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Chapter 17

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You find out what Ray did, Kerri and Romy talk and Jenna talks to Frank.

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Jemma's POV...
Frank ignored me at school. Although I was pretty upset about that, I guess I should be relieved that he didn't tell anybody about my lie. It was one thing having my boyfriend dump me but at least I still had all my friends. If Frank did tell anyone though, my reputation would be ruined forever.
I tried talking to him. At lunch time I went over to him and asked "Hey Frank, how are things?"
He turned away from me and started talking to Charlie. I didn't try again after that, it hurt too much.
And then when I got home to make things worse my Mom started yelling at me again about something stupid. Apparently I forgot to do the washing up and she had to do it even though she had one hundred other things she'd rather be doing and she was really busy at the moment.
But I was in a bad mood so I replied with "Like what? It can't be with anything work related. All you do is scan groceries!"
Then she hit the roof about trying hard to provide a better life for me while all I wanted to do was go to my room and sulk. Finally when she was done I ran upstairs to my bedroom and flopped lifelessly on my bed. I didn't move until it was dinner time.
"Jemma," Mom told me "You're babysitting Kyle tonight."
I groaned. Kyle was my two year old baby nephew. My older sister Olivia gave birth to him when was sixteen. And last year she... She passed away. Me and Mom don't talk about her much anymore and I haven't told anybody about my sister. Everybody always assumes that Kyle is my little brother. I let them think that too.
"Can't you babysit him?" I asked her.
"I see how that works," Mom told me "Me and your Dad are going out, we need some time out."
"Well what about my time out?"
"You've had more than enough," She said, sighing as Kyle tried to put some yoghurt in his mouth but missed completely "And besides it's not like you have anyone to see now that you're not with Frank anymore."
I pulled a face "I do have friends you know."
"You're babysitting tonight Jemma. End of."
So I was stuck with Kyle while my parents went out. This ruined my plans of going to Franks, getting down on my hands and knees and begging him to forgive me. Unless...
"Come on Kyle," I smiled brightly, strapping him into his buggy "We're going for a walk!"
"Tee!" Kyle announced proudly. He calls me Tee - Tee as in Auntie.
"Yeah, yeah..."
I pushed him down the road and he started squealing when we got near the park "We're not stopping," I told him "Tee's got somthing to do. Can you say 'Jenna' Kyle?"
He ignored me. So I ignored him.
Finally we got to Frank's house after what seemed like forever, especially because Kyle was crying so much. He was shrieking his head off. People were starting to stare at me like I was a child abuser or something.
I knocked on Frank's door three times. His Dad answered and stared at me for a moment or two before smiling a wide, fake smile "Jemma, haven't seen you in a while. Why'd you have to come round with a screaming baby though?"
"Babysitting," I muttered "It'll take me ages to get Kyle inside, can Frank come out here please?"
"That's probably a good idea," His Dad told me "He'll be out in a second."
It was a very long second. I think Frank must've argued with his Dad for a while because every so often I could hear shouting. He clearly didn't want to see me and to be fair, I couldn't blame him...
"Tee. Home." Kyle pouted.
"Once I've talked to Frank." I told him "Then we can go home."
Then Frank came out. He glanced at Kyle then turned to me and asked "Don't tell me, I have to forgive you because your Mom kicked you and your little brother out so now you're living on the streets?"
I blushed "N-No, I'm just babysitting, though your story was more interesting!" I said, trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work "Frank, I'm really sorry about what I said. I didn't even mean to say it, I just did..."
"Fine," Frank told me "I accept your apology."
I couldn't believe my ears "You serious...?"
"So... Are we boyfriend and girlfriend again?"
"No," Frank whispered "I'm sorry, I forgive you and I'll talk to you again at school and stuff. But I can't trust you anymore. And nothing you can say will make me change my mind. I'm sorry Jenna."
And then he went back inside. I had to trudge home. It didn't help that every so often Kyle would announce gleefully "Tee lie!"

Kerri's POV...
"I stood up for you," Mikey said, coming back upstairs.
"I know." I sniffed "I heard."
"Why are you so upset about this?"
"Because I know we call each other names," I told him "But we don't go that far. She'd soon hit the roof if I called her a whore."
"Probably," He shrugged "I wouldn't think about it thought. You know you're not a whore. I know you're not a whore. So don't pay any attention to Romy."
"Thank you Mikey," I replied, wiping away one of my tears "I suppose I'd better be going home."
"Okay," He gave me a quick kiss goodbye, I took my jacket and then I left.
Halfway home I bumped into Romy. She frowned at me and asked "You are aware right that Mikey has known me longer right?"
"I don't care," I replied "He only likes you. He loves me."
"Mikey wants me to apologise to you for calling you a whore." Romy smirked "But I don't see why I should. I mean, it's one hundred percent true."
"No it's not!" I told her through gritted teeth.
Romy just raised her eye-brows and asked "Isn't it?"
I blinked at her before timidly asking "Of course I'm not a whore."
Romy's smirk increased "That's not what Alex told me. Or Bradley. Or James."
"Fuck you!" I snapped, storming away from her.
"It would be a shame if Mikey found out about this, wouldn't it?" Romy called after me.
I turned around slowly, sighed and asked "What do you want me to do?"

Ray's POV...
"Ray!?" Tatiana screamed when I walked in. She knew what I'd done today. I knew she was going to find out, I was just hoping it wouldn't be so soon.
"I don't see what's so wrong!" I insisted.
"What do you mean?" Tatiana yelled "Dad is going to freak out!"
"Then don't tell him!"
"He'll see it!"
"Then I'll wear a hat!" I pouted, looking at a strand of my newly dyed red hair.
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