls but I really liked her. I liked her mainly because I thought she liked me. She made an effort, I'll give her that.
Of course Gerard had something to do with it. But I couldn't believe it when I knew Tatiana had got involved too. Apparently we have secrets now. Well, why shouldn't I have a secret too if Tatiana has plenty?
Gerard came over at around half eigh with some flowers for Tati. I let him take them up to her room. I couldn't hear them talking for about half an hour until they started yelling at each other.
"What do you mean Romy told Mikey she's considering breaking up with Ray?" Tatiana yelled at Gerard. This question made me start listening more carefully. I crept to the bottom of the stairs to hear them better.
"I lied, okay!" Gerard told her "Romy never wanted to date Ray. Romy wants to go out with me. She's liked me for ages and she thought that somehow dating Ray would make me want to go out with her."
"You're such an idiot-"
"I'm an idiot? Maybe you're an idiot! And so's Ray! For ever thinking that someone would want to go out as someone as fucking ugly as Ray."
"Don't you dare call my brother ugly! And don't call me an idiot either! You promise me that someone actually liked Ray. I trusted you. I always fuckin' trust you, though I have no reason to."
"Oh you trust me now? So what was up with the whole 'Oh my god, I know you're cheating on me with Charlie' thing then? If you trust me so friggin' much then why do you hate Charlie so much?"
"That's not the point of this conversation! You promised me something that wasn't true and I won't forgive you for that."
"Well maybe I shouldn't forgive you for always getting so mad when I go to see my best friend!"
"This isn't about you, this is about Ray!"
"You wanna do something for Ray? Then why don't YOU be his girlfriend?"
"Oh ha ha you're so funny Gerard."
That was the point where I got up, grabbed my jacket and left. Like I said, if Tatiana was going to have a secret, then I was going to have one too.
Running water looks so pretty when there's red mixed with it.

Romy's POV...
Ray phoned me. I answered with "Hey Baby..."
And he replied with "I'm breaking up with you."
And I was all "But why?"
And he was all "Because you're going to anyway." And then he hung up.
I was upset for a second before realising I had never even liked Ray in the first place. And now Gerard couldn't get mad at me either because Ray had broken up with me. His excuse was pretty bad but I could always make something up to Gerard. Then again, Ray and Gerard are best friends? Though Mikey isn't so sure anymore.
I tried going round to Mikey's to tell him about Ray dumping me. But Kerri was there and I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing my first boyfriend had dumped me. So I went off to go and see if Gerard would talk to me. 'Maybe I could cry a little,' I considered 'And then he'd have to try and comfort me. He might even put his arm round me'.
Without knocking, I stepped into Gerard's bedroom. The smell of rotting food hit me as it usually did on the rare occasions I entered his room, but I ignored it as I usually did. "When we're married," I told myself aloud "I won't let Gerard keep our house like this. It'll be bright and beautiful."
Glancing at his desk, I noticed an art book. I smiled, sat down on the small chair and began to flick through it.
I smiled at the first couple of sketchs. I didn't know who they were of so I assumed Gerard had made them up. There was one of Gerard and Mikey that I recognised as the photo on Mikey's bedroom wall. Suddenly I glared at the page.
There was sketch after sketch of Tatiana. I sighed, irritated. Why wasn't that me? Why wasn't I Tatiana?
I looked at the book a few seconds longer before grabbing the first Tatiana sketch, ripping it out of the book and tearing it into tiny pieces. I pulled at the other ones and did the same thing over and over again. I didn't say anything, the only thing you could hear was the tearing of paper. But my eyes were filling with tears and they were dripping down my cheeks.
"What the fuck are you doing?" A familiar voice asked me from the other side of the room. A voice I recognised as Gerard.
I stood there, shivering for a second before I whispered "Ray just dumped me." Then I cried hysterically and dropped to my knees.

Mikey's POV...
"What do you think that crazy bitch is doing?" Kerri asked, moving herself closer to me.
I put an arm around her "Don't call her names Ker-Bear. And I don't know." I could hear Gerard's low voice every so often and then Romy's voice, though it was more hysterical than usual.
Kerri sighed "You do realise this is the first alone time we've had in ages."
"I'm sure it's not."
"It is. Romy keeps bursting in."
"She is my best friend..."
"I know, I know and I know you like her, though I don't understand why but you love me don't you?"
"Of course I do."
"Well we need more time like this. To just be you and me. Mikey-And-Kerri. Not Mikey-And-Kerri-And-Mikey's-Best-Friend-Jenna."
I laughed slightly and pulled her back so that we were both lying on the bed "Okay. But I want Romy with us some of the time. But sometimes I'll ask her to back off. Is that okay?"
"Thank you Mikey."
We were both silent for a moment before we both heard Romy yell in a clear voice "I can't go talk to Mikey, he's with that stupid whore he dates!"
Kerri sat up, fuming "What the fuck did she just call me?"
"No, don't tell me she's your friend this time!" Kerri snapped, tears welling up in her eyes "I'm not a whore Mikey."
"I know, but-"
"Well go and defend me!" Kerri demanded "I'm your girlfriend, why aren't you mad that someone just called me that?"
"I am mad-"
"You're not doing a very good job of showing it."
I sighed and rolled out of bed. Moments later I was standing in Gerard's room, opposite Romy with Gerard on my right side.
"Romy, Kerri heard you call her a whore."
"So friggin' what?"
"Well, it really upset her. And I can't let you upset my girlfriend like that."
"Mikey, we argue, it's what we do."
"This is different Romy," I said shakily "You've gone too far this time."
Romy raised her eye-brows before storming off.
"Until you apologise," I yelled after her "I'm not your best friend anymore!"
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