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Chapter 21

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Mikey talks to Romy.

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[A/N] - The last chapter was longer and there was someone else's POV at the end. But I've figured out why it didn't upload. It happened to one of my chapters in Secrets it's because I put in a heart, yew know the one with the arrow and the 3? Well from now on instead of that, when I want a heart I'll just do this - (L)? 'Kay? Good :) To make up for last night I'll try and make this one longer...

Charlie's POV - Continued From Last Chapter(:
We can always try again tomorrow? (L) xx
I groaned. Why Ray? Why make me feel more guilty about all this? Why!?
I didn't bother replying to that message. That sounds mean but I really don't want to talk to him at the moment. What I really wanted to achieve from going out with Ray is making Gerard jealous. Tatiana has probably already told him I'm going out with Ray. But will Gerard be jealous? Of course not. All Gerard will think is 'Oh great now I can date Tatiana without making Charlie feel like crap.' In fact no, Gerard probably won't even think that. Gerard will most likely be thinking 'Wow, Charlie must be desperate.'
Why do I like Gerard so much? Yeah he's hot but there's more to a guy than just looks. Well there's not much else to Gerard. He doesn't know much about other peoples feelings and I don't really think he cares to be honest. But there are some things about him that you have to admire. His honesty (Well, sometimes...). The way he can make you laugh. His artistic skills. There's lots of things that I like about Gerard. But there's lots of things I don't like about Gerard. Even if he is my best friend.
My phone started vibrating so I picked it up. It was from an unknown answer. What if it was a prank call? Oh well, I could just hang up.
I picked up "Hello?"
"Hi Charlie, it's Tatiana." Great "I hope you don't mind but I took your number off Ray's phone. He doesn't know I'm calling you."
"Oh. Okay. I don't mind."
"Good. I was wondering, do you actually like Ray?"
"Why would I ask him out if I didn't like him?"
Tatiana coughed before saying quietly "Well his last girlfriend was only using him. And well, I don't want him getting hurt again. You understand right?"
"Totally," I said, trying to sound enthusiastic but kind of failing "I wouldn't do that to Ray." Why am I turning into such a liar?
"Good." The conversation got a little awkward here "Charlie this is so stupid but I thought that you fancied Gerard."
I laughed shakily "What on earth made you think that?"
"I don't know. I really like Gerard but he's not the most trustworthy of people."
"Yeah but I wouldn't let him cheat on you," I re-assured her even though it was a huge lie "Especially not with me."
"Thanks. If he cheats on me, would you tell me?"
"Of course," I lied because I'm still hoping he'll cheat on her with me "I'm sorry Tatiana but my Mum is calling me for dinner."
"Oh okay. Thank you. Bye!"
I hung up the phone and threw it on my desk. I hate her, she's pathetic. Why does she get Gerard? She's only just met him and yet he likes her more than me. Me and Gerard have been best friends for years. Even Gerard admits that I know him better than anybody. Tatiana might think she knows Gerard but she has no bloody clue.
I rolled ever and put my face in my pillow and started crying. I've made such a mess of things.

Jenna's POV...
I miss Frank. It's good that he's forgiven me but I wish he was my boyfriend again. Why are all my relationships based on lies? Why can't I have an honest relationship... With Frank?
But it's too late. I know this because Frank has got a new girlfriend. Her name is Jamia. Frank certainly didn't wait around for me and I can see why he wouldn't bother with me anymore. I can't be honest to anyone, not even myself.
Because I thought that Frank needed me to be happy. But I've seen him laughing with Jamia, probably saying all the things to her that he did to me. Honestly I though that Frank would just about die without me. But it's the other way round. I'm not very good at knowing what to do now that Frank's gone.
For example at eight every night I used to call Frank so we could talk about random stuff. We'd talk for about an hour every night. I did it even when I was at sleepovers even though it really pissed off my friends. I forgot the first night and phoned him up anyway. He didn't answer with his usual friendly answer. He answered with "Can I help you?"
That was when I remembered, muttered "Sorry, wrong contact" and hung up on him. So now at eight every night I have to find something to fill the time. At the moment it's homework so at least the teachers are happy. Most nights I end up crying myself to sleep. Do I think Frank cries himself to sleep? Of course not. He probably stays awake texting Jamia. He used to text me for hours. Now I don't get any messages off him.
So I've decided to write a letter. If Frank shows it to anyone then my life will be over. But if he gets back with me...
Dear Frank,
I don't know why I lied to you. But you're not the first boyfriend I've lied to. That sounds terrible and it is. But your lie was the worse and I know it was bad.
My first boyfriend was a total show-off so I told him my Mom was a model to shut him up which obviously you know isn't true. And then I carried on down a long line of lies until finally I told you that one.
We were together Frank and the words just kind of fell out of my mouth. It didn't feel like I was saying them, it felt like they were just escaping. I don't know how to describe it.
You're mad at me and I understand that. I know you said you've forgiven me but I don't know if it's true or not. And now you've moved onto Jamia and it breaks my heart everytime I look over at the two of you together. You moved on but I can't Frankie.
Please take me back (L)
Love Jenna

I know it's sad but it's too late to take back. I've already posted it. Frank will probably be reading it now.
Oh god, my phone's ringing. It's Frank.

Mikey's POV...
"Romy can we talk please?" I asked the moment she opened her bedroom door. As soon as Kerri had left my place I had marched straight over. Even if it was like eleven at night.
Romy shrugged "Sure, if you want."
She moved out of the way to let me in. I looked around her bedroom. I had seen it a million times before but now it felt really different. She wasn't my best friend Romy. I didn't know what she'd become but I didn't like it.
"What do you want to talk about then?" Romy asked, sitting herself down on my bed.
I sat down next to her and said quietly "Kerri has told me. She's told me what she did and that you're blackmailing her."
Romy was silent. I was silent. We both sat in total silence until Romy broke it with something I wasn't expecting to hear "What did she tell you?"
"It's none of your business. You weren't even supposed to know."
Romy shook her head slowly "You have no clue what she did, do you? If you knew, you'd be furious."
That caught my attention. I considered for a minute asking her. But Kerri had said she didn't want me to know. And if Kerri didn't want me to know then I didn't want to know.
"I don't care," I told Romy "But stop blackmailing Kerri. I don't care what you want to tell me. Keep it to yourself. It's Kerri's business and when she's ready to tell me, she's ready to tell me."
Romy shrugged and smiled sweetly "Okay. I promise I won't blackmail Kerri anymore."
I sat there for a moment a little awkwardly "Good. Thanks Romy."
"No problem," Romy opened her bedroom door for me "No problem at all."
So I left Romy's room, walked downstairs and out the front door. I thought that everything would be okay. I phoned up Kerri and told her the good news. But little did I know that I had made things about a million times worse.

Kerri's POV...
The next day at school everyone was acting weird. It felt like they were all laughing at me. I couldn't go anywhere without someone giggiling at me.
I walked past Romy, confident that she couldn't hurt me anymore. That was until she said "Hello Katie."
I stopped in my tracks and turned around. I quickly followed her and asked "What did you just call me?"
She turned around, smiling "I thought that'd grab your attention. Because you know, the guys told me everything. Including your name Katie."
I blushed bright red "What are you talking about?"
"Well you see, I met Alex a few weeks ago..." Romy told me "And I started bitching about you and I kept saying the name Kerri obviously. Which suddenly reminded him of a girl he was seeing just last month called Katie. He showed me a pretty revealing picture of her on his phone." Romy smirked "It was a nice picture Katie."
My face most likely looked like a tomato "What makes you so sure it was me?"
"Because I showed him a picture of you and Mikey on MY phone," Romy smirked "And Alex confirmed it. The pictures were of the same person."
"And then he told me about the ummm..." Romy's smiled increased "Well about he payed you to do to him, Bradley and James. And it was just last month, wasn't it? While you were still going out with Mikey?"
"We needed that money." I hissed "I didn't do it because I wanted to. I hated every last second of it. But my Mom-"
"Yeah, yeah, I've heard the sob story about your Mom needing her treatment." Romy said, showing no sympathy at all "But does Mikey know?"
"Of course not," I yelled "Why would I tell him?"
"Have you noticed everyone acting weird around you?" Romy asked, her smile so big it looked like she was going to take a bite out of someone "You might want to check the bulletin board."
I stared at her before running away towards the bulletin board. I pushed past the crowd gathering around it.
Posted on the bulletin board was the revealing picture of me that Romy was talking about. And underneath the words had been printed -
3 boys payed this girl $200 for her body. Last month. Even though she has a boyfriend.
"So..." Mikey whispered. I didn't even noticed him standing there "I take it you're no longer a virgin?"
I looked at him, my eyes filling with tears "I'm so sorry..." I whispered before running off, crying my eyes out.
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