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Chapter 22

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Mikey and Gerard talk, Jenna and Frank talk.

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Gerard's POV...
When I got home Mikey was sulking on the sofa. "What's wrong with you?" I asked, flopping down next to him "It's not like you have to choose between two different girls. You already have a girlfriend. Things are much harder for me."
"Oh yeah?" Mikey glared at me "Did your 'best friend' post a revealing picture of your girlfriend on the school bulletin board? And did your girlfriend have sex with three different guys last month? While she was going out with you? You want to forgive her but she won't even tell you why she did it?"
I felt a little bad then "Are you serious?"
"Yeah." Mikey muttered "I can't believe it. On one hand what Romy did to Kerri was terrible. But on the other why didn't Kerri tell me?"
"Well," I made myself comfy "If you had had sex with some other girl would you tell Kerri?"
"It depends on why I had sex with her."
"What reason would you even have?"
"They payed her two hundred dollars," Mikey told me "I asked her why. But she won't talk to me. She won't talk to anybody not even her Mom."
"Maybe she feels guilty?"
"No shit Sherlock."
"Well look," I said "How would you feel in Kerri's situation? The entire school now knows her secret, right?"
"I guess."
"It's gotta be her most humiliating secret and now some girl has shared it with everyone. How would you feel if I had gone and posted that picture of you potty training on the school wall?"
Mikey blushed bright red "I wouldn't want to talk to anyone for a while. Like Kerri."
"But I'd talk to Kerri because she'd make me feel better."
"Yes but think about it. You're involved in this secret." I sighed "I don't wanna sound mean but if there was one person who Kerri didn't want to know this secret, it was you. Because she thought you'd be furious with her and break up with her."
"Okay. But I'm not exactly mad at Kerri, just confused. I'm mad at Romy."
"But at the end of the day you're mad. You're pissed off. I get that. But Kerri thinks that you're pissed off with her."
"Well how do I let Kerri know that it's not her I'm mad at if she won't talk to me?"
"Email? Text? Facebook? People talk now-a-days without really talking."
"Oh. Okay. Thanks Gerard." Then he got up and walked away.
'Now I've helped you with your problem,' I thought 'I can start thinking about my problem.'
Wait! What problem? You have a girlfriend. The girl who said she fancies you has a boyfriend. She's moved on. You didn't make your decision quick enough because you're still considering going out with Charlie. But why? You said it yourself that Charlie is the one girl you like but would never fancy. And why does she fancy you anyway? She knows better than anyone that you're not the most caring of people.
"Hold the phone!" I said outloud "Did I just help Mikey with one of his problems? Did I just give him some advice?"
Ha! You did something you didn't think you could do! You listened to Mikey! You gave him advice! You comforted him!
"Wow!" I said, bubbling with happiness.

Jenna's POV...
"Jenna," Frank sounded really quiet "This letter..."
"I know it's pathetic," I said quickly "But I really want you back Frankie. Things aren't the same anymore."
"No. And they probably can't ever be."
"But Frank-"
"Jenna!" Frank snapped "This isn't fair. You're the one who lied to me. I'm the mature one who forgave you for it. All I did was move on. And I think you need to as well."
"I don't want to," I said like a stubborn child "I love you Frank. No one else."
"Look Jenna, I can't just ditch Jamia for you. It's not fair, is it?"
"I think it's perfectly fair. I was here first."
"Grow up Jenna. Things are going well for me at the moment and I don't want you ruining them. Not for me or Jamia. We're happy now, okay? You need to move on."
And then he hung up on me. I closed my phone and threw it at the wall "Fuck you! I don't need to move on! I'm perfectly happy alone anyway!"
I started going insane, kicking the walls, breaking my own stuff "I hate you Frank! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"
Kyle toddled into my bedroom "Bad Tee! Bad Tee!"
"Leave me alone!" I yelled "It's all your fault that Olivia isn't here! She started getting ill after she gave birth to you! So I hate you aswell as Frank!"
Kyle started crying. My Mom ran upstairs "Jenna, what's your problem?"
"I hate you aswell!" I screamed at her "You're always getting mad at me. You never have any sympathy for me! When Olivia died, you didn't even talk to me about it!"
"Shut up Jenna."
"See! You practically run away when someone mentions her name! She's dead but I haven't forgotten her!"
"And I'm the childish one?" I hissed "You're pathetic!"
Then I slammed my bedroom door in her face. I sat against it and started crying.

[A/N] - I wanna include another Point Of View but it's 12.10PM and I'm going up town at 12.30PM :) Sorry, I hope yew liked it though :3
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