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Chapter 18

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Romy is threatning Kerri, Ray talks to Tatiana && Charlie chats to Mikey about Gerard.

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Ray's POV...
"Would you please stop staring at me?" I asked Tatiana, taking a sip of my coffee.
Tatiana smiled "Sorry. You just look funny with red hair."
"Oh ha ha..."
"I'm impressed that Dad hasn't found out yet."
"I told you I'd wear a hat!"
"I'm impressed that all your hair fit under the hat."
"You're so funny."
"Poor hat..."
I threw an orange at her head. She sqeueled and ducked, laughing "But seriously, Dad's going to find out at some point. What are you going to do then?"
"I'm hoping for more time before he does find out. That way I have time to think of a reasonable excuse."
"Oh okay," Tatiana smiled "I don't think he'll accept any excuse. You're so grounded."
I was silent before finally confessing what was on my mind "I heard you and Gerard argueing."
Tatiana went white "Oh."
"Yeah. Oh."
"I never meant for you to hear that!"
"Well you were argueing loud enough for deaf people in Canada to hear you."
"Look, Gerard lied to me. I really thought that girl liked you."
"So did I."
"Come on Ray, she wasn't really your type."
"So what is my type Tatiana? The ugly girls that nobody else wants?"
"Ray!" Tatiana sighed heavily "I love you but honestly, you're such a drama queen!"
"And now I'm a lady!"
Tatiana giggled "Come on Ray, you'll find someone that really likes you. Don't worry about that."
"Do you know what I think you and Gerard are?"
"The couple that just argue to make up."
Tatiana laughed again "Can't argue there! I'm tired, I'm going to bed..."
When she left, I pulled out my hat and put it on my hand like a puppet "My hair isn't that bad is it?" I made my puppet shake his head.
"No Ray, you have LOVELY hair!"
"Oh thank you! Would you like to touch it now?"
"Yes please, I love the taste of it's yummy dy-"
"Ray?" Tatiana asked. I jumped. She smiled "What on earth are you doing?"
"N-Nothing." I stuttered, ripping the hat off my hand.

Kerri's POV...
"So the rumours are true then?" Romy asked, smirking.
"Look," I said "I know you don't like me but you really can't tell Mikey. It'd ruin our relationship."
"That's what I was going for."
"Look!" I yelled "It's none of your business what I've done in the past!"
"Well from now on," Romy smiled "Things are going to change. I'm allowed to hang out with Mikey any time I want. You can't call me names anymore. And you have to give me your lunch money everyday."
I considered it "Okay fine. So long as you don't tell Mikey. Don't even give him a hint."
"Oh I won't," Romy told me "But you have to stick to the rules, okay?"
"Okay fine."
Romy waved goodbye before walking away. I stared after her before bursting into tears. Who told her? And why did she have to use it against me?

Charlies POV...
"Tatiana and Gerard had another arguement last night," Mikey told me over the phone "I heard it was a pretty big one."
"Why does he stay with her?" I asked "He'd be so much better with someone else."
"Someone like you?"
"That's a good suggestion Mikey! Pass it on to Gerard!"
"Charlie, I think you need to get over Gerard." Mikey suggested timidly "I doubt he'll change his mind. And even if he does, you know better than anyone else that he's not the best at romance."
"Well yeah," I thought about it "I really like him Mikey."
"You could like somebody else?"
"It's not that simple."
"Of course not. Nothing's ever simple when it comes to love."
"If we were talking face-to-face I'd slap you for saying that," I laughed "Please never say it again."
"Okay, I promise!" Mikey giggled "Seriously though, you've gotta get over Gerard."
"I know, I know... Bye Mikey."
I fiddled with my phone for a second, looking at one of my contacts. Finally I found the courage to press the green button "Hello? Yeah? I was umm wondering... Would you be my boyfriend?"
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