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Chapter 20

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Mikey's POV...
"You've been acting all weird all week," I said to Kerri "Are you sure that nothing's wrong?"
Kerri was about to answer when suddenly Romy came bursting through the door "Hey guys! What's up?"
I sighed, knowing Kerri wouldn't admit anything to me with Romy around "Romy, me and Kerri were kind of having some private time. Could you come back later please?"
"Kerri doesn't mind, do you Kerri?" Romy asked, flopping onto my bed.
I looked at Kerri expecting her to stick up for herself like she normally does. Instead she just shook her head and said "No, it's fine."
Instead of screaming 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?' I simply shrugged and muttered "Okay."
"So Mikey, what are you doing tomorrow night?" Romy started making herself comfortable in my room "I was wondering if you wanted to come to the movies with me tomorrow?"
"Actually I was gonna hang round with Kerri for a while tomorrow. You know, just us two."
"Oh well," Romy shrugged "Kerri can survive one night without you. Right Kerri?"
I glanced at Kerri who yet again just simply agreed with Romy. I glared at Romy "No, I don't care if Kerri is suddenly giving into you, we had plans and I plan to stick to them."
Romy smiled "But Kerri's busy tomorrow night. She didn't want to upset you though. Right Kerri?"
She was chatting shit, that's what I thought until Kerri said "Yeah, sorry Mikey."
"What the hell is up with you?" I asked her, getting angry "Romy, I don't care what Kerri says, please just get out!"
"You don't care what Kerri says?" Romy asked "But she's your girlfriend!"
"I need to talk to Kerri." I insisted "Now get out of my house."
Romy finally stood up and walked off. I glared at Kerri "Now please tell me what's up with you!"
"Nothing's up with me!" Kerri told me but her eyes were telling me a completely different story.
"Kerri, we're boyfriend and girlfriend. I love you, you can tell me anything."
Kerri looked at the floor and whispered "Romy's... Romy's blackmailing me."
We were both silent for a while before Kerri said "Don't ask me what I did, I really can't tell you. But somehow Romy knows. And she says I'm not allowed to ask her to leave us alone, I can't call her names anymore and now she keeps taking my lunch money."
I wrapped both my arms around Kerri and leaned her head on my chest "What's so bad that you can't tell me?"
"I-I can't tell you. It's really embarrassing. I never wanted anybody at all to find out and I don't even know how Romy found out."
"Well," I thought about it "I'll tell Romy that you've already told me what it is so she can't blackmail you any more. Is that okay?"
Kerri considered this then said "Yes. Thank you Mikey."
"I wish you'd just told me," I whispered "Next time just tell me. I won't get mad at you."
"Okay Mikey. I'm really sorry."

Charlie's POV...
I feel SO guilty. Ray walked me home and when we got to the door, he leaned in to kiss me goodbye but I backed away and quickly dashed inside the house with a quick "Bye!"
This is going to sound horrible no matter what way I put it. So basically, I don't want my first kiss with Ray. I want it with Gerard.
I got a text off Ray a few seconds later - [*Sorry if I scared yew :'(
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