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Chapter 19

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An update from Hozzie(:

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Ray's POV...
"Guess what Tati!" I announced the minute she walked sleepily into the kitchen.
She yawned "What?"
"Charlie asked me out!" I told her. Just saying it made me feel good.
"Really?" Tatiana was suddenly wide awake "What did you say?"
"What do you think I said?" I asked "Of course I said yes!"
"Great!" Tatiana said, but not with much enthusiasm.
I ignored her and went upstairs to get dressed. I slipped my hat on my hand.
"I gots me a girlfriend!"
"I'm so happy for you Ray!"
"Stop doing that!" Tatiana yelled up the stairs "It's not normal!"

Charlie's POV...
"Okay," Mikey said slowly "Not wanting to sound mean, but are you totally desperate or something?"
"I don't know what you mean," I shrugged "You told me to get over Gerard. So I did."
"Did you?" Mikey asked, narrowing his eyes at me "Or are you just trying to kid yourself?"
"I like Ray and apparently Ray likes me too. Why is that such a problem?"
"You. Are. Just. Kidding. Yourself."
"No. I'm. Not."
"So what if Gerard asked you out tomorrow? Would you say 'No, I've got RAY!'"
He had me there. "Well..."
"Well to be fair if Amy Lee came over to you and asked you out, would you say 'No I've got Kerri'?"
"That's totally different!"
"How is it!?"
"Because Amy Lee is famous and um pretty. Is Gerard famous?"
"He could b-"
"Is Gerard pretty?"
I laughed "Well I think so!"
"No! He is not famous or pretty! And Amy Lee is how many years older than me anyway?"
"Back to the point, eh Mikey?"
"My point is that you don't just go out with someone because you want to go out with someone else."
"That doesn't make any sense."
"Think about it. Does it make sense now?"
"A little. But it sounds a bit stupid."
"So do you!"
I pretended to be shocked, then hit Mikey with my schoolbag.

Kerri's POV...
"Better not have spent your lunch money," Romy smiled in the bathroom at lunch "Come on. Hand it over."
I sighed and handed her my money. Romy shrugged and smirked "Thank you. Bye!" Romy waved goodbye and marched out of the bathroom.
I stood by myself before running into a cubicle and bursting into tears. I locked it behind me and leaned against the door, my head in my hands.
"Do you think he really likes me?" Tatiana clattered into the bathroom.
"I don't know," Charlie replied "He's used to getting his own way. Maybe that's why you two argue so much?"
"Maybe," Tatiana sniffed. Why did she always act like her problems were such a big deal? I'd give anything to trade places with her right now! "Do you think he'll apologise?"
"I don't think Gerard is big on saying sorry," Charlie told her "Oh well. You could say sorry to him?"
"Maybe..." Tatiana said, walking out. I heard Charlie shortly follow her.
I wiped my eyes with toilet roll and then walked out into corridor. Mikey was waiting outside for me "Where have you been? I've been waiting ages!"
"Sorry," I mumbled "Did you see Romy?"
"Yeah, she was in a good mood..."
'She would be,' I thought in my head 'Little bitch...'
"Is everything okay Kerri?"
I considered telling him. For a second "No," I lied "Nothing's wrong."
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